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Founded: 2004
Founders: Professor David Anderson (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Professor Daryl Kipke (Biomedical Engineering; BSE Engin Sci '85; MS Bioeng '86; MSE EE:S '88; PhD Bioeng '91), Jamie Hetke
Product/Service: Implantable, microscale neural probes
Location: Ann Arbor, MI

NeuroNexus Technologies, Inc. is a dynamic neurotechnology company providing advanced brain interface devices for neurological and scientific applications. The company’s proprietary technology enables placement of sophisticated microelectronic and fluidic components on the surface of miniaturized brain probes that can be used to “map” brain function, to record or transmit information, to stimulate or modulate functions in specific regions where the brain’s natural abilities to do so are compromised, or even to deliver drugs to precisely where they are needed. NeuroNexus is a leader in transforming ideas to technologies and technologies to innovative products by working at the leading-edge of science, technology, and clinical applications. [NeuroNexus Technologies Website, Company]

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Feb 17, 2012

Greatbatch Acquires NeuroNexus Tech For About $12 Mln In Cash, Incl Debt

( - Greatbatch Inc. (GB) announced the acquisition of NeuroNexus Technologies for about $12 million in cash, including the assumption of debt and future considerations.

NeuroNexus, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is an active implantable medical device design firm specializing in developing and commercializing high-value neural interface technology, components and systems for neuroscience and clinical markets.

NeuroNexus, founded in 2004, employs approximately 25 associates in its Ann Arbor facility. It is anticipated that the acquisition will be non-dilutive to adjusted operating earnings in 2012.


ann logoJul 1, 2010

U-M spinoff NeuroNexus doubles office size, plans hiring as its brain stimulation technology advances

NeuroNexus Technologies, a six-year-old U-M spin-off, is doubling its physical footprint and hiring as many as eight new employees as it works to produce the next generation of deep-brain stimulators for clinical use.

Since its founding in 2003, the company has supplied researchers with "neural interface products," which stimulate, deliver drugs to, or record the activity of neurological systems in a research setting. But they've begun work on clinical applications that would be used in deep-brain stimulation surgeries and treatment of neurological diseases.

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philips logoNov 17, 2008

NeuroNexus Technologies and Philips partner to research next-generation deep brain stimulation devices for the treatment of central nervous disorders

Eindhoven, the Netherlands — NeuroNexus Technologies and Philips Research today announced that they have signed a joint research agreement to develop next-generation deep brain stimulation devices with the ambition to improve the treatment of neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders. By combining Philips Research’s strengths in microelectronics, signal processing, ultra-low power system design and miniaturization with NeuroNexus Technologies’ expertise in micro-scale electrode design and fabrication, the two companies aim to show the technical feasibility of highly programmable and MRI-safe deep brain stimulation devices. Their initial research will aim to meet the functional requirements of a deep brain stimulation device for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. This is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that impairs people’s motor skills and speech, leading to a progressive loss in quality of life. Recent publications suggest that deep brain stimulation could also be suitable for treating psychiatric disorders such as clinical depression.

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