CSE Student News and Awards

10/13/14 Armin Alaghi Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship
09/23/14 Ryan Wolcott Receives Best Student Paper Award at IROS 2014
09/08/14 Scenes from MHacks IV
09/02/14 1,000 Hackers Expected on North Campus for MHacks IV
06/30/14 Zakir Durumeric Selected for Google PhD Fellowship
06/11/14 Benjamin Englard Awarded Thiel Fellowship
05/22/14 Doowon Lee Selected for IBM Ph.D. Fellowship
05/07/14 Award-Winning EECS Student Instructors
05/05/14 Why Join a Startup?
04/24/14 Students Build Apps for Grace
04/24/14 CS Students Win at Mobile Apps Challenge
04/23/14 EECS Students Attend National NSBE Convention - Come Back Psyched
04/22/14 gEECS Hosts High School Students at {Girls Code}
04/18/14 Jill Bender Chosen for CoE Distinguished Leadership Award
04/16/14 SWE Hosts G.R.E.A.T. Day for Girls
04/08/14 Meghan Clark Selected for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/08/14 Elizabeth Mamantov Selected for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/08/14 Branden Ghena Selected for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/08/14 Forest Agostinelli Selected for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/04/14 Elizabeth Mamantov Selected for Microsoft Graduate Womens Scholarship
04/03/14 Sanae Rosen Selected for Margaret Ayers Host Award
04/01/14 Distinguished Academic Achievement Awards
04/01/14 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors
04/01/14 2013-14 Undergraduate Student Awards
03/26/14 CSE Students to Attend CRA-W Workshop
03/11/14 Wolverine Soft Demos Science Games for Kids at Ann Arbor District Library
01/22/14 Wolverine Soft Game Jam Produces 17 Video Games in 48 Hours
01/22/14 MHacks and the Rise of the Hackathon
01/20/14 Students Create Card-Playing Bots to Compete in Barracuda Programming Contest
01/14/14 Kyle Lady Elected as First Student Member of IEEE-HKN Board of Governors
12/20/13 Winners Announced in Annual Code Optimization Contest
12/19/13 EECS 494 Computer Games Showcase Highlights Final Projects
12/16/13 MHacks III to Take Place in Downtown Detroit
12/12/13 Doowon Lee Selected for Rackham International Student Fellowship
12/12/13 Chang-Hong Hsu Selected for Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship
12/09/13 Software Class Demos Projects to Help One Teen Communicate
11/22/13 Armin Alaghi Wins Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding PhD Research
11/19/13 Two CS Student Teams Advance to the Final Round of ICCAD 2013 Competition
11/18/13 Four Programming Teams Compete in ACM Regional Contest; One Advances to World...
11/15/13 Hector Garcia Places in Technical Poster Competition at SHPE 2013
11/13/13 IEEE Recognized as Best Student Branch in SE Michigan
11/12/13 Finalists Present at CSE Grad Student Honors Competition
10/29/13 EECS Students Travel Down Under for the 2013 World Solar Challenge
09/23/13 Over 1200 Attend MHacks 2013; Recyclable Sorter Wins at Record-Breaking Event
09/13/13 MHacks Hackathon, in Big House, Expected to Break Record
09/05/13 Meghan Clark Selected for Microsoft Graduate Womens Scholarship
08/01/13 Top Robotic Helicopter Team Sets Sights on Impossible Mission
07/22/13 Sanae Rosen Wins Best Poster Award at CODASPY Conference
06/19/13 Mark Gordon Selected for Google PhD Fellowship
06/11/13 SHOUT, a censorship-resistant microblogging app for Android
05/31/13 Award-Winning EECS GSIs & IAs Honored
05/29/13 Student Group Michigan Hackers is Featured in LSA Magazine
05/10/13 Spark Races in 2013 Formula Hybrid Racing Competition
04/19/13 Students Win $50K and Honorable Mention for Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship
04/18/13 Scott Reed Selected for NSF and NDSEG Graduate Research Fellowships
04/16/13 Patrick Pannuto Selected for NSF and NDSEG Graduate Research Fellowships
04/10/13 Students Earn Two Awards at ISPD Gate Sizing Contest
03/28/13 Rachael Miller Wins Best Undergrad Poster Award at MICWIC Conference
03/25/13 The Noisy Wolverines earn the right to compete for gold
03/19/13 Graduate Students Recognized with Towner Prize
03/19/13 Graduate Student Instructors Recognized with Towner Prize
03/15/13 Yunxing Dai Selected for Barracuda Networks Fellowship
03/13/13 Students Form SkySpecs LLC, Win Clean Energy Challenge
03/04/13 Biruk Mammo Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for Research Into Robust P...
03/04/13 Hyoun Kyu Cho Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for Research Aimed at Im...
02/21/13 Triantafillou Wins Churchill Scholarship to Study at Cambridge
02/06/13 Student-Run Hackathon Draws Over 550 Participants, Generates 127 Projects
01/29/13 Student-Run Hackathon Brings Top University Computer Science Talent to Michigan
12/04/12 Winners Announced in Annual Code Optimization Contest
11/16/12 Recent EECS Alums Win ICCAD 2012 Competition
11/16/12 CSE Grad Students Present at Honors Competition
10/22/12 CSE Grad Students Win Best Student Paper at OSDI 12 Symposium
10/15/12 Hacker Teams from Michigan Win Recognitions at PennApps Hackathon
10/15/12 Students Compete to Create Game-Playing Bots in Weekend Programming Contest
10/15/12 Students Build Apps in 48 Hours at 6th U-M 48-Hour Mobile Apps Hackathon
08/29/12 New Student Group Supports Experimentation with Technology
08/16/12 U-M Solar Car Team wins a record-breaking American Solar Challenge
08/08/12 MAAV Student Team Places First with Robotic Quadrotor
06/27/12 CSE Grad Student Wins Best Student Paper at Web Science Conference
06/26/12 Team UM::Autonomy are champions again
06/11/12 U-M Team Places Third at DAC 2012 Routability Placement Contest
05/08/12 Two CSE Grad Students Receive Rackham Centennial Spring/Summer Fellowship Awards
05/02/12 Award-Winning EECS GSIs & IAs Honored at Luncheon
04/19/12 Nate Derbinsky Wins Best Poster Award at ICCM
04/06/12 Maya Spivak Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/06/12 Samuel DeBruin Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/06/12 CS Students Form Mobile App Development Company
03/26/12 Students Build Mobile Apps at Michigan
03/21/12 Students Demonstrate New Mobile Apps at 2012 iOS Showcase
03/21/12 Jason Clemons Receives NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship
02/13/12 Max Seiden Selected for KPCB Engineering Fellowship
02/03/12 Chris McMeeking Wins Funding for ASK Interfaces through Intel Innovators Comp...
01/23/12 Dongyoon Lee Selected for VMWare Graduate Fellowship
01/19/12 ENG100 Students Design, Develop, and Show Games Designed for Individuals with...
01/10/12 Final Projects Highlighted at Computer Games Showcase
12/12/11 CSE Grad Students Present at Honors Competition
12/05/11 Avishay Livne Selected for Rackham International Student Fellowship
12/02/11 Biruk Mammo Awarded Rackham International Student Fellowship
12/02/11 Jason Clemons Wins GSRC Margarida Jacome Best Poster/Demo Award
11/29/11 Michigan Hybrid Racing
11/09/11 Student-Formed Company Wins 2011 Student of da Vinci Award
11/08/11 Students Build Mobile Apps at 48-Hour Hackathon
10/22/11 The Freescale Cup and EECS 461 (Embedded Control Systems)
10/13/11 U-M Hosts Invitational Programming Competition
10/04/11 Students Compete to Create Game-Playing Bots in Weekend Competition
06/20/11 Student teams earn prizes in EECS 425: Integrated Microsystems Laboratory
05/31/11 U-M Programming Team Places Second in World Competition
05/17/11 AMD/Michigan Student Design Contest
05/10/11 Computer Science Students Win Spring 2011 U-M Mobile Apps Challenge with Acce...
04/28/11 EECS Department Recognizes Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors, Instruct...
04/27/11 Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble Performs Six New Works at Spring Concert
04/22/11 David Meisner Receives Yahoo! 2011 Key Scientific Challenges (KSC) Program Award
04/22/11 High School Students Test Computer Games Made By U-M Students
04/21/11 MEMStim takes first prize in the Michigan Business Challenge
04/19/11 Student Programmers Create Mobile CTools App, Sell to U-M
04/14/11 Eric Wustrow Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/10/11 Joe Greathouse Wins Best Student Presentation Award at CGO 2011
04/05/11 Students Show Off, Try Apps at iOS Showcase
03/21/11 Lan Bai Receives Anna Olcott Smith Award
03/08/11 ASK Applications Places First in Bay Area Entrepreneurial Experience Competition
03/01/11 Students Test New Diagnostic Tool in Guatemala on Spring Break
02/22/11 Three EECS Teams are Winners in 2011 DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest
02/18/11 James Boerkoel, CSE Grad Student, Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship
02/17/11 Nate Derbinsky, CSE Grad Student, Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship
02/14/11 CS Students Take Second Place with Accessible Messaging iPad App at Mobile Wo...
02/07/11 Students Build a Number of Mobile Apps in 48 Hours
01/27/11 Yahoo! and CSE Kick Off 48-Hour Mobile App Programming Event
01/17/11 EECS Students Win 2010 U-M Mobile Apps Challenge with HiJack
01/12/11 OnStar Sponsors Challenge for Students to Develop Voice-Based Apps
12/21/10 Students Demonstrate Microprocessor-Based Systems Projects
12/20/10 2010 Computer Games Showcase Draws Huge Interest
12/17/10 /BIN/ART Opening Highlights Adaptive Art
12/15/10 Students Give A Couple of the Best Among 3,000 Elevator Pitches
12/09/10 CSE Grad Students Present at Honors Competition
11/24/10 CSE Grad Student Awarded Rackham Fellowship
11/19/10 Student Programming Team Advances to ACM 2011 World Finals
11/03/10 Students Create 20 Projects in 24 Hours at Hack U
10/28/10 2010 MIPSE Graduate Symposium
10/26/10 U-M Students Build Amazing Mobile Apps in 48 Hours
09/23/10 New Student Group to Form for Mobile App Development
09/23/10 Yahoo! Brings Hack U to CSE Oct 27 - 30
08/12/10 MRacing Team Drives to 2nd Overall Finish in Formula Student Germany
07/06/10 Official Michigan iPhone App Has Roots as a CSE Student Project
06/28/10 Solar Car Team Wins American Solar Challenge - AGAIN!
06/23/10 UM:Autonomy's Team Takes Home 1st Prize
05/14/10 Caravan Track Hits the Road
05/14/10 CSE Spinout Places 6th in Rice University Business Plan Competition
05/14/10 CS Students Win Big in ITS Mobile Apps Innovation Challenge
05/06/10 CSE Graduate Student Awarded Intel Ph.D. Fellowship
05/06/10 CSE Graduate Student Wins Best Student Paper at WWW Conference
05/04/10 Students Develop Cloud Computing Apps for Cars
05/04/10 EECS Department Recognizes Graduate Student Instructors
04/24/10 Patrick O'Keefe Receives NSF Fellowship for Research in HCI
04/22/10 CSE Students Create Social Networking Apps for Cars
04/20/10 Awards and Dragon Slaying
04/16/10 Debapriya Chatterjee Receives NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship
04/16/10 Student iPhone App Acquired by National Company
04/15/10 CS-Focused Companies Graduate from TechArb Incubator
04/15/10 Xin Hu Receives Yahoo! Research Award
04/12/10 Amin Ansari Wins Distinguished Achievement Award
04/12/10 Job Prospects Best for EECS Majors!
04/02/10 Students Win Clock Network Synthesis Contest at ISPD 2010
03/29/10 Visualization Graphics Selected
03/08/10 CSE Graduate Student Receives Margaret Ayers Host Award
02/26/10 CSE Graduate Student Receives Best Paper Award at FAST '10
02/23/10 48-Hour Game Development Contest Yields 10 Games
02/22/10 EECS Students Claim Top Two Clean Energy Prizes
02/16/10 Mojtaba Mehrara Receives Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship
02/09/10 Wolverine Soft to Hold 48-Hour Game Development Contest
02/09/10 Student Programming Team Competes Well in ACM 2010 World Finals
02/04/10 iPhone Developers Club Holds 24-Hour Hackathon
01/11/10 Video Games Created, Played, and Judged by Students
12/22/09 Computer Games Showcase Captivates Crowd
12/17/09 ATTN U-M and External UG Students: Summer UG Research Program
12/10/09 Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble Completes Premier Concert
11/19/09 CSE Grad Students Present at Honors Competition
11/19/09 EECS Draws Crowd at Tech Day 2009
11/19/09 Students Develop Mobile Apps During 48-Hour Smartphonia Mania
11/19/09 Student Programming Team Advances to ACM World Finals
11/04/09 EECS Graduate Student Wins First Place in Tech Paper Competition
10/29/09 CSE Hosts Site for ACM Regional Programming Contest
09/01/09 EECS Majors: you're in the right place for good jobs!
08/21/09 Jacob Oberlin's Electronics Savvy Helps Drive MRacing Team to a Strong Finish...
08/13/09 EECS Students are Winners in DAC/ISSCC 2009 Student Design Contest
08/12/09 Students Working to Deliver Bus Location Info to Handheld Devices
07/23/09 Student Company Develops iPhone App to Promote Good Deeds
06/29/09 Students create portable device to detect suicide bombers
06/11/09 U-M Solar Car Team Unveils Infinium
06/11/09 Michigan Dominates Student Paper Competition at APS/URSI 2009
06/02/09 EECS Graduate Student Receives Rackham International Fellowship
04/29/09 EECS Department Recognizes Graduate Student Instructors
04/28/09 Students Showcase Projects in Microprocessors and Music
04/21/09 EECS Students Help the Deaf Feel the Music
04/06/09 U-M Shares 1st Place Prize at ISPD
04/01/09 CSE Grad Student John Oberheide in the News on Security Issues
04/01/09 EECS Graduate Student Receives Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship
03/30/09 48-Hour Mobile App Blitz Completes with Six Successful Apps
03/26/09 CSE and Apple Computer Sponsor 48-Hour Mobile Programming Blitz
03/23/09 Yahoo! Hack U 2009 Finishes at CSE
03/20/09 CSE Alumnus Kai-Hui Chang Receives Dissertation Award
02/26/09 Yahoo! Hack University Week Comes to U-M March 17 - 21
02/05/09 Undergraduate Students' Medical Data Logger in a National Clinical Drug Trial
12/12/08 EECS Students Are Winners in 1,000 Pitches Competition
11/10/08 Yahoo! Seminar Series
11/10/08 2008 CSE Honors Competition
11/08/08 Industry Sponsored Scholarships Awarded
09/16/08 CampusRoost, Inc. Takes Off!
09/16/08 EECS Students Receive Google Scholarship
07/18/08 Student team takes first place in Trading Agent Competition
07/18/08 Continuum comes in first place at the North American Solar Car Race!
06/20/08 2008 AMD/Michigan Student Design Contest
05/28/08 2007-08 Student Awards
05/27/08 Arun Ganesan's interdisciplinary undergraduate research project leads to two ...
05/27/08 Outstanding Student Instructor Awards For 2007-08
05/10/08 Arnab Nandi Receives Yahoo! Fellowship
04/30/08 Games 4 Girls Competition
01/26/08 Kai-hui Chang receives EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award
12/06/07 CCCP group sweeps awards at MICRO-40
11/20/07 EECS Welcome Day: Tuesday, November 27
11/14/07 EECS Students Recognized at U-M Engineering Graduate Symposium
10/16/07 Continuum Finishes 7th in Australia
09/10/07 CSE student team, DeepMaize, wins 2007 TAC-SCM Prediction Challenge
08/03/07 Nov 15: Ann Arbor Tech Fair and Career Mentor Panel
07/23/07 Best Paper for work in Software Defined Radio
06/26/07 Lisa Hsu Awarded Intel Fellowship
06/15/07 Tony Fader receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
06/14/07 Graduate Students Awarded Prize in IEEE Programming Challenge at IWLS
05/16/07 Michael Moffitt Awarded IBM's Prestigious Josef Raviv Memorial Postdoctoral F...
05/07/07 EECS Student Instructor Awards
03/22/07 ACAL and AI Graduate Students Take Top Honors at ISPD 2007 Contest
03/07/07 HKN Peer Mentoring: All About EECS Courses and Programs
02/23/07 Spring/Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Engineering
02/20/07 3 EECS Students Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowships
01/16/07 HKN Receives the Outstanding Chapter Award for 2005-06
01/16/07 Students Display Class Projects at Design Exposition
11/27/06 2006-07 Undergraduate Student Awards: Call for Nominations
11/10/06 3rd Annual CSE Honors Competition
11/10/06 iCAD Team Wins Award at CADathlon
10/06/06 EECS Department Announces Peer Mentoring
08/18/06 CSE Students and Staff Take First Place in Windows Contest
06/13/06 Michael Moffitt Receives Best Student Paper Award at ICAPS-06
06/12/06 CSE graduate students win First IEEE Programming Challenge
06/08/06 CSE graduate students win First IEEE Programming Challenge
05/11/06 Students Recognized for Excellent Teaching
05/09/06 CoE Undergraduate Student Awards Presented to EECS Students
05/09/06 2005-06 College of Engineering Graduate Student Awards
05/04/06 Ashlesha Joshi Awarded Intel Fellowship
03/04/06 Jarrod Roy Receives Predoctoral Fellowship
01/20/06 Ed Nightingale selected as Microsoft Research Fellow
01/03/06 HKN Receives the Outstanding Chapter Award (OCA) for 2004-05
11/21/05 Michigan Team Wins the 2005 ACM SIGDA CADathlon
11/21/05 Fulbright Awarded to Tucker Berckmann
11/08/05 EECS Students Matthew Guthaus and Jarrod Roy Win 2005 CADathlon
10/28/05 Ed Nightingale, Peter Chen and Jason Flinn Recognized at 2005 Symposium on Op...
10/18/05 ERC/WIMS Students Visit the World of Racing
10/18/05 Solar Car Momentum Wins the Race
10/04/05 Professor Mahlke and Nathan Clark Receive Best Paper Award
08/23/05 EECS Students Jeffrey Cox and Thomas Bartold Receive Best Paper Award
07/18/05 Nicholas Chang Awarded MIT Lincoln Laboratory Fellowship
06/29/05 EECS Students Help Mars Rover Team Take 2nd Place in RASC-AL Forum
05/23/05 Solar Car "Momentum" Qualifies for American Solar Challenge
05/20/05 Scott Hanson Awarded Semiconductor Research Corporation Fellowship
05/20/05 Mark Ferris and Sanjay Pant Awarded Intel Foundation Ph.D. Fellowships
04/27/05 2005 EECS GSI/Teaching Assistant Award Winners
04/23/05 King, Dunlap, and Chen win best paper award at USENIX
04/12/05 UM Programming Team Receives Honorable Mention at Programming Competition
04/12/05 Chris Galbraith Receives R. K. Brown Award
04/04/05 Mark Haynes wins MI Space Grant Consortium Fellowship
03/10/05 Hai Huang Awarded IBM Ph.D. Fellowship
02/03/05 Joanna Borders Receives Society of Women Engineers Award
11/15/04 CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition
11/15/04 UM Teams Place First and Third in ACM SIGDA Programming Competition
11/12/04 Saurabh Adya To Receive Engineering Research Mentor Award
11/09/04 The CSE ACM Teams Triumph in Programming Competition
11/09/04 EECS Teams Place in East Central North America Regional ACM Programming Compe...
06/16/04 UM students win DAC/ISSCC 2004 Design Contest
05/10/04 EECS Students Receive Intel Foundation PhD Fellowship Awards
05/04/04 EECS Students Honored as Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors and Instruc...
05/04/04 Doug MacKay: 2003-04 EECS Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor
05/04/04 Mike Geiger: 2003-04 EECS Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor
05/04/04 Travis Hobrla: 2003-04 EECS Outstanding Instructional Aide
05/04/04 Andrew Gastwirth: 2003-04 EECS Outstanding Instructional Aide
04/13/04 EECS Students Receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
03/29/04 Victor Perlin wins Rackham Distinguished Dissertation Award
03/15/04 Kamran Kashef and Matt Hardy Win First Place Award in the Student Design Cont...
03/15/04 UM's Eta Kappa Nu Chapter Recognized in Outstanding Chapter-Activities Aw...
11/26/03 Ping-Cheng Yeh Receives UM Outstanding GSI Award for 2003
08/13/03 CSE grad student win ACM SIGDA CAD contest
08/13/03 CSE grad student wins TopCoder Midwest Competition
08/13/03 Student wins Int'l Thesis Prize Competition
08/13/03 Student is awarded NSF Fellowship
06/30/03 RadLab Grad Students Win IEEE Best Paper Award
04/23/03 UM wins USF 2003 International Business Plan Competition
04/23/03 William R. Bennet Paper Award
03/20/03 Nam Sung Kim: Humantech Thesis Prize
02/04/03 EECS Student Named World's Smartest Person
12/06/02 UM Students win CAD Contest
12/06/02 Eric Marsman Receives Outstanding GSI Award
05/06/02 UMich Student Wins $6,000 in Coding Competition
09/01/00 Rackham Fellowship Awarded to Matt Postiff
09/01/00 David Greene Awarded Intel Fellowship
07/01/00 John Reumann Wins Best Student Paper Award
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