Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Upcoming Events

Thursday  Jun. 02, 2016
Ultra-Short-Reach Interconnects for Package-Level Integration
Tony Chan Carusone
University of Toronto
2:00pm - 3:00pm in 1311 EECS

Friday  Jun. 03, 2016
Functional Analytic Perspectives on Nonparametric Density Estimation
Robert Vandermeulen
10:00am - 12:00pm in 1005 EECS

Thursday  Jun. 09, 2016
Deep Neural Networks for Visual Reasoning, Program Induction, and Text-to-Image Synthesis
Scott Reed
10:00am - 12:00pm in 3725 Beyster Bldg.

Sunday  Jun. 12, 2016
International Conference for Advanced Neurotechnology (ICAN)
6:30pm - Next Day in Lurie Engineering Center

Monday  Jun. 13, 2016
Theoretical Tools for Network Analysis: Game Theory, Graph Centrality, and Statistical Inference
Travis Martin
3:00pm - 5:00pm in 3725 Beyster Bldg.

Past Events

Thursday  May. 26, 2016
GaN Integrated Microsystems for RF Applications
Azadeh Ansari
PhD Candidate

Actor-Action Semantic Segmentation with Grouping Process Models
Jason Corso
Associate Professor
University of Michigan, Department of EECS

Wednesday  May. 25, 2016
NAE Symposium: Driverless Cars and Connected Transportation

Tuesday  May. 24, 2016
ECE Alumni Reception at IMS

Wednesday  May. 18, 2016
Human Factors and missed solutions to Enigma design weaknesses
Harold Thimbleby
Professor of Computer Science
Swansea University

Monday  May. 16, 2016
On the Provision of Public Goods on Networks: Incentives, Exit Equilibrium, and Applications to Cyber Security
Parinaz Naghizadeh Ardabili
PhD Candidate

Thursday  May. 12, 2016
Dynamic Decision Problems with Cooperative and Strategic Agents and Asymmetric Information
Deepanshu Vasal
PhD Candidate

Professorship Lecture and Reception: The Future of Scientific Computing
Eric Michielssen
Assoc. VP, Advanced Research Computing
Director, Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering

A Unified Model for Differential Gene Expression Analysis of RNA-seq Data via Penalized Linear Regression
Kefei Liu
Post Doctoral Research Associate
University of Michigan, Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics

Tuesday  May. 10, 2016
Perception for Robust, Autonomous Robotic Manipulation - A Question of Balancing Prior Knowledge and Learning From Data
Jeannette Bohg
Senior Research Scientist
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

Monday  May. 09, 2016
Quals Exam Prep Panel

Friday  May. 06, 2016
Area- and Energy-Efficient Modular Circuit Architecture for Parallel Neural Recording Microsystems
Sung-Yun Park
PhD Candidate

Thursday  May. 05, 2016
Professorship Lecture and Ceremony:
Autonomous Agents: Threat or Menace?

Michael P. Wellman
Lynn A. Conway Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
View Presentation

Low-rank Matrix Completion under Monotonic Transformation
Laura Balzano
Assistant Professor
View Presentation

Wednesday  May. 04, 2016
Relaxing Fundamental Assumptions in Iterative Learning Control
Berk Atlin


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