373 Project Page


See lab schedule.


Project requirements and hypothetical project evaluations are provided in the project handout. W14 Project Handout

Project Proposal Example

A pretty good project proposal example.


For a comprehensive list typical project components, see this F12 power point presentation. F12 Project Overview  ppt  pdf

See past 373 projects.

Project Posters

Suggestions for poster composition, examples and other details are provided here.

Demonstration Sheet

As described in the project handout, you must provide a demonstration sheet during the project demonstration. It will include the date of the presentation, project name and list of group members with percentage effort listed for each group member. A general description of what each member did be included. For example:

Jack (50%)
Developed hardware and software interface for servos
Developed I2C hardware and software interface to gyro

Jill (50%)
Developed hardware and software interface to display
Developed graphics for display
Developed keypad hardware and software interface

Jack and Jill
Worked equally together on system integration and debugging.

Here is a link to a demo sheet form.

Support Hours

 The staff will continue with their usual support hours. Unlike typical lab support, project support can take extended periods of time. Instead of on demand open lab hours, Matt Smith will provide 30 minute group appointments on a weekly basis. In this way, your group can plan on a 30 minute support time. Usually, 2 appointments can be provided per group per week. Look for announcement the week before to schedule an appointment.

Normal project support will not be available after the project due date (last day of class).  Project support will be on a very limited appointment basis only during the late phase (finals week). Be sure to consider this when electing the project late phase.

Station Priority and Sharing

The following polices will be enforced during the project phase.
  1. Generally speaking, priority hours for either lab class (498 or robotics) are during there home lab hours. Students in these home labs will have priority for stations. 
  2. Restrict station usage to one group per stations during high demand times. You may be asked to give up one of your stations if necessary.
  3. You may not reserve a station by leaving it unattended except for very short breaks. We reserve the right to log your off and move your project materials for unattended stations when demand is high.
  4. Some groups may obtain special permission to setup a project permanently if need be.

Alternate Resources

 Consider loading the Libero SoC and Softconsole v3.3 tools on your laptop to avoid limited station access. They are free from Microsemi.  Since the kits are portable it is possible to do much of the work outside the lab. You may take your project components and work outside the lab if you wish. If you want to borrow a Saleae logic analyzer, let the staff know. You can download the Saleae software free of charge at Saleae.

Lab Cleanup and Maintenance

There are no regular lab cleaning services except weekly trash removal and biweekly floor cleaning. Otherwise, it is up to us. Abiding by the following policy will keep the lab orderly and usable by all.


You are not evaluated for sophisticated construction or fabrication. Typical fabrication materials consist of foam board, balsa wood even discarded cardboard boxes and miscellaneous hardware. Fastening may be with hot glue, double sticky tap and miscellaneous nuts and bolts. If your project requires involved construction or fabrication, for the most part you will need to find these resources. We have some power tools that can used with supervision, but they are limited to a power drill and Dremel tool.

There are some North Campus resources. The Wilson Center has a nice shop with power tools such as band saws, drill presses, table saws and various hand tools. You will need to take a training class before you can use the shop. The intro classes are typically offered once a week through the 2nd and 3rd month of the term.  Check the website for offerings.

We have some miscellaneous materials in the lab, but for the most part you will have to obtain your own materials. The Campus Book store on North Campus has some supplies like foam board, balsa wood, glues and tape.

Carpenter Brothers  Hardware Store near North Campus (2753 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor) has many useful materials for projects. There staff welcomes University students and I find them very accommodating. They will even cut materials for you and help you with mechanical questions.

Michaels Arts and Crafts store is also good for general fabrication supplies, but a bit further from North Campus. They are located at
3655 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI