Finie, the financial genie, is a voice-activated intelligent personal assistant that is able to answer individualized financial questions. The platform was created by Clinc, a research lab founded by Profs. Jason Mars and Lingjia Tang.

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Clinc Launches Finie, an AI Personal Assistant for Mobile Banking

Clinc, the research lab founded by CSE Profs. Jason Mars and Lingjia Tang, has recently launched a new application called Finie, the financial genie. Finie, which can be referred to as the “Siri” of personal banking, is an artificial intelligence platform for banks that helps customers talk to their bank accounts in a natural and conversational way to get real-time and instant financial insights.

Finie was created by using a set of AI engines, which was developed by the Clinc team using a data-driven approach. When integrated with a mobile bank application, Finie leverages natural language processing and AI to help users understand their finances. For instance, a user can ask questions such as, “How much money can I spend on groceries?”, "How much am I spending on Ubers?", “What’s my largest spending this month?." Finie will then provide consumers with immediate, thorough results, which consumers can visualize on their phones via graphs and charts.  

Finie is unlike other intelligent personal assistants because consumers are able to speak in a conversational way without a specific guideline or pattern. The platform can also perform a number of other tasks including transfer money between accounts and send money to friends.

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Clinc presents Finie, the financial genie, at Finovate 2016 in New York.

Finie was first presented at the 2016 Finovate Conference, which showcases the best and most innovative financial and banking technologies. During the conference, Clinc had seven minutes to demo Finie to banks, investors, and potential customers. Mars stated that Finie is a product that financial institutions need and it will make customers’ lives better. Out of 72 startups, Clinc was one of six companies that won Best of Show.

Clinc is also known for building Lucida, its state-of- the-art, open-source intelligent assistant and machine learning platform that allows developers and the open-source community to easily create and deploy personalized voice and vision-based intelligent assistants in applications beneficial to society – such as non-profit education and improving technological access for the disabled.

Clinc is devoted to solving real world problems by using machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence. The company's mission is to lead the transformative shift of taking world's most advanced AI research and making it useful for improving the quality and reducing the complexity in the lives of every human on the planet.

Posted: October 11, 2016