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More than 90 research posters were presented by graduate students in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the 2011 College of Engineering Graduate Symposium, November 11, 2011. Their research included: techniques for studying brain function and treating neurological disorders; techniques for cancer detection; different approaches for improved solar cells; novel techniques for energy scavenging; cutting-edge research in terahertz technologies for various applications; faster and safer MRI scans; integration of optoelectronic and electronic components for continued performance gains in integrated circuits; miniature antennas for wireless devices; nanospacecraft thrusters; energy-hub power networks; the power grid; advanced methods to control walking and running in robots; energy optimization in electronic devices; techniques for object detection for vision and robotic applications; and many more.

Read about all of the research posters presented at the Symposium in the Book of Abstracts.

ECE students participated primarily in the following sessions:  

Photonics and Applied Physics
Power and Control
RF and Applied Electromagnetics
Solid-State Materials, Devices, & Physics
Earth Science and Remote Sensing
MEMS and Mechatronics
Signal Processing and Computer Vision
Systems Engineering, Control and

Technical Session Awards

The following awards were earned by ECE graduate students in the Electrical Engineering (EE) and Electrical Engineering:Systems (EE:Systems) programs:

Vikrant Gokhale, "High performance Bulk mode Gallium nitride resonators and filters" in the session: MEMS and Mechatronics. [Advisor: Prof. Mina Rais-Zadeh]

Vasudev Lal, "Optical Spectroscopy of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes," in the session: Photonics & Applied Physics. [Advisor: Prof. Duncan Steel]

Mads Almassalkhi, "Incentive-based Coordinated Charging Control of Plug-in Electric Vehicles at the Distribution- Transformer Level,"in the session Power & Control. [Advisor: Prof. Ian Hiskens]

Young Jun Song, "Miniaturized Radio Repeater for Enhanced Wireless Connectivity and Improved Channel Capacity," in the session: RF & Applied Electromagnetics. [Advisor: Prof. Kamal Sarabandi]

Matt Prelee, "A Sampling Theorem for Manhattan Grids," in the session: Signal Processing & Computer Vision. [Advisor: Prof. Dave Neuhoff]

Anne Itsuno, "MBE Grown HgCdTe nBn Infrared Detectors," in the session: Solid-State Materials, Devices, and Physics. [Advisor: Prof. Jamie Phillips]

Yang Liu, "Is Diversity Gain Worth the Pain: Performance Comparison Between Opportunistic Multi-Channel MAC and Single-Channel MAC," in the session: Systems Engineering, Control & Communication. [Advisor: Prof. Mingyan Liu]

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