Student Profile - Kwesi Rutledge, EECS Sophomore

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Kwesi Rutledge
Kwesi Rutledge, Sophomore EE perspective

Kwesi Rutledge came to Michigan Engineering from Somerset, New Jersey, but was introduced to electrical engineering long before he arrived.

"My Dad used to show me optics tricks and things with fiber optic cables when I was still in elementary school," said Kwesi. "I couldn't even fathom what was going on, but it was just so cool. That convinced me to do electrical engineering." His father received a master's degree in EE from Michigan a generation earlier.

Now that Kwesi's taken a couple years of coursework and a summer internship in the field, he knows it was the right decision. His favorite course so far has been EECS 216 (Signals and Systems), and he's looking forward to his first Optics course as well as an electromagnetics course and a certain Physics course.

Kwesi spent this past summer working with Prof. Todd Coleman's research group. Prof. Coleman received his undergraduate degree from Michigan, and now directs the Neural Interaction Lab at UC-San Diego. His research involves making wireless wearable sensors for individuals, especially for those in a hospital setting.

Kwesi is a new member of the Engineering Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi. "It's a fun organization," he said. "I'm very lucky to be a part of it." He's also a member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and he recently joined the track team, which requires about 2 hours of practice daily. He spent a year on the UM::Autonomy team, and when he has a moment, he enjoys writing poetry and fiction.

Kwesi earned the William Harvey Seeley Prize for academic excellence in his freshman year. He has some advice for how to succeed in engineering and how to study based on his own experience:

Ask questions
Separate your social life from your studying

Future plans at this point include a master's degree and starting his own company. Here's an informal interview with Kwesi:


May 1, 2013
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