Artificial Intelligence Seminars

Upcoming Seminars

Tuesday  Nov. 04, 2014
Google’s Self-Driving Car
Dmitri Dolgov
Software Lead
Google Self-Driving Cars
4:00pm - 5:30pm in 3725 BBB

Past Seminars

Tuesday  Oct. 28, 2014
Implications of Algorithmic and High-Frequency Trading and From Perception to Cognition: Towards Knowledge Driven Image Understanding
Michael Wellman and Jia Deng
Computer Science & Engineering, University of Michigan

Tuesday  Oct. 21, 2014
Human-Centered Principles and Methods for Designing Robotic Technologies
Bilge Mutlu
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Psychology, and Industrial Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tuesday  Oct. 07, 2014
Why Label When You Can Compare? Active Constraint Pursuit in Metric Learning and Clustering
Jason Corso
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Michigan

Tuesday  Sep. 30, 2014
Data-Driven Patient Risk Stratification: Leveraging Data Across Time and Space to Enhance Local Care
Jenna Wiens
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan

Tuesday  Sep. 23, 2014
Learning to Learn In Reinforcement Learning
Michael L. Littman
Professor of Computer Science
Brown University

Friday  Sep. 19, 2014
Robots, Skills, and Symbols
George Konidaris
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering
Duke University

Tuesday  Sep. 16, 2014
Learning Large-Scale Patterns in Complex Networks
Aaron Clauset
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, and the BioFrontiers Institute
University of Colorado, Boulder, and External Faculty, Santa Fe Institute

Wednesday  Jul. 16, 2014
Smartphone-enabled Urban Solutions: Mobility On Demand and Mobility On Sale
Shih-Fen Cheng
Assistant Professor
Singapore Management University

Tuesday  Apr. 29, 2014
AI Lab Mini-Symposium

Tuesday  Apr. 22, 2014
Cortical prediction markets
David Balduzzi
Senior Researcher
ETH Zürich

Tuesday  Apr. 15, 2014
Mediating Perception and Action towards Situated Human-Robot Dialogue
Joyce Chai
Michigan State University

Tuesday  Apr. 08, 2014
Low-Rank Spectral Learning
Alex Kulesza
University of Michigan

Tuesday  Apr. 01, 2014
AI Inside the Car
Shadi Mere
Innovation Lead

Monday  Mar. 24, 2014
Online Learning for Advertising
Kareem Amin
PhD student
University of Pennsylvania

Tuesday  Mar. 18, 2014
Understanding Incentives in Social Computing
Alice Gao
PhD Student
Harvard University


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