ECE Celebrates Iftar Dinner

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Iftar Dinner

On Wednesday, July 15, ECE hosted an Iftar reception. Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, and is celebrated by Muslims worldwide. During Ramadan (from a root meaning scorching heat or dryness), Muslims fast while the sun is out, not consuming any food or water.

Iftar Dinner

The reception, which featured traditional foods and live music, had over 40 in attendance. Students attending the reception indicated their appreciation for the program, offering their help for the evening and on future efforts.


ECE is proud of the diverse communities that are represented by our students, alumni, faculty, and staff, and have launched efforts to recognize and celebrate that diversity. The Iftar reception was a great addition to our Lunar New Year Celebration this past Winter, and our upcoming Diwali celebration in November.

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Posted: July 17, 2015