ECE Faculty and Staff Awards

10/20/14 Prof. Raj Nadakuditi Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award for Research that coul...
09/25/14 Khalil Najafi to Receive 2015 IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award for Emerging Technol...
09/24/14 Prof. Pallab Bhattacharya To Receive 2015 IEEE David Sarnoff Award
09/04/14 Prof. Stephen Forrest a Most Influential Scientist
08/19/14 Four New Faculty Join ECE in Fall 2014
07/31/14 Jessy Grizzle Named Elmer G. Gilbert Distinguished University Professor
07/25/14 2014 Promotions of our Faculty
07/07/14 Eric Michielssen Receives Distinguished Educator Award
05/05/14 The Car Doctor Talks to Prof. Freudenberg
04/25/14 Thank Lynn Conway for your Cell Phone
04/22/14 Mina Rais-Zadeh Receives 2014 ONR Young Investigator Program (YIP) Award
02/21/14 Jamie Phillips Named Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
02/20/14 Now On YouTube: Prof. Ulabys Talk as the 2014 U-M Henry Russel Lecturer
01/24/14 2014 EECS Outstanding Achievement Awards
01/23/14 Six ECE Faculty Recognized for Excellence
12/18/13 Al Hero Named 2013 IEEE SPS Technical Achievement Award Winner
12/18/13 Jason Davis Receives 2013 U-M Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award
12/11/13 Anatoly Maksimchuk Elected Fellow of APS
12/05/13 Prof. Mingyan Liu Elected Fellow of the IEEE
11/27/13 Khalil Najafi Receives 2013 IEEE Sensors Technical Field Award
11/21/13 Jeff Fessler Receives 2013 IEEE Edward J. Hoffman Medical Imaging Scientist A...
09/05/13 ECE Welcomes Four New Faculty
07/23/13 Kamal Sarabandi Honored with 2013 IEEE GRSS Education Award
07/22/13 Eric Michielssen Named Assoc. VP for Advanced Research Computing
07/02/13 Research in Production Systems Engineering is Recognized with Best Paper Award
07/01/13 Neural Probe Research Recognized with Best Paper Award at 2013 Transducers Co...
07/01/13 MEMS Research Recognized with Best Poster Award at 2013 Transducers Conference
06/26/13 Zhengya Zhang Receives Intel Early Career Award
06/11/13 Prof. Mina Rais-Zadeh Selected to Participate in 2013 U.S. Frontiers of Engin...
06/06/13 2013 DAC Anniversary Awards
05/29/13 Andrew DeOrio and Fawwaz Ulaby Voted HKN Professors of the Year
05/24/13 2013 Promotions of our Faculty
05/22/13 Beth Stalnaker Receives 2013 Judith A. Pitney Staff Service Award
05/17/13 Prof. Fawwaz Ulaby Named the U-M Henry Russel Lecturer for 2014
04/30/13 Prof. Silvio Savarese Awarded J. James R. Croes Medal
03/20/13 Prof. Dennis Sylvester Receives U-M Faculty Recognition Award
02/19/13 David Blaauw and Dennis Sylvester Named Top Authors by ISSCC
01/29/13 Special Recognition Award to Dr. Kurt Metzger
01/29/13 2013 EECS Outstanding Achievement Awards
01/24/13 Mark Kushner Appointed to Advisory Board for DoE National Lab
01/15/13 Three EECS Faculty Recognized with College of Engineering Awards
12/11/12 Ted Norris Named Grard A. Mourou Professor of EECS
10/04/12 Popular Mechanics names Jessy Grizzle as a top 10 world-changing innovator fo...
06/21/12 Prof. Mona Jarrahi to represent U-M in NAE 2012 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering...
05/30/12 Mona Jarrahi Receives ARO Young Investigator Award
05/23/12 Congratulations to our faculty on their recent promotions!
04/23/12 Mark Brehob Voted HKN Professor of the Year
02/23/12 Prof. Jeff Fessler Honored with Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award
02/11/12 Prof. Fawwaz Ulaby Receives the IEEE James H. Mulligan Education Medal
02/09/12 Prof. George Haddad Receives the IEEE MTT-S Microwave Career Award
01/26/12 Four EECS Faculty Recognized with College of Engineering Awards
01/11/12 Prof. Raj Nadakuditi Receives 2012 SPS Young Author Best Paper Award
01/09/12 2012 EECS Outstanding Achievement Awards
12/19/11 Prof. Grizzle Receives 2012 Bode Lecture Prize from IEEE Control Systems Society
11/30/11 Dr. Dennis Grimard Receives Work/Life Champion Award for Supervisors
11/22/11 Prof. David Blaauw Elected Fellow of the IEEE
11/22/11 ECE Startup ePack, Inc. Wins Masco Next Gen Manufacturing Award at Innovation...
11/17/11 Professor Emeritus Ted Birdsall Receives Silver Medal in Signal Processing in...
10/12/11 Keynote speech makes an impact in China
10/06/11 Mina Rais-Zadeh Receives 2011 EDS Early Career Award
05/25/11 2011 EECS Promotions
04/12/11 Congratulations to Dennis Grimard and Becky Turanski for their staff awards
04/07/11 Prof. Grbic Receives USNC/URSI Booker Fellowship
04/04/11 Al Hero Receives Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award
03/24/11 Mahta Moghaddam Honored with U-M Faculty Recognition Award
03/21/11 Jamie Phillips Receives University Undergraduate Teaching Award
03/07/11 Tony Grbic Honored as MTT-S Outstanding Young Engineer
03/01/11 Ted Norris Honored with Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award
02/08/11 Mark Kushner Elected to the National Academy of Engineering
01/25/11 Najafi, Wise named Distinguished University Innovators
01/20/11 Five EECS Faculty Recognized with College of Engineering Awards
12/21/10 Ken Wise - Leading a Revolution in MEMS
12/15/10 2011 Departmental Awards
11/30/10 Dennis Sylvester Elected Fellow of the IEEE
11/10/10 Honoring a Pathbreaker
08/12/10 Mark Kushner Awarded the AVS Medard W. Welch Award
07/28/10 Pallab Bhattacharya Receives Welker Award at ISCS 2010
07/14/10 Jessy Grizzle Named IFAC Fellow
07/01/10 Kamal Sarabandi Honored with 2011 IEEE Judith A. Resnik Award
05/06/10 Feature on Mahta Moghaddam
05/05/10 Anthony Grbic Honored with Henry Russel Award
04/24/10 Mona Jarrahi Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award
04/24/10 P.C. Ku Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award
04/12/10 Domitilla Del Vecchio Receives Donald P. Eckman Award
03/16/10 Kamal Sarabandi Receives Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award
02/26/10 Duncan Steel Honored with Graduate Student Mentor Award
02/02/10 Yogesh Gianchandani Elected Fellow of the IEEE
01/27/10 Professor Emerita Lynn Conway Receives Computer Pioneer Award
01/23/10 Tony Grbic Meets the President
01/20/10 2010 EECS and CoE Faculty Awards
01/05/10 Al Hero Receives Signal Processing Magazine Best Paper Award
12/03/09 Frontiers in Semiconductor Based Devices Symposium
10/06/09 Prof. Duncan Steel Awarded 2010 APS Frank Isakson Prize
10/06/09 Prof. Mark Kushner Awarded 2010 APS Will Allis Prize
09/28/09 Prof. Mark Kushner Honored with Alumni Award
09/01/09 Karem Sakallah and Colleagues Receive CAV '09 Award
08/27/09 EECS Researchers Receive Best Paper Award at ISLPED
07/09/09 Tony Grbic Awarded Presidential Early Career Award
07/02/09 Tom Senior Receives the 2010 IEEE Electromagnetics Award
05/26/09 Steve Forrest New Board Chair for Ann Arbor SPARK
05/11/09 Three Staff Honored for their Excellent Work
04/29/09 Dennis Schweiger Receives College of Engineering Staff Excellence Award
04/29/09 Barb Rice Receives U-M Distinguished Research Administrator Award
04/29/09 Karen Liska Receives CoE Judith A. Pitney Staff Service Career Award
04/22/09 Mark Brehob Elected as HKN Professor of the Year
02/19/09 2009 EECS and CoE Faculty Awards
02/10/09 Prof. Hiskens named Vennema Professor
02/10/09 Prof. Kushner Named George I. Haddad Professor
12/23/08 Professor Kamal Sarabandi Appointed the Rufus S. Teesdale Professor of Engine...
12/23/08 Professor Al Hero Appointed R. Jamison and Betty Williams Professor of Engine...
12/10/08 Professor Stephen R. Forrest Named APS Fellow
11/12/08 Prof. Mahta Moghaddam Elected Fellow of the IEEE
10/29/08 Professor Al Hero Elected to IEEE Board of Directors
10/10/08 2008 Richard Newton GSRC Industrial Impact Award
10/06/08 Semyon Meerkov receives Distinguished Faculty Governance Award
08/20/08 Dragomir Radev Coaches Teams to Gold!
06/10/08 Julie Claus Awarded Professional Development Grant
06/10/08 Shannon Spencer Publishes Monograph about Service Learning Education
04/25/08 HKN Professor of the Year is Don Winsor
04/07/08 Prof. Marios Papaefthymiou Receives Faculty Recognition Award
03/21/08 Professor Fawwaz T. Ulaby Named Provost of KAUST
03/13/08 Al Hero Receives Digiteo Chaire dExcellence
02/13/08 Prof. Pallab Bhattacharya Elected Member of the National Academy of Engineering
02/13/08 2007-08 EECS Outstanding Achievement Awards, and College of Engineering Award...
01/29/08 Prof. Pallab Bhattacharya To Receive 2008 John Bardeen Award
01/02/08 New Interdisciplinary Research Program Will Lead to Better Understanding of G...
12/06/07 Karl Krushelnick Named Fellow of American Physical Society
11/28/07 Professor Sarabandi Awarded Humboldt Research Award
10/09/07 Jessy Grizzle Receives Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award
10/09/07 Prof. Fessler Earns Faculty Recognition Award
07/30/07 Prof. Jessy Grizzle Named the Jerry W. and Carol L. Levin Professor of Engine...
06/19/07 Prof. Sarabandi Recognized by NASA
03/01/07 Prof. Ken Wise Will Give Henry Russel Lecture
02/23/07 Prof. Demos Teneketzis receives 2007 Graduate Student Mentoring Award
02/19/07 Prof. Pallab Bhattacharya receives First Pioneer Award in Nanotechnology
02/05/07 Mohammed Islam Receives First Distinguished University Innovator Award
01/16/07 Three Faculty Earn 2007 EECS Outstanding Achievement Award
12/06/06 Fawwaz Ulaby elected to AAAS
11/27/06 Steve Forrest receives IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award
11/10/06 Jeffrey Cook, EECS 461 Instructor, Receives Automotive Hall of Fame Award
09/05/06 Prof. Ulaby Receives IEEE GRS-S Education Award
05/22/06 Faculty Promotions
05/02/06 Professor Kensall D. Wise Receives 2007 Henry Russel Lectureship
05/02/06 Professor Khalil Najafi Named Schlumberger Professor of Engineering
01/25/06 Prof. Terry Receives Service Excellence Award
01/25/06 Prof. Sylvester Receives Education Excellence Award
01/25/06 John Nees Receives Outstanding Research Scientist Award
12/13/05 Prof. Jeff Fessler Elected Fellow of IEEE
12/13/05 Prof. Amir Mortazawi Elected IEEE Fellow
12/08/05 Professor Jeff Fessler 2006 IEEE Fellow
11/21/05 Fawwaz Ulaby Awarded the 2006 IEEE Edison Medal
10/18/05 Dr. Najafi Awarded Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award
10/18/05 Prof. Sylvester Awarded 2006 Henry Russel Award
08/23/05 Professor Kim Winick Elected OSA Fellow
07/15/05 Dennis Sylvester Chosen to Receive 2006 Henry Russel Award
05/23/05 Recent faculty promotions
05/18/05 Professor Khalil Najafi Receives Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award
05/03/05 Professor Kamal Sarabandi Receives Faculty Recognition Award
04/06/05 Jessy Grizzle Receives Education Excellence Award
04/06/05 Jeff Fessler Receives Education Excellence Award
02/28/05 Kamal Sarabandi Receives IEEE GRSS Distinguished Achievement Award
01/05/05 Jessy Grizzle Receives College of Engineering Research Excellence Award
01/05/05 Jeffrey Fessler Receives College of Engineering Education Excellence Award
12/10/04 Professor Dave Neuhoff Appointed Joseph E. and Anne P. Rowe Professor of Elec...
12/06/04 David Blaauw Selected to Receive 2005 Henry Russel Award
11/30/04 Sandeep Pradhan Sadanandarao Recieves NSF CAREER Award
11/23/04 Professor Mohammed Islam Elected IEEE Fellow
11/12/04 Igor Markov Receives ACM SIGDA Outstanding New Faculty Award
10/15/04 Professor Ted Norris Receives Faculty Recognition Award
09/01/04 Pallab Bhattacharya Appointed Distinguished University Professor
09/01/04 Scott Mahlke Appointed Morris Wellman Faculty Development Professor
07/20/04 Victor E. Perlin Receives Distinguished Dissertation Award for 2003
06/16/04 Professors Markov and Hayes win the IEEE Trans. on CAD best paper award
06/08/04 Prof. Stephen Rand Elected Fellow of Optical Society of America
04/19/04 David Chesney Receives Society of Women Engineers Teaching Award
04/14/04 Gerard Mourou Receives 2004 IEEE/LEOS Quantum Electronics Award
04/14/04 Jason Flinn Receives NSF CAREER Award
04/13/04 Michael Flynn Receives NSF CAREER Award
04/13/04 Achilleas Anastasopoulos Receives NSF CAREER Award
04/13/04 Yaoyun Shi Receives NSF CAREER Award
04/13/04 Scott Mahlke Receives NSF CAREER Awards
04/05/04 Prof. Jessy Grizzle - Tau Beta Pi Engineering Professor of the Year
03/01/04 Prof. Brian Noble Receives Ruth and Joel Spira Outstanding Teaching Award
01/20/04 Todd Austin Receives 2004 Henry Russel Award
12/18/03 Profs. Bhattacharya, Norris and Singh Win College of Engineering Ted Kennedy ...
12/18/03 Prof. Kamal Sarabandi Wins College of Engineering Research Excellence Award
12/18/03 Prof. Todd Austin Wins College of Engineering Education Excellence Award
12/18/03 Prof. Dennis Sylvester Wins College of Engineering 1938E Award
12/04/03 Prof. Jessy Grizzle - Wins 2003 Control Systems Technology Award of the IEEE ...
11/26/03 John Hayes Receives Humboldt Research Award
11/04/03 Kang Shin Wins 2003 Technical Achievement Award
09/22/03 Professor Pallab Bhattacharya Awarded 2003 Quantum Devices Award
09/19/03 Dennis Sylvester Receives Outstanding New Faculty Award
08/28/03 Professor Mingyan Liu receives NSF CAREER Award
08/25/03 Mark Bartsch awarded Graduate Student Instructor Award
07/08/03 England Named 2004 IEEE Judith A. Resnik Award Recipient
06/24/03 Michael Wellman Receives 2002-2003 Faculty Recognition Award
05/15/03 Hero Elected President-Elect
05/06/03 Sylvester Awarded Spira Teaching Award
05/06/03 Wise Delivers Distinguished University Professor Lecture
03/24/03 Jamie Phillips Wins NSF CAREER Award
01/03/03 Jessy Grizzle receives the 2002 George S. Axelby Outstanding Paper Award
10/30/02 Gabriel Rebeiz Selected 2003 Outstanding Young Engineer
10/15/02 Wayne Stark Receives MILCOM Technical Achievement Award
10/15/02 Pallab Bhattacharya Receives the 2002 Nicholas Holonyak, Jr. Award
10/15/02 Todd Austin Receives Ruth and Joel Spira Outstanding Teaching Award
02/17/02 Mourou Elected Member of NAE
01/16/02 Solar Car
12/06/01 Distinguished Dissertation Awards
11/16/01 Henry Russel Award Goes to Prof. Clark Nguyen
11/16/01 Distinguished Lecturer
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