Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Upcoming Seminars

Wednesday  Apr. 01, 2015
Dynamic Hardware Resource Management for Efficient Throughput Processing
Ankit Sethia
1:00pm - 3:00pm in 3725 Beyster Bldg.

Thursday  Apr. 02, 2015
Convergence to pure-strategy Nash equilibria under simple learning rules and selection of resilient pure-strategy Nash equilibria
Richard La
University of Maryland, ECE Department
4:00pm - 5:00pm in Dow 1010

Friday  Apr. 03, 2015
On the equivalence between simulated annealing and Interior Point Methods
Jacob Abernethy
University of Michigan
10:30am - 11:30am in 4901 BBB

Infinite Dimensional Optimization for Safety Critical Human-in-the-Loop Systems
Ram Vasudevan
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan, Mechanical Engineering
3:30pm - 4:30pm in 1500 EECS

Wednesday  Apr. 08, 2015
Advances in III-V Heterostructure Devices and Integration for Millimeter-Wave and THz Sensing and Imaging
Patrick Fay
University of Notre Dame
5:30pm - 7:00pm in 1303 EECS

Thursday  Apr. 09, 2015
Really Catching Click-Fraud
Saikat Guha
Microsoft Research, India
12:30pm - 1:30pm in 3725 BBB

A Geometric Approach to Learning Mixture-Models
Venkatesh Saligrama
Boston University, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
4:00pm - 5:00pm in 1005 EECS

Friday  Apr. 10, 2015
A Long-term View of SLAM
John J. Leonard
MIT, Department of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering
3:30pm - 4:30pm in 1500 EECS

Thursday  Apr. 16, 2015
Internet privacy: Towards more transparency
Balachander Krishnamurthy
Lead Inventive Scientist
AT&T Labs--Research
12:00pm - 1:30pm in 3725 BBB

Friday  Apr. 17, 2015
Modeling, Sensing and Control of Unstable Physical Human-Machine Interactions: A Rider-Bicycle Example
Jingang Yi
Rutgers University
3:30pm - 4:30pm in 1500 EECS

Thursday  Apr. 23, 2015
Jeff Fessler
University of Michigan, EECS Dept.
4:00pm - 5:00pm in 1005 EECS

Thursday  May. 14, 2015
Laura Balzano
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan, EECS Dept
4:00pm - 5:00pm in 1005 EECS

Thursday  May. 28, 2015
Wayne Stark
University of Michigan, EECS Dept.
4:00pm - 5:00pm in 1005 EECS

Past Seminars

Monday  Mar. 30, 2015
On extremal auxiliaries in multiuser information theory
Chandra Nair
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Friday  Mar. 27, 2015
Approximation Algorithms for Stochastic Orienteering
Viswanath Nagarajan
University of Michigan

Robust and Efficient Real-time Mapping for Autonomous Robots
Michael Kaess
Assistant Research Professor
Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday  Mar. 26, 2015
Online Robust PCA or Online Sparse + Low-Rank Matrix Recovery
Namrata Vaswani
Iowa State

Wednesday  Mar. 25, 2015
Quantum Research Group

Friday  Mar. 20, 2015
Control of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Power Tracking
Faryar Jabbari
University of California, Irvine

Wednesday  Mar. 18, 2015
Higher lower bounds from the 3SUM conjecture
Tsvi Kopelowitz
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Michigan

Atomic Layer Deposition for MEMS and Sensor Applications
Dr. John "J" Provine
Senior Research Associate
Stanford University

Plasma Wakefield Acceleration of Charged Particles
Dr. Patric Muggli
Max Planck Institute for Physics, Germany

Monday  Mar. 16, 2015
Rethinking The Functional Boundaries of Integrated Radio-Frequency Systems Enables New Wireless Communication Paradigms
Harish Krishnaswamy
Associate Professor
Columbia University

Friday  Mar. 13, 2015
How to Prove Lower Bounds from the Strong Exponential Time Hypothesis
Seth Pettie
University of Michigan

Thursday  Mar. 12, 2015
Crowd-Learning: Improving the Quality of Crowdsourcing Using Sequential Learning
Mingyan Liu
University of Michigan, EECS Dept

Wednesday  Mar. 11, 2015
Extremely Difficult, Hard to Validate, Painful to Analyze (but Exciting!): Experiments Studying Radiation and Heat Transport of Laboratory Plasmas at near Astrophysical Conditions
Dr. Ronnie Shepherd
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Friday  Feb. 27, 2015
The optimal absolute ratio for online bin packing
Sina Shiayan
University of Michigan

Thursday  Feb. 26, 2015
Incentives for Network Allocation with Strategic Agents: Unifying the Design Process and Aiming at Fairness
Achilleas Anastasopoulos
Associate Professor
University of Michigan, EECS Dept.


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