Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Upcoming Events

Friday  Oct. 09, 2015
Out of Control
Rick Wallace
CEO and President
KLA-Tencor, Corp.
2:30pm - 3:30pm in 1200 EECS

Friday  Nov. 06, 2015
Joseph Paradiso
4:00pm - 5:00pm in 1670 Beyster

Past Events

Wednesday  Oct. 07, 2015
Leading Challenges and the Role of Transformation in the Fusion and Plasma Sciences
Dr. Edmund Synakowski
U.S. Department of Energy

Tuesday  Oct. 06, 2015
Unavailable Innovation: Why You Must Make Your Ideas Accessible
Garlin Gilchrist II
Deputy Technology Director for Civic Community Engagement
City of Detroit

Wednesday  Sep. 30, 2015
The Story Behind the Result
Richard Lipton
Storey Chair of Computer Science
Georgia Institute of Technology

Tuesday  May. 05, 2015
An Academics Adventures in Business
Stephen Forrest
Paul G. Goebel Professor of Engineering

Monday  Mar. 23, 2015
Emotion Technology, Wearables, and Surprises
Rosalind Picard
Founder and Director of the Affective Computing Research Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Tuesday  Feb. 24, 2015
A/B Testing at Google: Scaling to 1000s of Simultaneous Tests
Diane Tang
Google Fellow

Wednesday  Feb. 04, 2015
Taking Bipedal Walking Robots from Science Fiction to Science Fact
Jessy Grizzle
Elmer G. Gilbert Distinguished University Professor of Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Tuesday  Dec. 09, 2014
The Science and Policies of DIY Medical Technologies: Health Makers from Matagalpa to Montana
Jose Gomez-Marquez
Little Devices Lab Director

Friday  Oct. 31, 2014
Homecoming Lecture: Computers That We Can Wear
Babak Parviz
Vice President

Homecoming Lecture: From Snowstorms to Star Trek: A Career in Advanced Technology
Peter Lee
Corporate Vice President
Microsoft Research
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Monday  Apr. 21, 2014
The Economics of a Job: Why Starting or Joining a Start-up Might Make More Sense
Abdur Chowdhury
Co-founder and CEO, Pushd

Thursday  Apr. 03, 2014
Crypto Wars Part Deux: How the NSA is Making Us All Less Safe
Cindy Cohn
Legal Director
Electronic Frontier Foundation
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Friday  Mar. 14, 2014
Chemical – Electronic Coupling and the InAs Two-Dimensional Electron Gas (2DEG): Highly Sensitive and Selective Sensing of Surface- Based Biomolecule Interactions
April S. Brown
John Cocke Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Duke University

Friday  Feb. 14, 2014
Does Wiretapping Make US More Secure?: What a Computer Scientist Has to Add to the National Conversation
Susan Landau
Senior Staff Privacy Analyst
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Monday  Dec. 02, 2013
Provable Bounds for Machine Learning: Getting Around Intractability
Sanjeev Arora
Charles C. Fitzmorris Professor of Computer Science
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