Awards and Slaying of the Dragon at St. George's Day Feast - 2014

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Students were hungry for this year’s St. George’s Day Feast. It happens every year the day before the last day of classes – a day when the faculty serve the students, and battle the dragons!





there’s a fierce content between the two department chairs, Prof. Marios Papaefthymiou (left) and Prof. Khalil Najafi (right), and the dragons. fight
The spectators were breathless - it looked like the dragons might get away!

But no, not this year...

senior - hkn
Prof. Tom Senior, the original event organizer, gave a history of St. George and the Dragon. The first award goes to HKN! They received a Best Chapter Award from the ECE Department Heads Association. Accepting the award is Kyle Lady, past president of HKN, with Prof. Khalil Najafi (left) and Prof. Marios Papaefthymiou (right).

Then the coveted HKN Professor of the Year awards were presented by this past year's HKN Presidents, Nick Wrobel (left) and Apoorva Bansal (right). They went to:

chen grizzle
Prof. Peter Chen for CSE
(Computer Science & Eng.)
Prof. Jessy Grizzle for ECE
(Electrical & Computer Eng.)
Let's Eat!


May 2014