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Founded: 2001 (spinoff of X-Rite Inc)
Founder: Dwight D. Carlson
Product/Service: Leading supplier of Robust 3D products
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Website: coherix.com

Coherix creates machines that see in three dimensions (3D) to one micron — that's one millionth of a meter. Our Mission is to supply Robust 3D products that enable customers to produce their products with higher precision (HP) and with higher yields (HY), leading to high quality products produced at a lower cost per unit. Our Vision is to become the leading supplier of Robust 3D products. Our initial focus is on the auto and semiconductor industries. In the future we will enter the biotechnology field with Coherix advanced sensing and image processing. [Coherix Website, Corporate Profile]

In the News

concentrate logo May 6, 2009

Ann Arbor's Coherix capitalizes on flu for growth

Good businesses have a good idea and capitalize on it. Great businesses can take that idea, adapt and change it so they can continue to thrive. It's starting to look like Coherix is becoming the latter.

Coherix develops high-tech systems to improve engine-manufacturing quality. It uses high-tech optical-based measurement and inspection products to find efficiencies in the automotive and semiconductor industries.

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ann arbor biz newsApr 30, 2009

Ann Arbor-Based Coherix Developed Tool to Screen for Swine Flu

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Coherix, a high-tech firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a close relationship to the University of Michigan, has developed a product that will help federal officials, hospitals, schools, airports and businesses screen for potential cases of swine flu.

Coherix’s ThermalSentry™ can detect elevated temperature levels in individuals passing by at border crossings, airports, and also can be used at sporting events, hospitals, factories and similar locations. The system is fast and accurate to one quarter of a degree.

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mlive.com logoOct 15, 2008

Coherix Inc. gets $5 million infusion

The Swedish venture capital arm of Volvo Group has invested $5 million in Pittsfield Township-based Coherix Inc. to help the company grow in Europe.

Further terms of the deal between Coherix and the venture capital organization, Volvo Technology Transfer AB, weren't made public. The CEO of Volvo Technology Transfer, Anders Brännström, is on Coherix's board of directors.

Coherix is a privately-held firm that designs, manufactures and sells fast-moving three-dimensional cameras, especially for the automotive and semiconductor industries. The machines can quickly inspect products for defects and take precise measurements. The company employs 45 people in Pittsfield.

In addition to its local headquarters, where its research and development operations are based, Coherix has a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Singapore. The company expects to open an office in Sweden and in several other European cities. Volvo makes heavy-duty trucks and diesel engines, mostly for European and North American markets.

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