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Quadmetrics, Inc.

Founded: 2014
Founders: Prof. Mingyan Liu, Wesley Huffstutter, Manish Karir, Brad Robertson
Product/Service: Predictive cybersecurity RRisk
Location: Ann Arbor, MI

At QuadMetrics we believe in a holistic, dynamic, and proactive approach tomanagement and quantification of the cybersecurity risks faced by enterprise networks.

We are an Internet data measurement and risk modeling company, and we're applying our collective experience to tackle one of the most challenging problems in Cybersecurity — the measurement of cyber risk with the goal of creating actionablemetrics that are immediately useful for mitigating enterprise cybersecurity weaknesses, and ones that are predictive in nature.

In short, we are trying to understand what makes some networks more likely to be victims of cybersecurity incidents, by applying large-scale data measurements, machine learning, and analytics.

To do this, we have built a system using cutting-edge, patent-pending network measurement and attack prediction research. Our approach has been peer-reviewed and demonstrated to successfully predict cyber breach. No other product can make this claim.

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In the News

Apr 2, 2014

Cybersecurity Startup QuadMetrics Calculates Odds a Company Will be Breached

QuadMetrics Inc. says it can predict with greater than 90% accuracy the likelihood that a company will be breached within the next year.

While one customer says the young company’s technology is still maturing, its prediction efforts represent an emerging capability in the fight against cybercrime. QuadMetrics says that chief information security officers are using its product as their primary risk management tool, but admit that it is one tool of many that customers have in their arsenal to fight cybercrime.

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