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May 31, 2002
EECS 661 - Discrete Event Systems    Bookmark and Share
Offering: This course is offered EVERY OTHER YEAR in the fall semester.

Instructor: Stephane Lafortune
Room 4234A EECS, 763-0591,

Time: M-W-F: 10:30 - 11:30 am;

Location: Rm. 3433 EECS

Prerequisite: Graduate standing

Textbook: ``Introduction to Discrete Event Systems'' by C. Cassandras and S. Lafortune, Kluwer (1999).
(See for further information about this book.)

Grading: Homework assignments, two mid-term exams, and a project.


This course is intended for engineering and computer science graduate students (Master's or Ph.D. level) who want to learn about modeling, analysis, and control of ``discrete event dynamical systems'' (DES). DES arise in the modeling of technological systems such as automated manufacturing systems, communication networks, distributed software systems, process control systems, and traffic control systems. The ``activity'' in these systems is governed by operational rules designed by humans; their dynamics are therefore characterized by asynchronous occurrences of discrete events.

The class will consider two modeling formalisms for DES: automata (or state machines) and Petri nets. We will consider both untimed and timed versions of these models. We will first study techniques to analyze the system behavior (e.g., reachability, blocking properties, diagnosability). Then we will consider feedback control of the system in order to achieve desired properties such as avoidance of illegal states and illegal sequences of events, absence of deadlock and livelock, etc. We will consider control problems under full and partial event observation and under partial event controllability.

The software package UMDES-LIB will be used throughout the course for model analysis and controller synthesis. (See for further information about UMDES-LIB.)

Syllabus: We will cover the first five chapters of the textbook:

Information: For more information, please contact the instructor.
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