ECE Student News and Awards

10/02/14 Students host event inspired by study abroad experience
09/17/14 Student Spotlight: Tal Nagourney - Exploring navigation
09/04/14 Cheng Zhang Receives Optical Sciences Scholarship
08/27/14 Small Satellite Wins Big
08/07/14 Student Spotlight: Patrick Sheridan - Memristors and the Brain
07/31/14 ECE pays well!
07/17/14 Student Spotlight: Gyouho Kim - A big talent for creating tiny devices
07/03/14 Student Spotlight: Saniya Deshpande - taking it one photon at a time
06/18/14 Student Spotlight: Brian Buss - Controlling MARLO
06/11/14 Student Spotlight: Thomas Frost - First generation college grad goes all the way
06/04/14 Chia-Hsiang Chen Awarded Intel PhD Fellowship
06/02/14 Student Spotlight: Nick Asendorf - Matrix Musician
05/28/14 Parinaz Naghizadeh, Researcher in Economic Network Security, is Named a Barbo...
05/14/14 Student teams earn prizes for their ADC circuit designs in EECS 511
05/07/14 Award-Winning EECS Student Instructors
05/05/14 Student Spotlight: Luis Gomez - An Expert in Computational Electromagnetics a...
05/05/14 Why Join a Startup?
04/29/14 Students earn prizes for improving image processing in EECS 556
04/24/14 Nicholas Clift Named 2014 Graduate Student of the Year
04/23/14 Jason Heebl Receives NDSEG Fellowship
04/23/14 EECS Students Attend National NSBE Convention - Come Back Psyched
04/22/14 gEECS Hosts High School Students at {Girls Code}
04/17/14 Isabel Martin Received CoE Dist. Leadership Award
04/16/14 SWE Hosts G.R.E.A.T. Day for Girls
04/10/14 Christopher Boyd Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/10/14 David Hong Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/10/14 Student Spotlight: Christopher Boyd - From Robotics to MEMS Inertial Sensors
04/09/14 Mai Le Receives CoE Distinguished Leadership Award
04/09/14 Nicholas Clift receives CoE Distinguished Leadership Award
04/09/14 Student Spotlight: Mai Le - Finding a Better Way to Diagnose Breast Cancer wi...
04/01/14 Student Spotlight: Nathan Roberts - Enabling the Internet of Things
04/01/14 Distinguished Academic Achievement Awards
04/01/14 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors
04/01/14 2013-14 Undergraduate Student Awards
03/27/14 Investigating a new material to help you stay connected
03/23/14 Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Cloos - Ambassador for Optics
03/20/14 Paradigm Shifting Research Advances in Sensor Technology
03/13/14 Keravnos Energy wants to make fast electric vehicle charging economical
03/06/14 Muhammad Faisal Wins Business Competition with Technology Critical to the Int...
02/05/14 Jun-Chieh Wang Receives Best Oral Paper Award for Plasma Research
01/28/14 Ali Al-Heji Receives Dow Sustainability Fellowship
01/20/14 Gopal Nataraj Receives ISA Fellowship to Support Research that will Improve M...
01/20/14 Students rewarded for their circuit designs in EECS 413
12/17/13 Avish Kosari Receives Rackham International Student Fellowship
12/16/13 Pin-Yu Chen Receives Rackham Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship
12/16/13 Byeongseop Song Receives Rackham International Student Fellowship
12/16/13 Mridul Mishra Receives Rackham Non-Traditional Fellowship
11/21/13 Students take a Field Trip to a Wind Farm
11/13/13 IEEE Recognized as Best Student Branch in SE Michigan
10/29/13 EECS Students Travel Down Under for the 2013 World Solar Challenge
09/19/13 David Chen Awarded NASA Fellowship to Improve Extreme Weather Prediction
09/05/13 ECE and Automotive Engineering (with video)
08/21/13 Cheng Zhang Awarded SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship
08/01/13 Top Robotic Helicopter Team Sets Sights on Impossible Mission
07/23/13 Chris Berry Receives Paper Award at IEEE Int. Symposium on Antennas and Propa...
07/19/13 Bharan Giridhar awarded Intel PhD Fellowship
07/01/13 Diesel Done Right
06/25/13 Daniel Molzhan will address sustainability challenges as a Dow Fellow
06/24/13 Chris Berry Receives Paper Award at IMS 2013 for Research in Terahertz Techno...
06/24/13 Student teams earn prizes for improved image processing techniques in EECS 556
06/11/13 SHOUT, a censorship-resistant microblogging app for Android
05/31/13 Award-Winning EECS GSIs & IAs Honored
05/23/13 Student teams earn prizes for their ADC circuit designs in EECS 511
05/10/13 Spark Races in 2013 Formula Hybrid Racing Competition
04/23/13 Nick Clift is crowned Mr. Michigan for 2013
04/15/13 Ethan Stark Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/01/13 7th Annual AMD/Michigan Student Design Contest
03/25/13 The Noisy Wolverines earn the right to compete for gold
03/19/13 Graduate Students Recognized with Towner Prize
03/19/13 Graduate Student Instructors Recognized with Towner Prize
03/13/13 Students Form SkySpecs LLC, Win Clean Energy Challenge
02/27/13 Bharan Giridhar awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for research in circui...
02/27/13 Gyouho Kim awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for research in ultra-low p...
02/26/13 Wind-energy programs yield engineering jobs
02/05/13 Power Electronics at Michigan - Some research, teaching, and student teams
01/22/13 Students in EECS 413 awarded prizes for their circuit designs
12/17/12 James McCullagh Receives Best Student Paper Award for Research to Keep Bridge...
12/04/12 Seunghyun Lee takes the gold for all-graphene flexible and transparent circuit
11/16/12 Recent EECS Alums Win ICCAD 2012 Competition
11/09/12 EE Student David Hiskens Awarded Two Energy Scholarships
11/08/12 Chris Berry Awarded 2012 AP-S Doctoral Research Award
11/05/12 Nils Stannik Named Power & Energy Society Scholar
10/18/12 Nathan Roberts Earns Best Paper Award for Research to Assist in Remote Patien...
10/15/12 Hacker Teams from Michigan Win Recognitions at PennApps Hackathon
09/18/12 UG Research Spotlight: Fred Buhler spends his summer improving circuit testing
08/16/12 U-M Solar Car Team wins a record-breaking American Solar Challenge
08/08/12 MAAV Student Team Places First with Robotic Quadrotor
07/19/12 Student Research: Amit Patel Earns Prize in IEEE AP-S Student Paper Competiti...
07/05/12 Two UG students awarded scholarships to continue their work in sustainable en...
06/26/12 Team UM::Autonomy are champions again
06/20/12 Research in nuclear material detection earns Randy Schiffer an Innovations in...
05/30/12 Shang-Hua Yang Receives SPIE Scholarship in Optics & Photonics
05/24/12 Student teams earn prizes for their analog/digital interface circuit designs ...
05/03/12 Michael Hand Receives Tau Beta Pi Fellowship to Pursue his Graduate Studies i...
05/02/12 Award-Winning EECS GSIs & IAs Honored at Luncheon
04/02/12 Thomas Frost Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
03/12/12 Chris Berry Awarded Michigan Space Grant Consortium Fellowship
02/29/12 6th Annual AMD/Michigan Student Design Contest
02/13/12 Max Seiden Selected for KPCB Engineering Fellowship
01/17/12 Students awarded prizes for their class designs of an energy harvesting circu...
12/14/11 Chunyang Zhai Awarded Rackham International Student Fellowship
12/14/11 David D. Chen Awarded NSERC Fellowship for Earth Remote Sensing
12/12/11 Srinath Sridhar Awarded Rackham International Student Fellowship
12/09/11 Student Spotlight - Aminur Rahman: From EE student to entrepreneur
12/08/11 Jihyun Cho Awarded Rackham International Student Fellowship
12/06/11 Jinyoung Hwang Receives Best Poster Award for Research Leading to Improved So...
12/06/11 Sid Bao earns Best Student Paper Award for Computer Vision Research
11/29/11 Michigan Hybrid Racing
11/17/11 2011 ECE Poster Display at the Engineering Graduate Symposium
10/22/11 The Freescale Cup and EECS 461 (Embedded Control Systems)
10/12/11 Anne Itsuno Receives William E. Spicer Thomas N. Casselman Award
09/29/11 Heather Ferguson Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
09/27/11 Laura Freyman Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
09/17/11 Lindsay Allen and John Broderick Receive Best Application Award
09/16/11 Fikadu Dagefu Receives 2011 Lincoln Lab Fellowship
09/08/11 Yoonmyung Lee Receives 2011 Intel Corporation PhD Fellowship
07/18/11 Russell Willmot Awarded IEEE Fellowship
06/20/11 Student teams earn prizes in EECS 425: Integrated Microsystems Laboratory
06/16/11 Sung Ho Park Receives 2011 IEEE MTT-S Scholarship
05/17/11 AMD/Michigan Student Design Contest
04/30/11 Student teams earn prizes in EECS 556: Image Processing
04/28/11 EECS Department Recognizes Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors, Instruct...
04/27/11 Iverson Bell Awarded NSF Fellowship for Research in Space Propulsion
04/21/11 MEMStim takes first prize in the Michigan Business Challenge
04/13/11 Connor Field is growing energy on a solar farm
04/11/11 Tanya Das earns poetry prize as she prepares for graduate school
04/07/11 Chris Berry Awarded MSGC Fellowship
02/22/11 Three EECS Teams are Winners in 2011 DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest
02/17/11 Hongwei Liao, EE:Systems Grad Student, Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship
02/17/11 Jungsuek Oh, EE Grad Student, Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship
02/07/11 The Future Looks Electric
02/01/11 Sonal Verma Receives Microsoft Scholarship
01/17/11 EECS Students Win 2010 U-M Mobile Apps Challenge with HiJack
01/11/11 EECS 413 students earn prizes for their final projects
01/05/11 2010 AMD/Michigan Student Design Contest
12/21/10 Students Demonstrate Microprocessor-Based Systems Projects
12/15/10 Students Give A Couple of the Best Among 3,000 Elevator Pitches
11/23/10 ECE Grad Students Earn Rackham Fellowships
11/18/10 Students Shine at 2010 Engineering Graduate Symposium
11/12/10 CAD Team Places Second at 2010 CADathlon
11/11/10 EECS CAD Team Places Second at ICCAD 2010 CADathlon
10/28/10 2010 MIPSE Graduate Symposium
09/30/10 Managing a successful company with your EECS degree
08/12/10 MRacing Team Drives to 2nd Overall Finish in Formula Student Germany
06/28/10 Solar Car Team Wins American Solar Challenge - AGAIN!
06/23/10 UM:Autonomy's Team Takes Home 1st Prize
05/25/10 Ruzbeh Akbar Receives NASA Fellowship For SMAP Mission Research
05/13/10 Analog Devices Finds Winning A/D Circuit Designs in EECS 511
05/11/10 Eric Tkacyk Named Fulbright Fellow and Whitaker Scholar
05/04/10 EECS Department Recognizes Graduate Student Instructors
04/29/10 Amit Patel Awarded SMART Fellowship
04/29/10 Kevin Xu Awarded NSERC Fellowship
04/24/10 Patrick O'Keefe Receives NSF Fellowship for Research in HCI
04/20/10 Awards and Dragon Slaying
04/17/10 Students Receive NSF Graduate Fellowships
04/17/10 Fan Wu Receives NSF Fellowship for Research in BioMEMS
04/17/10 Matt Tomes Receives NSF Fellowship for Research in Optics
04/17/10 Anne Itsuno Receives NSF Fellowship for Research in Photodetectors
04/17/10 Brian Buss Receives NSF Fellowship for Control Research
04/12/10 Job Prospects Best for EECS Majors!
04/02/10 Students Win Clock Network Synthesis Contest at ISPD 2010
03/31/10 Ed Tang creates a popular video for the US Census
03/16/10 Yong Long Selected as Barbour Scholar
03/10/10 Amanda Funai Receives Margaret Ayers Host Award
02/22/10 EECS Students Claim Top Two Clean Energy Prizes
01/11/10 Adel Elsherbini Wins Prize at URSI National Radio Science Meeting
12/24/09 Two Electrical Engineers Set Up a Global Charity
12/23/09 Students Present Final Projects and Compete for Prizes in EECS 413
12/17/09 ATTN U-M and External UG Students: Summer UG Research Program
12/03/09 Senior Design Course, Embedded Control Systems, Goes International
12/02/09 Best Paper Award in Automation Research
12/02/09 ECE Student Research on Display
11/19/09 EECS Draws Crowd at Tech Day 2009
09/01/09 EECS Majors: you're in the right place for good jobs!
08/21/09 Jacob Oberlin's Electronics Savvy Helps Drive MRacing Team to a Strong Finish...
08/13/09 EECS Students are Winners in DAC/ISSCC 2009 Student Design Contest
08/12/09 Students Working to Deliver Bus Location Info to Handheld Devices
07/02/09 Michael Thiel Earns First Place in SEMCAD X Student Research Award
06/29/09 Students create portable device to detect suicide bombers
06/18/09 Michael Benson Receives NASA Fellowship
06/11/09 U-M Solar Car Team Unveils Infinium
06/04/09 Matthew Fojtik Awarded Intel Foundation/SRCEA Fellowship
04/29/09 EECS Department Recognizes Graduate Student Instructors
04/27/09 Luis Gomez Receives 2009 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to Investigate a Ne...
04/21/09 EECS Students Help the Deaf Feel the Music
04/10/09 Scott Rudolph Awarded Prestigious IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship
04/06/09 U-M Shares 1st Place Prize at ISPD
03/18/09 Sung Hyun Jo Receives 1st Place Raith Micrograph Award
03/02/09 Sung-Hyun Jo Receives Silver Prize in SAMSUNG Human-Tech Thesis Prize
02/26/09 Carl Pfeiffer Receives 2009 IEEE MTTS Undergraduate/Pre-Graduate Scholarship
02/05/09 Undergraduate Students' Medical Data Logger in a National Clinical Drug Trial
01/22/09 Students Score in Class Design Contest Sponsored by Analog Devices
12/16/08 Tzeno Galchev's Work Recognized by the President of Bulgaria
12/12/08 EECS Students Are Winners in 1,000 Pitches Competition
11/08/08 Industry Sponsored Scholarships Awarded
09/23/08 Yuriy Goykhman Receives MIT Lincoln Lab Fellowship
09/16/08 CampusRoost, Inc. Takes Off!
09/16/08 EECS Students Receive Google Scholarship
08/15/08 Adel Elsherbini Wins Prize at 2008 USRI
07/18/08 Continuum comes in first place at the North American Solar Car Race!
06/20/08 2008 AMD/Michigan Student Design Contest
06/02/08 Joonki Noh and Arvind Jayaraman Honored at ASEE Outstanding Student Instructo...
05/28/08 2007-08 Student Awards
05/27/08 Arun Ganesan's interdisciplinary undergraduate research project leads to two ...
05/27/08 Outstanding Student Instructor Awards For 2007-08
04/07/08 Juseop Lee Awarded 2008 MTT-S Graduate Fellowship
03/14/08 Borno and Galchev learn the entrepreneurial ropes and win Business Plan Compe...
11/20/07 EECS Welcome Day: Tuesday, November 27
11/15/07 Nicole Campbell Named 2007 National GEM Consortium Most Promising Ph.D. Fellow
11/14/07 EECS Students Recognized at U-M Engineering Graduate Symposium
10/16/07 Continuum Finishes 7th in Australia
08/03/07 Nov 15: Ann Arbor Tech Fair and Career Mentor Panel
07/30/07 Francesco Andriulli Takes First Prize in Student Paper Competition at URSI 2007
07/30/07 Karan Jumani receives student prize for paper at IGARSS 2007
06/19/07 ECE Grad Student Karl Brakora Earns Student Paper Award
05/07/07 EECS Student Instructor Awards
04/25/07 EE Grad Student Eric Dattoli Receives NSF Research Fellowship
03/19/07 Mr. Guoqing (Noah) Chang Receives Distinguished Dissertation Award
03/19/07 Dan Ruan Awarded Barbour Scholarship
03/15/07 Jianbai Wang Receives Roger A. Haken Best Student Paper Award
03/07/07 HKN Peer Mentoring: All About EECS Courses and Programs
02/23/07 Spring/Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Engineering
02/20/07 3 EECS Students Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowships
02/13/07 Swapnajit Chakravarty wins Raith Micrograph Award
01/17/07 Design Winners for EECS 413 Fall 2006 Final Project Presentations Announced
01/16/07 HKN Receives the Outstanding Chapter Award for 2005-06
01/16/07 Students Display Class Projects at Design Exposition
11/29/06 EECS Grad Students participate in 2006-07 Grad Student Symposium
11/27/06 2006-07 Undergraduate Student Awards: Call for Nominations
10/31/06 RADLAB Students Take 3rd in Student Paper Contest
10/18/06 Chris Deline, EE graduate student, receives ASEE Best Paper Award
10/06/06 EECS Department Announces Peer Mentoring
07/24/06 RADLAB Students Dominate IEEE AP-S Student Paper Competition
07/06/06 DaHan Liao Receives Lincoln Laboratory Fellowship
06/29/06 Norman H. Adams Wins AFCEA Fellowship
06/27/06 Koen van Caekenberghe Receives IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship Award
06/27/06 Rangwala Receives 2006 MTT-S Scholarship
06/27/06 Hugo Shi receives MLK Spirit Award
06/23/06 Lora Schulwitz Awarded 2nd Place at IMS'06 Student Paper Competition
06/12/06 CSE graduate students win First IEEE Programming Challenge
06/08/06 CSE graduate students win First IEEE Programming Challenge
05/25/06 Students Take 2nd Place in 2006 DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest
05/11/06 Students Recognized for Excellent Teaching
05/09/06 CoE Undergraduate Student Awards Presented to EECS Students
05/09/06 2005-06 College of Engineering Graduate Student Awards
05/04/06 Ruba Borno Awarded Intel Fellowship
05/04/06 Jorge Pernillo Awarded Intel Fellowship
04/14/06 EE Graduate Student Jing Wang Receives ASEE Teaching Award
03/24/06 Jose Costa Receives Distinguished Dissertation Award
02/22/06 Michael Holub Receives Predoctoral Fellowship
02/22/06 Chun-Hao Hsu Receives Predoctoral Fellowship
01/06/06 Dahan Liao Wins Prize at URSI National Radio Science Meeting
01/03/06 HKN Receives the Outstanding Chapter Award (OCA) for 2004-05
11/21/05 Michigan Team Wins the 2005 ACM SIGDA CADathlon
11/21/05 Fulbright Awarded to Tucker Berckmann
11/09/05 EECS Student Christine Eun received Best Paper award at IEEE Sensors 2005
11/08/05 EECS Student Dan Ruan Earns First Place in Young Investigators' Symposium
11/08/05 EECS Students Matthew Guthaus and Jarrod Roy Win 2005 CADathlon
10/18/05 ERC/WIMS Students Visit the World of Racing
10/18/05 Solar Car Momentum Wins the Race
07/18/05 Nicholas Chang Awarded MIT Lincoln Laboratory Fellowship
07/12/05 Kevin Buell Receives Best Paper Award at IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium
07/01/05 Two Graduate Students Awarded the International Union of Radio Science (URSI)...
06/29/05 EECS Students Help Mars Rover Team Take 2nd Place in RASC-AL Forum
06/23/05 EECS Undergraduate Student Member of Winning Team in Space Competition
05/23/05 Solar Car "Momentum" Qualifies for American Solar Challenge
05/20/05 Scott Hanson Awarded Semiconductor Research Corporation Fellowship
05/20/05 Mark Ferris and Sanjay Pant Awarded Intel Foundation Ph.D. Fellowships
04/27/05 2005 EECS GSI/Teaching Assistant Award Winners
04/12/05 Chris Galbraith Receives R. K. Brown Award
04/04/05 Mark Haynes wins MI Space Grant Consortium Fellowship
03/10/05 Nader Behdad Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship
03/10/05 Shahrzad Naraghi Awarded Barbour Scholarship
11/12/04 Saurabh Adya To Receive Engineering Research Mentor Award
11/09/04 EECS Teams Place in East Central North America Regional ACM Programming Compe...
06/16/04 UM students win DAC/ISSCC 2004 Design Contest
05/10/04 EECS Students Receive Intel Foundation PhD Fellowship Awards
05/04/04 EECS Students Honored as Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors and Instruc...
05/04/04 Doug MacKay: 2003-04 EECS Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor
05/04/04 Mike Geiger: 2003-04 EECS Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor
05/04/04 Travis Hobrla: 2003-04 EECS Outstanding Instructional Aide
05/04/04 Andrew Gastwirth: 2003-04 EECS Outstanding Instructional Aide
04/13/04 EECS Students Receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
03/29/04 Victor Perlin wins Rackham Distinguished Dissertation Award
03/15/04 Kamran Kashef and Matt Hardy Win First Place Award in the Student Design Cont...
03/15/04 UM's Eta Kappa Nu Chapter Recognized in Outstanding Chapter-Activities Aw...
11/26/03 Ping-Cheng Yeh Receives UM Outstanding GSI Award for 2003
06/30/03 RadLab Grad Students Win IEEE Best Paper Award
06/09/03 UM Wins DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest
05/23/03 McCorquodale Co-Authors Prize Business Plan
05/19/03 Best Paper Award: Siah and Volakis
05/16/03 Yeh wins 2003 Outstanding GSI Award
04/23/03 UM wins USF 2003 International Business Plan Competition
04/23/03 William R. Bennet Paper Award
03/20/03 Nam Sung Kim: Humantech Thesis Prize
03/08/03 Winners of VLSI Design Contest
12/06/02 UM Students win CAD Contest
12/06/02 Eric Marsman Receives Outstanding GSI Award
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