EE Graduate Student Jing Wang Receives National Teaching Award


Jing Wang, PhD candidate in electrical engineering, was recently notified that he received a 2006 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Outstanding Student Instructor Award. In the words of Prof. Michel Maharbiz, “the students loved him: his mastery of his research, his clarity of thought, and his personable character all shone through his lecture style. In short, he is an excellent teacher; I took his thoughts and suggestions on course content and presentation seriously.”


Wang said he became a GSI to help him decide whether or not he should pursue a career in academia. He was a GSI for EECS 414, Introduction to MEMS, a course for senior undergraduates or first year graduate students, taught by Prof. Maharbiz. In addition to leading the discussion sections, holding weekly office hours, and creating a CAD tutorial for the class, Jing taught 3 of the regular lectures for the course, which has an enrollment of about 100 students here on campus; the course is videotaped for students who are simultaneously taking the course at Michigan State University, ichigan Tech, and the University of Puerto Rico. The course attracts students from Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science, as well as Electrical Engineering. Wang found that he truly enjoys teaching and interacting with the students. He is greatly encouraged by this award and the reception of his students, and is now actively pursuing an academic position.


Jing Wang received two B.S. degrees, one in electrical engineering and the other in mechanical engineering, from Tsinghua University in 1999. He also received two M.S. degrees from University of Michigan, one in electrical engineering (2000), the other in mechanical engineering (2002). He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering under the direction of Prof. Clark Nguyen. Wang’s research interests include microfabrication technologies, new materials for RF EMS applications, circuit/microstructure technologies, and integrated RF/Microwave circuit design and technology.


Everyone is invited to the awards ceremony, Friday, April 21, 2006, 3-5pm in the Johnson Rooms.