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CubeWorks, Inc.

Founded: 2013
Co-Founders: Zhiyoong Foo, Gyouho Kim, Yoonmyung Lee, Prof. David Blaauw, Prof. David Wentzloff, Prof. Dennis Sylvester, Prof. Prabal Dutta
Product/Service: Millimeter-scale modular sensing platform for wireless sensing applications
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
CubeWorks' core technology is a millimeter-scale modular sensing platform that can be readily modified to befit a variety of wireless sensing applications requiring very small form factor and ultra-low power. Millimeter-scale sensor nodes complete with energy autonomy and wireless communication can enable smart sensing in the least obtrusive way. The goal of CubeWorks is to deliver a true “smart dust” to open up the next generation of computing paradigm, accelerating massive-scale realization of Internet of Things. With the electronics industry gearing up for the Internet of Things in the coming years, CubeWorks believes that it is poised to be the frontier in shaping this new market. [CubeWorks Company Overview]