ECE Award Winning Oral Presentations and Poster Displays at the 2009 Engineering Graduate Symposium

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Acoustics & Waves

Adel Elsherbini,1st place, Oral Presentation (Advisor: Kamal Sarabandi)

Title: Topography of Sand Covered Bedrock using Two-Frequency Interferometric SAR

Danial Ehyaie, 2nd place, Oral Presentation (Advisor: Amir Mortazawi)

Title: A New Method for Designing Transmit Phased Arrays 

Design and Control

Michael Hafner, 2nd place, Oral Presentation (Advisor: Domitilla Del Vecchio)

Title: Safety Control for a Class of Order Preserving Hybrid Systems

Dan Opila (Mechanical Engineering), 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Jessy Grizzle; Xiaoyong Wang, Ryan McGee and Jeffrey Cook from Ford Motor Company)

Title: Implementation and Hardware Testing of an Energy Management Controller Based on Stochastic Dynamic Programming

Hae-Won Park (Mechanical Engineering), 2nd place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Jessy Grizzle; additional graduate student researcher: Koushil Sreenath, Electrical Engineering: Systems)

Title: Parameter Identification of MABEL, a New Bipedal Robot with Differential-Based Compliant Drivetrain

MEMS & Microfluidics

Trushal Vijaykumar Chokshi, 1st place, Oral Presentation (Advisor: Nikos Chronis)

Title: A Microfluidic Platform for High-throughput Calcium Imaging Assays in C. elegans

Sister Mary Elizabeth Merriam, 2nd place, Oral Presentation (Advisor: Ken Wise; additional researcher: Onnop Srivannavit, Chemical Engineering)

Title: A 3-D Bidirectional Interface for Neural Mapping Studies

Communications, Control & Power

Awlok Josan, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisors: Mingyan Liu, David Neuhoff and S. Sandeep Pradhan)

Title: Throughput Scaling in Extended Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks: A Non-Hierarchical Multi-Path Approach

Ali Nazari, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisors: S. Sandeep Pradhan, Achilleas Anastasopoulos)

Title: A New Upper Bound on the Maximal Error Exponent for Multiple-Access Channels


Danial Ehyaie, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Amir Mortazawi)

Title: A New Method for Designing Transmit Phased Arrays

Felipe Valdés, 2nd place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Eric Michielssen; also Francesco Andriulli from the Department of Electronics, Politecnico di Torino and Kristof Cools from the Department of Information Technologies, Ghent University)

Title: High-Order Quasi-Curl Conforming Functions for Multiplicative Calderón Preconditioning of the EFIE

Microsystems & Integrated Circuits

Razi-ul Haque, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Ken Wise)

Title: A Wireless Sub-Microwatt Intraocular Pressure Sensor

Tzeno Galchev, 2nd place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Khalil Najafi; additional graduate student researcher, Hanseup Kim)

Title: A Parametric Frequency Increased Power Generator for Scavenging Low-Frequency Ambient Vibrations


Yunbo Guo, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Ted Norris and collaborators: Prof. and Dr. James Baker from the Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences; Jing Yong Ye, research scientist at the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science; Charles Divin, EE graduate student; Thommey Thomas, asst. research scientist for Internal Medicine)

Title: Photonic Crystal Biosensor

Wei-Zung Chang, 2nd place, Poster Presentation (Advisors: Herbert Winful and Almantas Galvanauskas; also Tsai-Wei Wu)

Title: Array Size Scalability of Passively Coherently Phased Fiber Laser Arrays

Signal Processing

Daehyun Yoon, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisors: Jeffrey Fessler and Douglas Noll, Chair of Biomedical Engineering)

Title: Simultaneous Signal Loss Correction from B1 and B0 field

Khuram Shahid and Wongun Choi, 2nd place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Silvio Savarese; also Electrical Engineering:Systems graduate student Wongun Choi)

Title: What are they doing? Collective Activity Classification Using Spatio-Temporal Relationship Among People

Solid State

Eric Dattoli, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Wei Lu)

Title: Megahertz Frequency Characterization of Transparent Nanowire-Based Thin-Film Transistors

Weiming Wang, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Jamie Phillips; also Electrical Engineering graduate student Albert Lin and Wyatt Metzger, National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Title: Photo-carrier Generation and Recombination In ZnTeO Based Intermediate Solar Cell