2012 ECE Poster Display at the Engineering Graduate Symposium


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More than 85 research posters were presented by graduate students in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the 2012 College of Engineering Graduate Symposium, November 2, 2012.

Read about all of the research posters presented at the Symposium in the Book of Abstracts.

ECE students participated in the following sessions:  

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Science and Software Design
Design and Manufacturing
Earth Science and Remote Sensing
Engineering in Biological Systems
Engineering in Medicine

Naval Architecture and Marine Eng.
Power and Control
RF and Applied Electromagnetics
Signal Processing and Computer Vision
Solid State Materials and Physics
Space Research and Aerospace Eng.
Systems Engineering and Communications

Technical Session Awards

The following awards were earned by ECE graduate students in the Electrical Engineering (EE) and Electrical Engineering:Systems (EE:Systems) programs:

Computer Science and Software Design

Wongun Choi, First place for "A unified framework for multi-target tracking and collective activity recognition"
[Faculty Advisor: Silvio Savarese]

Min Sun, Third place for "An efficient branch-and-bound algorithm for optimal human pose estimation" 
[Faculty Advisor: Silvio Savarese]


Mads Almassalkhi, Second place for "Model-predictive cascade mitigation in electric transmission networks with energy storage"
[Faculty Advisor: Ian Hiskens]

Engineering in Biological Systems

Daniel Egert, Third place for "Silicon and parylene intracortical neural probes for chronically-stable recording"
[Faculty Advisors: Rebecca Peterson and Khalil Najafi]

Engineering in Medicine

Mahmood Barangi, Second place for "Ultra low-power filter bank for hearing aid speech processor"
[Faculty Advisor: Pinaki Mazumder]


Azadeh Ansari, First place for, "GaN-based micro-mechanical resonators for timing applications"  
[Faculty Advisor: Mina Rais-Zadeh]

Ali Besharatian, Second place for, "A scalable, modular, multi-stage, peristaltic, electrostatic gas micro-pump"  
[Faculty Advisors: Rebecca Peterson and Khalil Najafi]

Vikram Thakar, Third place for "Surface micro-machined piezoelectrically transduced fused silica resonators"
[Faculty Advisors: Rebecca Peterson, Khalil Najafi, and Mina Rais-Zadeh]


Mahdi Sadeghi, First place for "Micro-hydraulic structure for high performance biomimetic air flow sensor arrays"
[Faculty Advisors: Rebecca Peterson and Khalil Najafi]

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Andrew Wiggins, First place for "Large-scale surface effect ship bow seal experiments"

Power and Control

Wei Liang, co-First place for "13.56 MHz high density dc-dc converter with PCB inductors"
[Faculty Advisor: Juan Rivas]

Kan Zhou, co-First place for "Computationally-efficient finite-element-based 3d thermal models of electric machines"  
[Faculty Advisor: Heath Hofmann]

Eric Dallal, co-Second place for "Supervisory control for collision avoidance in vehicular networks using discrete event abstractions"  
[Faculty Advisor: Stephane Lafortune]

Soumya Kundu, co-Second place for "Hysteresis-based charging control of plug-in electric vehicles"
[Faculty Advisor: Ian Hiskens]

RF and Applied Electromagnetics

Gurkan Gok, First place for "Experimental verification of tensor transmission-line metamaterials: a printed beam -shifting slab"
[Faculty Advisor: Anthony Grbic]

Amit Patel, Second place for "Analysis of printed-circuit tensor impedance surfaces"
[Faculty Advisor: Anthony Grbic]

Jiangfeng Wu, Third place for "Design and evaluation of a class of miniaturized on-metal antenna"
[Faculty Advisor: Kamal Sarabandi]

Signal Processing and Computer Vision

Nicholas Asendorf, First place for "The performance of deterministic matched subspace detectors: informative versus useful subspace components"
[Faculty Advisor: Raj Nadakaditi]

Michael Allison, Second place for "Alternating direction method of multipliers algorithms for MR coil sensitivity estimation"  
[Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Fessler]

Tzu-Yu Liu, Third place for "Spherical harmonics based classification and analysis of highly deforming cells in 3D microscopy"  
[Faculty Advisor: Al Hero]

Solid State Materials and Physics

Seunghyun Lee, First place for "An all-graphene flexible and transparent circuit for quaternary digital modulation"
[Faculty Advisor: Zhaohui Zhong]

Kyusang Lee, Second place for "Epitaxial lift off of GaAs thin film solar cells followed by substrate reuse"
[Faculty Advisor: Stephen Forrest]

Xin Xiao, Third place for "Funtionalized squaraine donors for nanocrystalline organic photovoltaics"  
[Faculty Advisor: Jeramy Zimmerman]

Space Research and Aerospace Engineering 

Iverson Bell, III, Second place for "Exploring the use of miniaturized electrodynamic tethers to enhance the capabilities of ultra-small satellites"
[Faculty Advisor: Brian Gilchrist]

Systems Engineering and Communications

Aria, G. Sahebi, First place for "An achievable rate region for the 3 user interference channel using algebraic codes"
 [Faculty Advisor: Sandeep Pradhan]

Yi Ouyang, Second place for "On the optimality of a myopic policy in multi-state channel probing"
[Faculty Advisor: Demosthenis Teneketzis]

Parinaz Ardabili, Third place for "Collective revelation through mechanism design"  
[Faculty Advisor: Mingyan Liu]

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