Photos: Students Showcase Final CSE Projects

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From robots that play Pac-Man and Connect Four to inventions that fly, roll, see, learn, educate, or make music, the second half of April saw many CSE students demonstrating their final class projects. This page contains a sampling of photos from just a few of those many amazing projects.

A robot scampers to catch a bouncing ball.

Live team coding as performance art.

MS Kinect technology allows for motion and gesture based applications.

Bubble hockey, played via game controllers.

The MWatch, which tells time, reports news and weather, and includes the game “Snake.”

Operating system challenges are addressed at this poster session.

Software designed for enhanced accessibility by people with disabilities.

An iOS keyboard anticipates your next keystrokes with larger keys.

Students try out projects based on Altera DE2 boards.

Final adjustments to the Pac Man robot.

Posters were shown on advanced machine learning applications.

iPhones and wrist-mounted speakers substitute for conversation in this skit.

A basket shooting machine that can be controlled by sensors or a Nintendo controller.

A robot plays Connect Four vs. a human opponent.

Posted: May 3, 2013