EECS Fall Bash - 2005

Friday, October 21st, 2005

Hugh and Mary Lou Battley provided opening music at the beginning of the evening.  Hugh is a systems research programmer with the Department Computing Organization (DCO).  Hugh and Mary Lou have been playing celtic style folk music on keyboard and hammered dulcimer for 16 years.  Mary Lou also teaches hammered dullicer in Northfield and at festivals around the midwest.


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Hugh and Mary Lou Battley

Andrew Chang is a forth year undergraduate student majoring in electrical engineering.  He plays the piano, violin, and recently began to study the carillon.  He performed an original composition that borrows the left hand harmony from Pachelbel's Canon.  He is an officer in the student group, Engineering Collaboration for the Arts (ECA).

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Andrew Chang

Melanie Brown is a senior graduating student studying electrical engineering, and performing arts and technology. She began playing piano at age 3, and started singing and writing music at age 12. The first and third songs are original works, Young Boy, and Get Up, Stand Up, Keep Going! She hopes to be a professional songwriter/producer with her own production company or record label.

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elanie Brown

Dinkar Jain is a senior undergraduate student in computer science and the Engineering Global Leadership Honors Program.  He has been writing poetry since age 11 and won the Roger M. Jones Poetry prize in 2004.  Dinkar was the 2004 UMEC VP and currently an RA in Markley Hall.

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Dinkar Jain

Joel Acevedo is a graduate student in computer science and engineering.  He has performed magic at many public, private, and corporate events in Puerto Rico and the USA such as: University of Puerto Rico IEEE Student Chapter events, the American Cancer Society "Relay for Life," and for companies such as NASA and IBM.

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Joe Acevedo

Profs. Hero, Munson, Rounds, Wakefield, Amanda Brown, and Richard Carnes

Al Hero is a professor in the Systems Laboratory in the area of signal processing.  He first discovered his voice as a boy soprano. He currently sings with the Boy Choir of Ann Arbor, the Third Millenium Chorus, the Bach Chorale, and the Vocal Arts Ensemble.


Dave Munson is the Chair of the EECS department.  He comes from a musical family and played alto sax and guitar in his college years.  Prior to moving to the U-M he was active in musical theater.


Bill Rounds is a professor in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.  He has sung with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus, the Ann Arbor Cantata Singers, and the Vocal Arts Ensemble of Ann Arbor. He was a founding member of the early music ensemble, Vox.


Greg Wakefield is a professor whose interests lie in spectral estimation theory, array processing, speech coding, and music processing.  He is currently studying voice at U-M's School of Music, where he is officially enrolled as a vocal performance student.


Amanda Brown provides administrative support to faculty in the Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory.  She has a master's degree in Theatre from King's College London and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.


Richard Carnes provides administrative support for the Radiation Laboratory.  He has a master's degree in piano peformance from the U-M, and teaches piano.

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Rounds, Munson, Wakefield, and Hero

Rounds, Munson, Hero, Wakefield, and Brown

Richard Carnes

Nii Okai Addy is a senior undergraduate sutdent in electrical engineering who is considering graduate school.  He has played piano most of his life, taught first at home, and plays now for fun and relaxation.


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Nii Okai Addy

Kyle Banas is a computer systems consultant for the Department Computing Organization (DCO).  He received a BS in English and Computer Science from the U-M with a strong emphasis on creative writing.  When he's not fixing e-mail and printing problems, he tells us he's causing his own computer problems at home.  He loves to read and write and is presently hard at work on his first novel.


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Kyle Banas

Herbert Winful is a professor in the Optical Sciences Laboratory.  He taught himself to play pianoas a boy growing up in Ghana, then played rhythm guitar and keyboards in a couple of rcok bands in high school.  More recently, he has taken classical and jazz piano lessons.  Prof. Winful organized the first EECS musical performance event "Electromagnetic Waves" in 2003.


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Prof. Winful

Daniela Marquez is a senior undergraduate student majoring in electrical engineering.  She played and studied classical music since the age of five then began to experiment with modern styles of jazz/funk/blues and pop in college.  She started writing her own songs in her sophomore year, and stgarted the band Texax Tea, which has since disbanded.  Her areas of concentration are signal processing and sound engineering.


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Daniela Marquez

Prof. Fessler, Pursell, Shi, and Swain 


Jeff Fessler is a professor in the Systems Laboratory.  While a graduate student at Standford University, he participated in the Jazz Studies program.  In the late 1980s he played with Stan Getz, the legendary jazz tenor saxophonist who was an artist-in-residence at the time.


Jeff Pursell is an EECS alumnus in electrical engineering and is now pursuing his master's degree in EE:Systems, majoring in signal processing.  He has been playing bass for 14 years and is a member of the Life Sciences Orchestra at the U-M.


Hugo Shi is a graduate student in EE:Systems studying medical image processing.  He completed his EECS undergraduate degree at UC-Berkeley.  He plays jazz guitar, classical guitar, and piano.

Mike Swain is a UM music major. He plays percussion in a wide variety of musical groups on and off campus.

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Fessler, Pursell, Shi, Swain, and Marquez

Closing Jam Session

For information about next year's Fall Bash, or if you are interested in performing, please contact Catharine June ( or Prof. Winful (