ECE Research News

10/22/14 Prof. Johanna Mathieu Working to Bring Power from Sustainable Sources to Your...
10/15/14 Prof. Becky Peterson Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award to Investigate New Mat...
10/15/14 Prof. Necmiye Ozay Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award for Research in Cyber an...
10/02/14 Mapping the brain with lasers
09/26/14 Blue LED breakthrough for efficient electronics
09/11/14 Fighting lung cancer with faster image processing
08/27/14 Kyu-Tae Lee Wins Best Poster Award for Colorful Solar Cells
08/21/14 Sensors in the Soil (video)
08/21/14 Solving the Big Data Dilemma
08/07/14 New graphene sensor technology for personal and environmental health
08/06/14 Optoelectronics: A practical polariton laser
07/31/14 Shrinking the size of optical systems, exponentially
07/30/14 Gurkan Gok Receives Paper Award for Making Better Antenna Beams
07/23/14 Jiangfeng Wu Receives Best Paper Award for Research in Safe Fracking
07/17/14 Wakefield and Kieras Win Best Paper Award at ICAD 2014
07/15/14 Thomas Frost Receives Best Paper Award for Achieving a HQ QD Red Laser
06/26/14 Metal particles in memristors do not stay put
06/24/14 New Research Program to Investigate Optical Energy Conversion
06/23/14 A better light bulb
06/18/14 MEMS Research by Muzhi Wang Recognized at IMS 2014
06/17/14 Designing robots that assemble and adapt
06/05/14 A new way to make laser-like beams using 250x less power
05/22/14 Small, Simple Terahertz Detector Converts The Pulses To Sound
05/19/14 T-ray converts light to sound for weapons detection, medical imaging
05/12/14 Research in Machine Learning earns Notable Paper Award at AISTATS 2014
05/12/14 Leaders in Ultra Low Power Circuits and Systems Presenting at VLSI Circuits S...
04/30/14 Hao Sun Earns 3 Paper Awards for Medical Imaging Research
04/28/14 Powering the Internet of Things (video)
04/17/14 Halderman and Lafortune Join TerraSwarm Research Center
03/31/14 Bringing batteryless sensors to market
03/18/14 Thermal Vision: Graphene light detector first to span infrared spectrum
03/03/14 Transparent color solar cells fuse energy, beauty
03/03/14 Photon Glue Enables New Quantum State That Could Mean Better Lighting, Solar ...
02/19/14 What are quantum computers going to do for us?
02/13/14 Biochips for better cancer therapy
01/16/14 Zhaoshi Meng Receives Best Paper Award at CAMSAP 2013
12/04/13 Two-legged robot walks outside at U-Michigan
11/26/13 MCubed A Year Later: A Record of Fostering Innovative Research
11/21/13 ECE Research on Display (with event photo gallery)
11/04/13 New algorithms and theory for shining light through non-transparent media
10/30/13 Making the Internet of Things Happen
10/30/13 Kyu Hyun Kim Receives Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper Award
10/30/13 How a metamaterial might improve a depression treatment
10/17/13 Better miniaturized vacuum pumps for electronics and sensors
09/26/13 Research that will lead to sharper photos earns best paper award
08/15/13 Image processing 1,000 times faster is goal of new $5M contract
08/13/13 Jae Young Park Receives Best Student Paper Award for Research Impacting Struc...
08/07/13 Faster, more powerful mobile devices: U-M startup Crossbar could disrupt the ...
07/10/13 When GPS fails, this speck of an electronic device could step in
06/25/13 New laser shows what substances are made of; could be new eyes for military
05/17/13 New cyber-physical systems grants to advance health, energy & transportation
05/15/13 A new laser paradigm: An electrically injected polariton laser
04/29/13 Research in distributed networks earns Notable Paper Award at AISTATS
04/12/13 A better single-photon emitter for quantum cryptography
04/05/13 Better than X-rays: A more powerful terahertz imaging system
03/28/13 Researchers Funded to Develop a Leap Forward in Processor Architectures
03/25/13 NAE Awards Mona Jarrahi a Grainger Foundation Frontiers of Engineering Grant
03/25/13 After Newtown: A new use for a weapons-detecting radar?
03/20/13 U-M partners with Israeli university on renewable energy
02/26/13 Scientific Milestone: A room temperature Bose-Einstein condensate
02/22/13 Cockroaches and robots: Reverse engineering the balance systems of animals
02/14/13 Translating animal movement into better robotic design
02/07/13 Next-gen e-readers: Improved peacock technology could lock in color for high-...
02/06/13 Mighty Mobile: A Supercomputer in Your Pocket
02/05/13 Computers that mimic the brain thanks to memristors (video)
02/05/13 Predicting your risk of illness
02/05/13 Lowering CT Radiation for Improved Health
02/05/13 A new laser to ID distant materials night and day
01/30/13 David Wentzloff Receives CAREER Award for Research in Energy-Autonomous Systems
01/29/13 Zhaohui Zhong Receives CAREER Award for Research in Graphene-based Optoelectr...
01/22/13 MCubing by ECE Faculty to find answers - fast
01/22/13 EECS faculty are MCubing to find answers - fast
01/17/13 Using HERCULES to probe the interior of dense plasmas
12/20/12 Super-fine sound beam could one day be an invisible scalpel
12/05/12 Most exciting optics research in the past year
11/28/12 Juan Rivas Receives CAREER Award for Research in Next-Generation Power Electr...
11/08/12 Research on Display at the 2012 Graduate Symposium
11/05/12 2012 ICCAD Ten Year Retrospective Most Influential Paper Award
10/10/12 Bourne pursuit: Improving computer tracking of human activity
09/26/12 Developing the Wireless Component for Personalized Health Devices
09/20/12 Enabling flexible, transparent electronics with high speed communications for...
08/30/12 Nano-origami project combines art and engineering to further technology
08/16/12 Mina Rais-Zadeh Receives NASA Early Career Grant to Develop Technology Needed...
07/05/12 Research by Silvio Savarese applying computer vision techniques to constructi...
06/27/12 Research Spotlight: Sensors and Actuators for Portable Microsystems
06/20/12 ECE startup, PicoCal, receives a a Small Company Innovation Program (SCIP) gr...
04/27/12 The worlds first two-legged robot with a trip reflex
04/24/12 New Textbook: Engineering Signals and Systems
04/23/12 Prof. Mingyan Liu Receives Best Paper Award at the 11th ACM/IEEE Conference o...
04/13/12 Robots Building Better Maps: for robots and other mechanical creatures
04/03/12 $10 million NSF project to advance computer programming
03/29/12 Mona Jarrahi Receives ONR Young Investigator Award
03/29/12 Artificial synapses could lead to advanced computer memory and machines that ...
03/26/12 Next-generation computer memory firm receives U-Ms first startup investment
03/13/12 A new way to cool materials with light
02/29/12 Mona Jarrahi Receives Crosby Research Award
02/23/12 Cleaner, longer-lasting lighting the goal of a new company called Arborlight
02/20/12 Research Spotlight: 3-D electrical force fields manipulate microscale particles
01/19/12 New technology allows CT scans to be done with a fraction of the conventional...
01/16/12 Prof. Raj Nadakuditi Receives AFOSR Young Investigator Award
12/09/11 Wireless sensor network research makes hot tech list
12/01/11 New coating makes objects invisible
11/30/11 A smarter way to make ultraviolet light beams
11/22/11 Insect cyborgs to search and monitor hazardous environs
11/09/11 Ian Hiskens Presented with an IEEE Power & Energy Society Prize Paper Award f...
11/03/11 New Method for Building a Low-cost, High-Performance Electric Machine and Dri...
10/18/11 New research program aims to make better sense of the world
10/12/11 Research about a Resilient Sensor Network for Plants Recognized with Best Tra...
10/06/11 Colored solar cells could make display screens more efficient
10/06/11 Modernizing the Nations Electric Grid for Alternative Energy
10/01/11 Testing the commercial potential of organic solar cells
09/20/11 Powering breakthrough technologies
09/18/11 Next-generation Systems Information Theory
09/09/11 New NSF Center for Photonic and Multiscale Nanomaterials
09/07/11 Silvio Savarese Authors Book in the Field of Computer Vision
08/31/11 U-M, ARM Extend Research Collaboration to Explore Limits of Low Power Computing
08/30/11 New laser could treat acne with telecom technology
08/26/11 Breakthrough: Researchers find wide gap in immune responses of people who did...
08/23/11 New Techniques in Medical Informatics Lead to Improved Diagnosis of MDS
08/19/11 Making smart dust a reality
08/18/11 Sensors in the soil help engineers understand climate change
08/16/11 MABEL is now the worlds fastest two-legged robot with two knees
08/14/11 Gyemin Lee Receives Best Paper Award for Research in Machine Learning for Bio...
08/04/11 Xueyang Duan Receives First Prize for Research in Soil Moisture Sensing
07/07/11 Using imprint processing to mass-produce tiny antennas could improve wireless...
06/23/11 Prof. Semyon Meerkov and Colleagues Author Book on Quasilinear Control
06/16/11 A minimally-invasive brain implant to translate thoughts into movement
06/16/11 Morteza Nick Receives Best Paper Award at IMS2011
04/29/11 Prof. Wayne Stark and Changhun Bae Receive 2011 JCN Best Paper Award
04/26/11 Most powerful millimeter-scale energy harvester generates electricity from vi...
04/14/11 Solar power without solar cells: A hidden magnetic effect of light could make...
04/07/11 Safer Medical Imaging with Microwaves
04/04/11 Raj Nadakuditi Receives ONR Young Investigator Award
03/31/11 Watch MABEL on Discovery Channel Canada - Daily Planet
03/21/11 Al Hero Receives Best Paper Award for Research in System Feasibility Studies
03/02/11 MABEL the robot to appear on Discovery Channel
02/22/11 Prof. Stephen Forrest discusses solar power role as alternative energy source
02/22/11 Toward computers that fit on a pen tip: New technologies usher in the millime...
02/18/11 Mona Jarrahi Receives NSF CAREER Award
01/31/11 Xi Chen and Prof. Robert Dick Receive DATE Best Paper Award
01/25/11 Mina Rais-Zadeh Receives NSF CAREER Award
01/14/11 Zhengya Zhang Receives NSF CAREER Award
01/12/11 Silvio Savarese Receives NSF CAREER Award
01/12/11 Jackie Vitaz Receives Top Prize at USNC/URSI
12/23/10 EECS Spinoffs Recognized as Key Innovators in Business Competition
12/22/10 Paving the way for ubiquitous computing
12/09/10 Theoretical breakthrough: Generating matter and antimatter from the vacuum
12/01/10 MABEL walking over rough ground - Take 2
11/25/10 HERCULES laser rivals a synchrotron
11/17/10 Yahoo! Expands M45 Supercomputing Initivative, Selects U-M
11/11/10 EECS Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ICCAD 2010
10/20/10 New Equation Could Advance Research in Solar Cells
09/01/10 Laser-based missile defense for helicopters
09/01/10 CT scans at higher definition and lower radiation
08/30/10 New work resolves long-standing question about short pulses in Quantum Cascad...
08/26/10 Smallest U-M logo demonstrates advanced display technology
08/26/10 Efficient computing in the age of nanoscale devices
08/02/10 Meeting the Challenges for Low-Power System-on-Chip (SoC) Design
07/22/10 EECS Faculty Receive HP Labs Innovation Research Awards
07/01/10 Ambiq Micro Wins Global Business Plan Competition
07/01/10 Holography and the Laser
06/30/10 Computer Vision Research Recognized at Innovation in AEC Conference
06/29/10 Soil moisture study aims for climate change insights
06/29/10 Zhengya Zhang Earns Best Paper Award at Symposium on VLSI Circuits
06/29/10 Lectures on Light: New Book by Prof. Steve Rand
06/22/10 Organic Laser Breakthrough
06/07/10 Ambiq Micro: Taking a Startup to the Next Level
06/03/10 WIMS and CUOS Among 60 Years of Sensational Research by NSF
05/27/10 MABELs first attempt at walking over rough ground
05/25/10 Satellite Imagery of Alaska Wetlands Earns Best Paper Award
05/17/10 WIMS Center Celebrates 10 Years, and Looks to the Future
05/04/10 Forrest: Going Global (U-M and SJTU)
04/15/10 Featured Video: Phoenix 2 Chip
04/13/10 U-M Researchers Win 2010 Signal Processing Best Paper Award
03/22/10 Mini generators make energy from random ambient vibrations
02/24/10 EECS Technology Wins Top Prizes in Michigan Business Challenge
02/23/10 New High-Tech Sensors May Predict Bridge Fatigue
02/17/10 Two Electrical Engineers Receive Rackham Predoctoral Fellowships
02/09/10 Smallest solar-powered sensor system could run forever
02/05/10 EECS Professors To Pursue Research Under Grants From Google
02/03/10 Wei Lu Receives CAREER Award
12/16/09 Clay Scott Receives CAREER Award for Research in Signal Processing
11/24/09 Tal Carmon Receives Young Investigator Award for Research in Lasers and Optics
11/24/09 Smartphone app illuminates power consumption
11/12/09 Mark Kushner to head new $10M DoE Plasma Research Center
11/12/09 Duncan Steel will Advance Quantum Information Processes in New MURI
10/22/09 Research Led by Prof. Grizzle Speeds Development of Future Hybrid Vehicles
10/07/09 Yong Long Receives Best Poster Award for Work in Medical Imaging
10/05/09 Profs. Blaauw and Sylvester at Celebrate Innovation, October 13
09/29/09 Prof. David Wentzloff Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award
09/29/09 Ellersick Prize for Best Paper Awarded to Authors in Communications
09/14/09 Continuous Nanoimprinting for Displays and Solar Cells
09/01/09 Sensing Sensors: NSF Funding News Ways to Monitor Infrastructure for Safety
08/25/09 EECS Researchers Awarded NSF Research Grant to Study Near-Threshold Computing
08/05/09 Research in Flow Cytometry Receives Award for Best Original Paper
08/05/09 New Tool [Gadara] Could Eliminate Software Freezes
07/17/09 Prof. Hiskens Receives Stim Money for Wind Energy
07/16/09 The Bipedal Robot MABEL
07/09/09 Ali Nazari Receives Best Paper Award at ISIT 2009
07/08/09 Lasers can lengthen quantum bit memory by 1,000 times
06/18/09 Several EECS Faculty Receive HP Innovation Awards
06/01/09 New program in plasma science and engineering
04/06/09 Bridging the gap between wireless sensor networks and the scientists who use ...
03/18/09 Prof. Lus memristor chip could lead to faster, cheaper computers
01/20/09 Flexible photodetectors for sharper photos
01/20/09 Smart Bridges Under Development with New Grant
01/08/09 Wei Lu talks about whats next after silicon
12/23/08 Ultra Low-power Chip Named A Key Innovation for 2008 by MIT Technology Review
12/05/08 Work in SDR Earns Best Paper Award at MICRO-41
12/03/08 Gadara: New approach eliminates software deadlocks using discrete control theory
12/03/08 Gas pump made of minerals has no moving parts
11/07/08 Microsystems Research for Energy Scavenging and Power Generation
10/22/08 Prof. Kanicki Receives Excellence Award for Research on Display Technology
10/01/08 Innovation Nanoimprint Lithography
08/29/08 Fast quantum computer building block created
07/18/08 Research describes a method for seeing through walls
06/26/08 A Chip to Better Control Brain Stimulators for Parkinsons
06/26/08 Kushner to Head New Plasma Science and Engineering Institute
06/18/08 Phoenix microchip sets low-power record with extreme sleep mode
04/25/08 Pinpoint microwave resolution could lead to wireless power transfer
04/08/08 Robert H. Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF) Dedicated April 11, 2008
03/13/08 Sensors for bat-inspired spy plane under development
02/18/08 Michigan laser beam believed to set record for intensity
02/18/08 High-tech device uses rays to unveil hidden artwork
02/06/08 Prof. Tony Grbic Awarded CAREER Grant
01/26/08 Analog Signals and Systems: by Dave Munson
01/26/08 Discrete Event Systems: by Stephane Lafortune
01/04/08 New Textbook: Analysis of Bipolar and CMOS Amplifiers
01/04/08 New Textbook: Foundations and Applications of Sensor Management
12/05/07 New Textbook for Students: Semiconductor Device Physics and Design
11/27/07 U-M Invests in EECS startup: Arbor Photonics
10/22/07 Tony Grbic Receives AFOSR Young Investigator Award
08/21/07 Breakthrough in Quantum Computing
06/07/07 Prof. Del Vecchio Interviewed in IEEE Control Systems Mazagine
05/11/07 Jessy Grizzles Robotics Leg Research
04/12/07 Michael Flynn Receives 2007 Guggenheim Fellowship
04/06/07 Prof. Maharbiz receives Keck Foundation Grant for research decoding chemical ...
02/22/07 Prof. Fesslers research group earns three poster awards at SPIE 2007
02/19/07 Prof. Jamie Phillips receives Young Faculty Award
02/12/07 Prof. Sarabandi Receives Best Paper Award
01/24/07 Three EECS faculty receive NSF CAREER Awards
11/27/06 Grizzle makes Scientific American 50, and Fox News
10/06/06 Using Evaporation to Generate Power
09/07/06 Prof. Herbert Winful resolves longstanding physics paradox
08/01/06 Prof. Grizzle Improving Life for Patients with Prosthetic Legs
06/30/06 NSF ERC in Wireless Integrated Microsystems: Annual Report
06/21/06 Tiny wireless Geiger counter detects radiation
05/04/06 Graduate Student Research Supported by Intel
05/03/06 Undergraduate Students Doing Research
04/06/06 Best Paper Award at 2006 ISQED
03/24/06 Best Student Paper Award in Biomedical Optics
02/15/06 WIMS Researchers Helping to Improve Hearing
04/18/05 "Rabbit" Featured in CNN News Article
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