EECS Videos and Photos

Most of our videos are on our YouTube Channel. This page contains several longer videos, such as Distinguished Lectures.


Engineering Social Change (Including Dr. David Chesney and highlighting various student projects)  
CSE at Michigan [Quicktime - Flash]

    Note: plays best with Quicktime, at least Version 7, but loads much faster in Flash.[2008]
Students at work in new facilities thanks to our generous donors
     The video features several College of Engineering facilities, including the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility, the Computer Science and Engineering Building, and upgraded labs in the EECS Building.[Spring 2009]


Robotics: The Bipedal Robot MABEL (Prof. Jessy Grizzle)
Cells Phones as classroom computers (Prof. Elliot Soloway)
HERCULES Petawatt Laser  (Dr. Victor Yanovsky with Engineering TV)
     HERCULES is the highest intensity laser in the world. Applications include optical communications, eye surgery, nanomachining, and in vivo sensing for cancer research

Entrepreneurship - Insights from our Alumni

Syed Ali, Founder, President, and CEO of Cavium, Inc. 2011 College of Engineering Alumni Society Merit Award Recipient for Electrical and Computer Engineering.
     From Michigan to NASDAQ

Rick Bolander, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Gabriel Venture Partners and 2010 College of Engineering Alumni Society Merit Award Recipient for Electrical and Computer Engineering. [October 15, 2010]
     Creative Destruction - Where Big Ideas Come From

Dr. Michael McCorquodale, Founder and CTO, Mobius Microsystems, Inc., and 2009 College of Engineering Recent Engineering Graduate Award winner. [September 25, 2009]
    Straight Down the Crooked Path: The Dynamic Process of Commercializing Research

Lee Boysel, entrepreneur, investor, and head of the team that created the first single-chip CPU microprocessor, gave this special talk to students, faculty, and fellow alumni at the 2007 Alumni Weekend. Mr. Boysel was the recipient of the 2007 College of Engineering Alumni Society Merit Award Recipient for Electrical and Computer Engineering. [Additional Information]
     Making Your First Million: and other tips for aspiring entrepreneurs (Slides in PDF)

Student-Related Videos

Many videos about student projects, student profiles, and EECS courses can be found on the EECS YouTube Channel. Here are some samples:

The Freescale Cup: Intelligent Car Racing. Josh Miyamoto and Doug McEwan expanded on the skills they developed in the course EECS 461 (Embedded Control Systems) when they entered the Freescale Cup, a contest in intelligent car racing.

Detecting suicide bombers: Students design portable IED detectors (Press Release)
    EECS Students Involved: Michael Shin, Kevin Huang

Feel the Music: Deaf Artists Share Music [Press Release]
     A competition called Feel the Music was initiated to create solutions for a better way for the deaf and hearing-impaired population to appreciate music. The first and second place winning interdisciplinary teams included EECS students Rishi Daftuar, Ryan Garrone, Mike Huang, and Steven Joseph.

Events and Talks

Bill Joy: the Promise of Green Technologies - 2009 Goff Smith Lecture
     Bill Joy (BSE CE '75, D.Eng. hon. '04), Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, and founder of Sun Microsystems 
Memories and Recollections: How to Move a College
     Dr. Nino A. Masnari talks about his 26 years at Michigan, and his years after leaving in 1979 at North Carolina State University as Chair and Dean of the College of Engineering, where he initiated the Centennial Campus project. [September 25, 2009]
Cellular Communications: A Dynamic Past and More Exciting Future - Even Now
     Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, Qualcomm Incorporated
     William Gould Dow Distinguished Lecture [March 9, 2009]

CSE@50          VIDEOS            PHOTOS
     The 50th Anniversary Reunion and Symposium [May 7-9, 2008]