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Integrated Sensing System

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Founded: 1995
Founders: Nader Najafi (MSE PhD EE '82 '92), Prof. Khalil Najafi,
Prof. Ken Wise
Product/Service: MEMS systems for medical and scientific sensing applications
Location: Ypsilanti, MI

At Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISSYS), we are harnessing the power of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for medical and scientific sensing applications. We are designing and developing products that provide the highest accuracy, fit the smallest sizes, and have unmatched biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. We seek applications where our expertise and proprietary technology can achieve breakthrough performance results for our customers and partners. [ISSYS Website, Home]

In the News

June 19, 2015

Saving LVAD Patients by Adding Intelligence to LVAD’s Using Wireless Sensing Implants: Exhibition at the ASAIO Sixty First Annual Conference

Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISS) announced today that the company will exhibit further results of adding intelligence to current LVAD’s by using its, miniature, wireless, left-atrium, implantable, hemodynamic monitor (IHM) at the ASAIO Sixty First annual Conference in Chicago, USA (June 24-27).

ISS is currently performing a clinical study with LVAD patients, in Sweden. The exhibited results will include the case study of saving an LVAD patient by providing early warning (a sudden rise in left-atrium pressure monitored wirelessly at home) while the patient was asymptomatic and the echocardiogram test showed no sign of thrombi. 

cbs detroit logoMarch 22, 2011

ISSYS Gets Patent For Implantable Sensors

Ypsilanti-based Integrated Sensing Systems Inc. said Tuesday that it had received United States Patent No. 7,869,579, titled “Delivery System, Method, and Anchor for Medical Implant Placement.”

This patent covers advanced methods for using miniature, wireless, batteryless, implantable sensors anchored within the heart, as well as other organs, for non-invasive monitoring of cardiovascular biological pressures.

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cbs detroit logoFeb 16, 2011

Issys Launches FuelSense Density Meter

Ypsilanti-based Integrated Sensing Systems Inc. announced that it is launching a new intrinsically safe density meter, the FuelSense, geared towards the flammable fluids market.

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wwj newsradio logoOct 27, 2010

ISSYS Inc. Awarded Another Patent

Ypsilanti-based Integrated Sensing Systems Inc. announced that it had been granted U.S. Patent No. 7,686,762 titled “Wireless Device and System for Monitoring Physiological Parameters.”

ISSYS, as the company is called, said the patent covers the overall structure of its miniature, wireless, batteryless, implantable sensors for non-invasive monitoring of biological pressures for the effective management of chronic diseases.

ISSYS has also developed accompanying anchors and delivery systems that allow its wireless, batteryless, sensors to be implanted within the body via 3 distinct approaches: transcatheter delivery, open heart surgery, and minimally invasive surgery.

Said ISSYS CEO Nader Najafi: “ISSYS’ intellectual properties — patents, know-how and trade secrets — cover a wide spectrum including MEMS pressure sensor, the overall system, delivery and anchoring, and a variety of medical applications. Another major competitive advantage for ISSYS is its newly expanded manufacturing facility that is capable of producing tens of thousands of the miniature implants per year.”

The targets of ISSYS products are cardiovascular disease, especially congestive heart failure, hydrocephalus (high brain pressure), and traumatic brain injuries. ISSYS plans to start its cardiovascular clinical studies in 2011.

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flow control magazineJan 2010

MEMS Coriolis Flow: Mini Technology Makes Its Move on Industry

Coriolis mass flowmeters and resonant densitometers are now being manufactured on silicon microchips. While Coriolis meters have been used in high flowrate industrial fluid monitoring applications for decades, the emergence of micro-miniature Coriolis devices represents a new area of development in the flow measurement category.

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tech transfer logoTech Transfer Success Story

These days, some of the biggest developments in engineering are also some of the smallest. Health care, communications, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and food processing are among the industries that are benefiting from remarkable advances in microelectromechanical engineering (MEMS). As a doctoral student at the UM College of Engineering, Dr. Nader Najafi was keenly aware of the vast potential of MEMS. He founded ISSYS in 1995 along with his brother and UM engineering professor Khalil Najafi and their former faculty advisor Kensall Wise. With the help of UM Tech Transfer, the company licensed eight patents for micro devices from the University of Michigan.

Today, ISSYS is well on its way to marketing a broad line of leading-edge microsystems. Animal studies have just been completed on prototype pressure sensors-wireless, battery-less, implantable micro devices for monitoring and treating congestive heart failure and hydrocephalus. Using its patented microtube technology, the company is refining portable multiple-drug delivery systems for treatment of AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases. Its flow sensors are finding ready buyers in a wide range of industries. And the company is also doing a brisk business as a provider of fabrication and pre-production services.

Najafi is quick to credit the University's role in his company's success. "The University of Michigan has been-and continues to be-a fantastic partner," he says. "I view it as an ocean of opportunity for start-up companies."

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