U-M Amateur Radio Club Will Attempt Contact

with Expedition Group on Peter I Island



Join the U-M Amateur Radio Club (UMARC), based in 4436 EECS, as they attempt to establish contact with a “DXpedition” group on Peter I Island between February 8th and February 24th. UMARC invites all students, faculty, and staff with any interest in radio communication to join them.


Amateur radio club enthusiasts who pursue the hobby of DXing attempt to establish contact with other ham radio enthusiasts under extremely difficult circumstances, often after traveling to remote locales. Peter I Island is located off the coast of Antarctica, and has been called among the most isolated places on earth.


Antarctica is the coldest and windiest location on the planet, with winter temperatures ranging between about -40 and -90o F, and frequent wind velocities of 200 mph. It contains about 87% of the world’s ice, yet receives less than 2 inches of snow fall per year. The population of Antarctica is officially 0 – though scientists are present to do research of the area in government research stations.


For additional information about UMARC and this event, please contact Bruce Graham (bgraham@huronnet.com). See also: www.peterone.com