Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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EECS 420: Physical Principles Underlying Smart Devices

Instructor: Professor Zhaohui Zhong

EECS 420 provides a general introduction to the underlying physics behind solid state devices. General topics include: Crystal structure; Phonons; Introduction to Quantum Mechanics; Free electron Fermi gas; Low dimensional conductors; Electronic structure Energy bands; Properties of semiconductors; Dielectrics response; Light absorption and emission; Magnetic effects; Superconductivity.

Kittel, Charles. Introduction to Solid State Physics. 8 ed. New York, NY: Wiley, 2004.

Datta, Supriyo. Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor. 2Rev Ed ed. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2005.
Ashcroft, Neil W., and N. David Mermin. Solid State Physics. 1 ed. New York: Brooks Cole, 1976.

Lecture 1: Introduction, Crystal Structure Reading: Kittel Ch. 1
Lecture 2: Reciprocal Lattice Reading: Kittel Ch. 2
Lecture 3: Imaging Techniques Reading: Lecture notes
Lecture 4: Lattice Vibration I Reading: Kittel Ch. 4
Lecture 5: Lattice Vibration II & Thermal Property I Reading: Kittel Ch. 5
Lecture 6: Thermal Property II Reading: Kittel Ch. 5
Lecture 7: Intro to Quantum Mechanics Reading: Datta Ch. 2 & notes
Lecture 8: Free Electron Fermi Gas Reading: Kittel Ch. 6
Lecture 9: Low Dimensional Conductor Reading: Kittel Ch. 6 & notes
Lecture 10: Scattering Reading: Kittel Ch. 6 & notes
Lecture 11: Electron in a Lattice, Tight-Binding Model Reading: Kittel Ch. 9 & notes
Lecture 12: Band Structure and Electron Motion in a Band Reading: Kittel Ch. 8
Lecture 13: Semiconductor Electronic Properties Reading: Kittel Ch. 8
Lecture 14: Nanoelectronics & Mid-term Review Mid-term Exam Reading: Lecture notes
Lecture 15: Optical properties Reading: Lecture notes
Lecture 16: Dielectric Response of Metal Reading: Kittel Ch. 14
Lecture 17: Electrostatic Screening in Metal Reading: Kittel Ch. 14
Lecture 18: Dielectric Properties of Insulators Reading: Kittel Ch. 16
Lecture 19: Ferroelectrics Reading: Kittel Ch. 16
Lecture 20: Magnetic Effects: I Reading: Kittel Ch. 11
Lecture 21: Magnetic Effects: II Reading: Kittel Ch. 11 & 12
Lecture 22: Magnetic Effects: III Reading: Kittel Ch. 12
Lecture 23: Superconductivity: I Reading: Kittel Ch. 10
Lecture 24: Superconductivity: II Reading: Kittel Ch. 10

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