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Founded: 2004
Founder: Prof. Mohammed Islam
Product/Service: Applications of lasers for tissue ablation and infrared counter measures
Location: Ann Arbor, MI

OmniSciences Inc., an Ann Arbor based technology startup, is developing and bringing to market a Mid-InfraRed super-continuum FIber Laser (MIRFIL). The MIRFIL, due to its performance characteristics and price point is a disruptive technology and will make possible the development of a variety of applications ranging from chemical spectral fingerprinting to fiber-to-the-home to medical devices. [Omni Sciences Website, Home]

In the News

um news logoSep 3, 2010

U-M spinoff developing laser-based missile defense
for helicopters

Protecting helicopters in combat from heat-seeking missiles is the goal of new laser technology created at the university and Omni Sciences Inc., which is a U-M spinoff company.

“Battlefield terrain in places like Afghanistan and Iraq can be so rough that our troops have often had to rely on helicopters, and they can be easy targets for enemies with shoulder-launched missiles,” says Mohammed Islam, a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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