Six New Faculty Join CSE

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The CSE Division is pleased to announce the addition of six new faculty, beginning in Fall 2013. From contributions to big data and cloud explorations to servers and architectures, they'll help to lead and teach us as we enter a world increasingly shaped by computer science and engineering.

Jia Deng
Assistant Professor

PhD, Computer Science
Princeton University, 2012

Jia Deng has joined the faculty at Michigan, beginning September 2014. He is currently a postdoctoral scholar in the Vision Lab at Stanford University, where his research centers around harvesting, understanding, and harnessing big visual data for object recognition, activity recognition, scene understanding, image and video retrieval, and other applications. He has built datasets and tools used by more than 1,000 researchers worldwide and his work has appeared in popular press such as The New York Times. He has been the lead student organizer of the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenges since 2010. He was also the lead organizer of the first BigVision workshop at NIPS 2012.

Posted: September 5, 2013