Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Upcoming Events

Tuesday  Dec. 01, 2015
Explorations in Computational Rationality: Explaining Human Behavior via Bounded Utility Maximization
Richard Lewis
Professor of Psychology and Linguistics
University of Michigan
4:00pm - 5:15pm in 3725 BBBB

Wednesday  Dec. 02, 2015
Big Data is (at least) Four Different Problems
Michael Stonebraker
Co-Director, Intel Science and Technology Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3:00pm - 4:00pm in 1670 Beyster Building

Thursday  Dec. 03, 2015
Information Extraction on Para-Relational Data
Shirley Zhe Chen
09:30am - 11:00am in 3316 EECS

Friday  Dec. 04, 2015
Approximation-Friendly Discrepancy Rounding
Viswanath Nagarajan
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan (IOE)
10:00am - 11:00am in 3725 BBB

Past Events

Tuesday  Nov. 24, 2015
AI Lab Pizza & Discussion

Special Talk by Legendary Game Designer Sid Meier
Sid Meier
Co-Founder and Director of Creative Development
Firaxis Games

Monday  Nov. 23, 2015
CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition

Friday  Nov. 20, 2015
Popularity Signals in Optimizing Trial-Offer Markets
Pascal Van Hentenryck
University of Michigan

Tuesday  Nov. 17, 2015
Can Robots Behave Well as Members of Society? & Natural Language Processing for Collective Discourse
Benjamin Kuipers & Dragomir Radev
Professors of Computer Science
University of Michigan

Monday  Nov. 16, 2015
Provisioning Queries and Analytics
Val Tannen
Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania

Saturday  Nov. 14, 2015
Facebook + Michigan Hackers Security Capture the Flag

Friday  Nov. 13, 2015
Impact of community structure on cascades
Mehrdad Moharrami
PhD Student
University of Michigan

Tuesday  Nov. 10, 2015
Achieving Correctness in Large Interconnect Systems
Rawan Abdel Khalek

Increasing the Utility of Machine Learning in Clinical Care & On the Equivalence of Simulated Annealing & Interior Point Path Following for Optimization
Jenna Wiens & Jacob Abernethy
Professors of Computer Science
University of Michigan

Monday  Nov. 09, 2015
Datacenter Design for Future Cloud Radio Access Network
Qi Zheng

Security Hazards When Law is Code
Eric Wustrow

Friday  Nov. 06, 2015
Connecting with the Emerging Nervous System of Ubiquitous Sensing
Joseph Paradiso
Alexander W Dreyfoos Professor of Media Arts and Sciences

Wednesday  Nov. 04, 2015
A Safety-First Approach to Memory Models
Abhayendra Singh

Tuesday  Nov. 03, 2015
The Dependence of Effective Planning Horizon on Model Accuracy
Nan Jiang
PhD Student
University of Michigan


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