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Tuesday  May. 19, 2015
X-Ray CT Image Reconstruction on Highly-Parallel Architectures
Madison McGaffin
PhD Candidate

Design of Metallic Nanostructures for Wavelength and Angle Selective Light Management
Brian Roberts
PhD Candidate

Resilient Monitoring and Control Systems: Design, Analysis, and Performance Evaluation
Maruthi Ravichandran
PhD Candidate

Computationally Efficient Steady-State Simulation Algorithms for Finite Element Models of Electric Machines
Jason Pries
PhD Candidate

Thursday  May. 14, 2015
Perceptual Image Similarity Metrics and Applications
Yuanhao Zhai
PhD Candidate

Friday  May. 08, 2015
Integrated Micro Gas Chromatographs with High-Flow Knudsen Pumps
Yutao Qin
PhD Candidate

A System Concept Study and Experimental Evaluation of Miniaturized Electrodynamic Tethers to Enhance Picosatellite and Femtosatellite Capabilities
Iverson Bell
PhD Candidate

Monday  May. 04, 2015
Informative Data Fusion: Beyond Canonical Correlation Analysis
Nick Asendorf
PhD Candidate

Learning Better Clinical Risk Models
Alexander Van Esbroeck

Thursday  Apr. 30, 2015
Energy Transport in Organic Photovoltaics
Kevin Bergemann
Physics PhD Candidate

Tuesday  Apr. 28, 2015
Online Mapping and Perception Algorithms for Multi-robot Teams Operating in Urban Environments
Johannes Strom

Monday  Apr. 27, 2015
Algorithm and architecture co-design for high performance digital signal processing
Jung Kuk Kim
PhD Candidate

Systematic Controller Design for Dynamic 3D Bipedal Robot Walking
Brian Buss
PhD Candidate

Ultrafast Terahertz Response of Epitaxial and Chemical-Vapor-Deposited Graphene and of Germanium and Germanium/Silicon Core/Shell Nanowires
Momchil Tsvetanov Mihnev
PhD Candidate

Learning and Searching Methods for Robust, Real-Time Visual Odometry
Andrew Richardson


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