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The Arjun Chandran Memorial Fund

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To honor the memory of alumnus, Arjun Chandran, his friends established the Arjun Chandran Memorial Fund. This fund will provide an annual gift to a student studying VLSI.


Arjun Chandran (1976 - 2005)
and his mother, Rani Chandran
Arjun Chandran (MSE EE '99) passed away June 22, 2005 at the age of 29 in a tragic road accident, along with his mother and grandmother, while returning from Yosemite after celebrating his grandmother's 75th birthday. They were victims of an out-of-control car.

Friends have established the Arjun Chandran Memorial Fund to honor his memory. Arjun studied very large scale integration, commonly known as VLSI. After graduation, Arjun spent five years in microprocessor design at Sun Microsystems in Austin, TX. His team members at Sun and TI established the memorial fund.

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