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Sep 01, 2000
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I'd like to congratulate many of our faculty for their recent success in the NSF/ITR awards. Within CSE alone we had the following awards:

More than $500K category:

1) E-COMMERCE TO RECEIVE $2.7 MILLION NSF AWARD TO SUPPORT PhD PROGRAM. The University of Michigan has been awarded a five-year $2.7 million NSF grant to support a cross-disciplinary doctoral program in the social and technological aspects of E-commerce. Co-developed with an inter-disciplinary group from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, School of Information, and the Business School, the award STIET (Socio-Technical Infrastructure for Electronic Transactions) will provide NSF funding for fellowships during the first two years of graduate study involving 65 doctoral students from these inter-disciplinary units. In addition, the grant will support STIET core courses, electives and a weekly research seminar. The UM units will work with industry partners including IBM and Microsoft in implementing the program. The primary investigator for STIET is Professor Jeff MacKie-Mason from the School of Information. Co-investigators for the program are Professor Michael Wellman from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Professor Michael D. Gordon from Business Administration.

2) ITR: Exploiting Style as Retrieval and Classification Mechanism PI: William Birmingham Institution: University of Michigan Ann Arbor Est. Award Amt: $1,778,255 Duration: 36mos. State: MI

3) ITR: Learning-Centered Design Methodology: Meeting the Nation's Need for Computational Tools for K-12 Science Education (Engineering Scaffolded Work Environments) PI: Elliot Soloway Institution: University of Michigan Ann Arbor Est. Award Amt: $2,999,998 Duration: 36mos. State: MI

4) ITR: Personal Robotic Assistants for the Elderly Major Contributor: Martha Pollack Institution: University of Pittsburgh Duration: 48 months

Less than $500K category:

1) 0082851 ITR: A Mobile Component Framework for Building Adaptive Distributed Applications PI: Atul Prakash Institution: University of Michigan Est. Award Amt: $451,204 Duration: 36mos. State: MI

2) 0082876 ITR: Adaptive Information Processing through Precomputation PI: Marios Papaefthymiou Institution: University of Michigan Est. Award Amt: $494,958 Duration: 36mos. State: MI

3) 0082884 ITR: Information Fusion Across Multiple Text Sources: A Common Theory PI: Dragomir Radev Institution: University of Michigan Est. Award Amt: $363,180 Duration: 36mos. State: MI
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CSE in the News 
04/17/14 Heartbleed Software Snafu: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
04/17/14 New York Times: Study Finds No Evidence of Heartbleed Attacks Before the Bug Was E...
04/15/14 Michigan Daily: Internet security flaw left University sites vulnerable
04/15/14 Researchers find thousands of potential targets for Heartbleed OpenSSL bug
04/15/14 Hacker From China Wastes Little Time in Exploiting Heartbleed
04/15/14 Heartbleed Hackers Steal Encryption Keys in Threat Test

CSE Research News 
04/17/14 Halderman and Lafortune Join TerraSwarm Research Center
04/07/14 Michael Lewis says the market is rigged. But his Flash Boys rigged themselves.
04/01/14 Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ISPASS 2014
04/01/14 Technological Singularity Passes, Unnoticed Until Now
03/05/14 Michael Wellman Recognized with ACM/SIGAI Autonomous Agents Research Award
02/21/14 New Center Develops Technologies to Help Youths with Disabilities

CSE News 
04/11/14 Hands-On Robotics (video)
03/26/14 CSE Connects at SXSW 2014
03/24/14 Prospective Grad Students Visit, Learn About CSE
03/13/14 CSE Connects at Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing
02/03/14 Karem Sakallah Continues Commitment to Qatar Computing Research Institute
01/30/14 State Farm Gift Supports Student Projects Lab

CSE Faculty and Staff Awards 
04/03/14 Noble and Wilson Named as Learning Analytics Fellows
03/26/14 Kevin Fu Selected for World Economic Forum Young Scientist Award
02/25/14 Narayanasamy and Olson Named Morris Wellman Faculty Development Professors
02/07/14 Daniel Atkins Elected to National Academy of Engineering
01/24/14 2014 EECS Outstanding Achievement Awards
01/23/14 Four CSE Faculty Selected for College of Engineering Awards

CSE Student News and Awards 
04/23/14 EECS Students Attend National NSBE Convention - Come Back Psyched
04/22/14 gEECS Hosts High School Students at {Girls Code}
04/18/14 Jill Bender Chosen for CoE Distinguished Leadership Award
04/16/14 SWE Hosts G.R.E.A.T. Day for Girls
04/08/14 Forest Agostinelli Selected for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/08/14 Branden Ghena Selected for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

CSE Alumni News 
03/07/14 Alumni Spotlight-Dawson Yee: Kinect-ing Xbox to the World
03/03/14 CSE Alum Dongyoon Lee Selected for ProQuest Dissertation Award
12/20/13 Hector J. Garcia Selected for Bouchet Graduate Honor Society
11/12/13 CSE Alumna Mona Attariyan Selected for Ritchie Disseration Award
07/23/13 Tony Fadell: From Apple to Nest Labs, Always a Designer
06/26/13 Computer Engineering Alum Marius Eriksen Featured in Wired

CSE Course Announcements 
04/09/14 Fall 2014: Hands-On Robotics
04/03/14 Fall 2014: EECS 598-002 Power Semiconductor Devices
04/03/14 Fall 2014: EECS 598-001 Analysis of Electric Power Distribution Systems and Loads
03/20/14 Fall 2014: Applied matrix algorithms for signal processing, data analysis and mach...
11/26/13 Winter 2014: EECS 498-003 Multidisciplinary Capstone (MDE) Design Pilot
11/06/13 Winter 2014: EECS 598-007 Infrastructure for Vehicle Electrification

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