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Friday  Sep. 09, 2016
Scaling Causality Analysis for Production Systems
Michael Chow

Ka-Band and W-Band Millimeter-Wave Wideband Linear Power Amplifier Integrated Circuits at 30 GHz and 90 GHz with Greater Than 100 mW Output Powers in Commercially-Available 0.12 um Silicon Germanium HBT Technology
Michael Chang
PhD Candidate

Thursday  Sep. 08, 2016
Analysis and Actions on Graph Data
Pin-Yu Chen

GNSS-R Remote Sensing of the Ocean: Surface Waves and Related Phenomena
David D. Chen-Zhang
PhD Candidate

Wednesday  Sep. 07, 2016
Graphene Transistor Based Nanoelectronic and Nanophotonic Applications
Che-Hung Liu
PhD Candidate

Tuesday  Sep. 06, 2016
Development of Optomechanical Sensors Using Capillary-based Microfluidic Ring Resonators
Kyu Hyun Kim
PhD Candidate

Energy Efficient Heterogeneous Processor Architectures for General Purpose Applications
Shruti Padmanabha

Friday  Sep. 02, 2016
Accelerating Data Transfer for Throughput Processors
Davoud Anoushe Jamshidi

Monday  Aug. 29, 2016
Composite Cores: Improving Energy Efficiency Through Fine-Grained Heterogeneity
Andrew Lukefahr
CSE Candidate

Friday  Aug. 26, 2016
Autofocus and Back-Projection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging
Hyun Jeong Cho

Wednesday  Aug. 17, 2016
Resistive Switching Memory and Reconfigurable Devices
Jiantao Zhou
PhD Candidate

Tuesday  Aug. 02, 2016
Low Power Techniques for Analog Building Blocks of the Ultra Low Power System
Yen-Po Chen
PhD Candidate

Monday  Aug. 01, 2016
Electrically Injected Exciton-Polariton Lasers
Md Zunaid Baten
PhD Candidate

Friday  Jul. 29, 2016
Leveraging Mixed Expertise in Crowdsourcing
David Merritt

Wednesday  Jul. 27, 2016
Advanced plasmonic photoconductive sources for pulsed and continuous-wave terahertz generation


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