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A 21st Century Model for Disseminating Knowledge

CSE Distinguished Lecture with Robert Sedgewick, Princeton University

Wednesday, December 06, 2017
4:30pm - 5:30pm
BBB 1670

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In the early years of the third millenium, most professors are still teaching in virtually the same way they were taught and their teachers were taught, stretching back centuries. This situation is likely to change, relatively soon. Technology is transforming (if not threatening to overwhelm) higher education, as MOOCs and online content become widely available. University students seeking to learn a topic who now have little if any choice are about to be presented with a vast array of choices. What student would not want to swap a tired professor writing slowly on a chalkboard for a well-produced series of videos and associated content, given by a world leader in the field? We are on the verge of a transformation on the scale of the transformation wrought by Gutenburg. This imminent change raises a host of fascinating and far-reaching questions. In this talk, we describe a scalable model for teaching and learning based on a combination of studio-produced video lectures, innovative online content and assessment mechanisms, and an authoritative classic textbook. We initially proved this approach effective for teaching algorithms and data structures, the analysis of algorithms, and analytic combinatorics. More recently, we have published a new textbook in computer science, new studio-produced lectures, and online content that teachers and learners can use for a first-year course sequence in computer science that can stand alongside traditional first courses in physics, chemistry, economics, and other disciplines. Our model now enables us to reach millions of students and professionals around the world.

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Sponsor(s): Computer Science and Engineering Division

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