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Thursday  Jun. 12, 2014
MEEP: A flexible, free-software package for electromagnetic simulations by the FDTD method
Dr. Ardavan Oskooi
Research Fellow
EECS, University of Michigan

Thursday  Feb. 13, 2014
IntelliSuite Workshop: An end-to-end Solution for MEMS Design and Simulation
Tom Hall
Application Manager at IntelliSuite

Tuesday  Oct. 22, 2013
Hands-on MEMS Simulation Using COMSOL
Dr. Chandan Kumar
COMSOL Application Engineer
Presentation: Presentation

Thursday  Jul. 25, 2013
An Introduction to Materials Studio
Dr. Michael Doyle
Director of Product Marketing and Principal Scientist

Tuesday  May. 28, 2013
Atomic-scale Modeling of Nanoelectronic Devices With Atomistix ToolKit
Dr. Anders Blom

Thursday  May. 09, 2013
Semiconductor Process Development and Integration with SEMulator3D
Dr. David M. Fried
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Coventor

Thursday  Apr. 11, 2013
Materials Modeling and Simulation for Nanotechnology
Michael Doyle
Presentation: Presentation

Thursday  Mar. 14, 2013
Solving for Micro and Macro-scale Electrostatic Configurations using Robin Hood Solver
Toni Drabik & Hrvoje Abraham
Sales Director & CEO
Artes Calculi Ltd.
Presentation: Presentation

Tuesday  Jan. 29, 2013
Multiphase CFD for Droplet Based Microfluidics
Amar S. Basu
Assistant Professor
Wayne State University

Thursday  Dec. 13, 2012
Debugging MEMS Process Flows with Physical Simulation
Tom Hall
Applications Manager

Wednesday  Oct. 31, 2012
System Level Analysis and Simulation for MEMS
Tom Hall
Applications Manager
IntelliSense Software Corp.

Wednesday  Oct. 24, 2012
Comsol Hands-on Workshop on Microfluidic Devices
Dr. Ahsan Munir
Application Engineer

Tuesday  Sep. 25, 2012
MEMS Virtual Prototyping for Debugging Your Process Flow
Joe Johnson
Business Development Manager

Wednesday  Aug. 29, 2012
Anisotropic Etch Simulator for MEMS
Joe Johnson
Business Development Manager
IntelliSense Software Corp.

Wednesday  Jul. 18, 2012
EM.Cube – Advanced Workshop
Dr. Kazem Sabet
EMAG Technologies, Inc.


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