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Universal Display Corporation

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Founded: 1994
Founder: Prof. Stephen Forrest, Sherwin Seligsohn
Product/Service: OLED technology for use in flat panel displays, lighting and organic electronics
Location: Ewing, NJ

Universal Display Corporation is a world leader in the development of innovative OLED technology for use in flat panel displays, lighting and organic electronics. Since our founding in 1994, our mission has been to provide these innovations to OLED manufacturers for their use in commercializing new generations of OLED products. To do so, our business strategy consists of these key elements: Technology Licensing; UniversalPHOLED® Materials Sales; Technology Development and Technology Transfer Services. [Universal Display Corporation Website, About]

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new york timesSep 6, 2009

Panels of Light Fascinate Designers

LED light bulbs, with their minuscule energy consumption and 20-year life expectancy, have grabbed the consumer's imagination.

But an even newer technology is intriguing the world’s lighting designers: OLEDs, or organic light-emitting diodes, create long-lasting, highly efficient illumination in a wide range of colors, just like their inorganic LED cousins. But unlike LEDs, which provide points of light like standard incandescent bulbs, OLEDs create uniform, diffuse light across ultrathin sheets of material that eventually can even be made to be flexible.

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new york times logoNov 2, 2003

NEW JERSEY & CO.; Let There Be Sheets of Light

IMAGINE a windowpane that makes its own light. By day, the glass is transparent, but once the sun sets, it becomes a luminescent panel to brighten your home.

Janice Mahon can envision this and more. She pictures a light source imprinted on thin sheets of plastic that can be mounted on the ceiling like wallpaper. Unroll it, paste it overhead and - presto! - you have a room that glows.

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