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Advanced Fiber Sensors

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Founded: 2010
Founders: Prof. John F. Whitaker, Kyoung Yang (PhD EE '01)
Product/Service: Fiber-sensor technologies for practical test and measurement solutions
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Drs. John F. Whitaker and Kyoung Yang, co-founders of AFS, are internationally respected researchers in the fields of high-speed optoelectronics, microwave photonics, and the practical applications of phenomena in these areas. While at the University of Michigan, they invented an optical-fiber-coupled, electro-optic, scanning field sensor, a device that has evolved into innovative RF and high-speed test instrumentation for a broad range of measurement applications. In 2002, Drs. Whitaker and Yang co-founded the company Opteos, Inc., where they served as VP/CTO and President/CEO for the company, respectively, until 2009. In 2010, with the more focused business goal of developing innovative fiber-sensor technologies for a variety of practical test & measurement solutions, Drs. Whitaker and Yang launched Advanced Fiber Sensors, Inc. [AFS Website, About Us]