Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Upcoming Events

Thursday  Dec. 03, 2015
Information Extraction on Para-Relational Data
Shirley Zhe Chen
09:30am - 11:00am in 3316 EECS

Past Events

Monday  Nov. 23, 2015
Strain Engineering of InGaN/GaN Nanopillars for Optoelectronic Applications
Chu-Hsaing Teng
PhD Candidate

Antenna Bandwidth and Radiation Control by Topology and Use of Non-Conductivity Materials
Hatim Bukhari
PhD Candidate

Wednesday  Nov. 18, 2015
Red-Emitting III-Nitride Self-Assembled Quantum Dot Lasers
Thomas Frost
PhD Candidate

Tuesday  Nov. 17, 2015
Dissertation Defense
Yi Ouyang
On the Interaction of Information and Decisions in Dynamic Networked Systems

Tuesday  Nov. 10, 2015
Achieving Correctness in Large Interconnect Systems
Rawan Abdel Khalek

Monday  Nov. 09, 2015
Multi-modal Image Fusion and Its Applications
Yu Hui Chen
PhD Candidate

Datacenter Design for Future Cloud Radio Access Network
Qi Zheng

Security Hazards When Law is Code
Eric Wustrow

Wednesday  Nov. 04, 2015
A Safety-First Approach to Memory Models
Abhayendra Singh

Monday  Nov. 02, 2015
Neuromorphic Computing with Resistive Switching Devices
Patrick Sheridan
PhD Candidate

Spectrum-Dependent Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting
Alan S. Teran
PhD Candidate

Thursday  Oct. 29, 2015
Harnessing the Power of Multi-source Data: an Exploration of Diversity and Similarity
Yang Liu
PhD Candidate
EE: Systems

Friday  Oct. 16, 2015
Final PhD Defense
Phil Knag

Thursday  Sep. 24, 2015
Hardware Support for Unstructured Big Data and Natural Language Processing
Prateek Tandon

Thursday  Sep. 10, 2015
A Macroscopic Study of Network Security Threats at the Organizational Level
Jing Zhang


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