Six New Faculty Join CSE

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The CSE Division is pleased to announce the addition of six new faculty, beginning in Fall 2013. From contributions to big data and cloud explorations to servers and architectures, they'll help to lead and teach us as we enter a world increasingly shaped by computer science and engineering.

Jason Mars
Assistant Professor

PhD, Computer Science
University of Virginia, 2012

Jason Mars joins the faculty from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of California San Diego, where he recently held the position of Peggy and Peter Preuss Assistant Professor. He has been an active researcher in the areas of computer architecture, system software, and cross-layer system design. His research interests include cross-layer systems architectures for emerging applications, datacenter and warehouse-scale computer architecture, and hardware / software co-design. His work focuses on native application performance, energy efficiency, and system utilization, particularly in the context of the latest innovations in microarchitectural design, runtime systems, and cloud/mobile computing.

Jason's work has been featured as an IEEE Micro Top Pick, and he recently received Best Paper Awards at HPCA '12 and CGO '12. He received a UVA Research Award in 2012.

Posted: September 5, 2013