EECS News for 2005

Work Study Computer Programmer II

Company or Institution: Ann Arbor VA Health Services Research Center

Location: Ann Arbor

Job Description:

Researchers at the UM Division of General Medicine and the Ann Arbor VA Health Services Research Center are looking for a work study student with experience in computer programming, and preferably with some coursework in web security.

The student will assist in developing a new service designed to improve chronic illness care for older adults. The short-term goal of the project is to take a JSP-based GUI developed using Sun Java Studio Creator (connected to an MySQL database), and move it to a Linux-based website hosting provider, such as The employee will assist in implementing all the security code needed to stop disruption of service and loss of privacy, using security tools provided by the web site provider.

10 hours per week between January 15th and May 1st $12-$13/hour

Please apply at

The student will work with a full-time senior software developer. The project provides and excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience with real world medical applications of web programming skills.
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Prof. Jeff Fessler Elected Fellow of IEEE

Professor Jeff Fessler has been named a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE). Professor Fessler is being recognized "for his contributions to theory and practice of image reconstruction."

Fessler is a member of the Systems Laboratory.
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Prof. Amir Mortazawi Elected IEEE Fellow

Professor Amir Mortazawi has been named a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE). Professor Mortazawi is being recognized "for contributions to quasi-optical and circuit based power generation techniques."

Mortazawi is a member of the Radiation Laboratory.
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Professor Jeff Fessler 2006 IEEE Fellow

Professor Jeff Fessler has been named a member of the 2006 class of IEEE Fellows. The IEEE Grade of Fellow is conferred by the Board of Directors upon a person with an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. As a newly named Fellow, Professor Fessler is being recognized "for his contributions to theory and practice of image reconstruction." [Full Story]

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EECS 498

Term: WINTER 2006


Course Information

Instructor: Prof. Jerzy Kanicki

Office: 2307 EECS Building
tel. 734 - 936 - 0964
Office Hours: Any time per appointment

Class Meetings: Monday & Wednesday 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.; 3437 EECS building
Course Texts: Will be provided.
Course Format: Two 90-min lectures per week.
Course Grading:
Device analysis individual reports: 30%
Term group paper: 30%
Final group presentation: 20%
Class attendance and participation: 20%
Midterm and Final Examinations: Term group paper and final presentation.
Homework’s: Two device analysis individual reports.
Prerequisites: Senior or graduate standing.

Goals: This course is intended for senior undergraduate and graduate students interested in the basic interdisciplinary science of the organic semiconductors and their application to different device structures. The fundamental science and technology to be addressed in this class are inherently interdisciplinary; they fall at the intersection of three disciplines: chemistry, physics and engineering. The fundamental optical, opto-electrical and electronic, and carrier transport properties of the organic macromolecules used in practical organic and molecular devices will be discussed. Comprehensive analysis of the operating principles of thin-film organic semiconductor devices such as light-emitting and photovoltaic devices, thin-film transistors, optical, chemical and biological sensors, lasers and molecular rectifiers will be discussed in details during this class. Finally storage and electrical stability of the devices and their possible applications to future plastic electronics will be addressed.

Fawwaz Ulaby Awarded the 2006 IEEE Edison Medal

Professor Fawwaz Ulaby was recently selected to receive the 2006 IEEE Edison Medal. This is one of the most prestigious of IEEE medals, and is given to individuals for a career of meritorious achievement in electrical science, electrical engineering or the electrical arts. Ulaby will receive a gold medal and a certificate with the citation: For pioneering research in microwave and radar remote sensing technology and their environmental and industrial applications. He shares the honor of this award with many famous scientists, inventors, and innovators such as Charles F. Kettering, John D. Kraus, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, George Westinghouse - and two EECS William Gould Dow Lecturers, James L. Flanagan and Robert W. Lucky.

Ulaby is the R. Jamison and Betty Williams Professor, Vice-President of Research, and is a member of the Radiation Laboratory in EECS. He will return to full time research and teaching January 2006.
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Michigan Team Wins the 2005 ACM SIGDA CADathlon

Jarrod Roy, PhD student in Computer Science, and Matthew Guthaus, PhD student in Electrical Engineering, took first place in the 2005 ACM SIGDA Programming Competition, CADathlon.

Additional Information [Full Story]

Fulbright Awarded to Tucker Berckmann

Tucker Berckmann (BSE CE, 2005) was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship for the 2005-06 academic year, for study in Germany. Berckmann is working on the FORBIAS project, which is a Research Cooperation for Bioanalogical Assistant Systems. Berckmann is participating in research that involves designing a vehicle camera system that will be used with driver assisted systems, such as automatic distance control.

Access to web server

Due to some recent security problems, ssh access to www from outside of the university was suspended. You can connect to www by first connecting to another eecs machine, ideally your home machine, (e.g. "ssh") and then "ssh www" to put files onto www using scp or sftp. You can use nfs and your home machine, i.e. prepend /n/www, to any path on www when using sftp or scp, and you will actually be dealing with www. For example:

"scp picture.jpg /n/www/w/web/mywebsite"

would put a local file, picture.jpg, in the "mywebsite" web area on www.

EECS Fall Bash Video Clips

Ever wonder just how many talented people work and go to school here in EECS? You can see a sample by checking out video clips of those who recently participated in the 2nd annual EECS Fall Bash. You may need Internet2 bandwidth and a couple of terabytes of storage space to download but I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The cake was good too. -djh [Full Story]

Research programmer

Company or Institution: UM


Job Description:

I am looking for a student to work part time on a research project related to Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval. If you or someone you know may be interested, please let me know. The person should know Perl and/or Java (under UNIX/Linux) really really really well.

EECS Student Christine Eun received Best Paper award at IEEE Sensors 2005

IEEE Sensors Council recognized Christine Eun:

Best Student Paper Award
2nd Prize
at IEEE Sensors 2005

There were 628 papers submitted. Christine received $500 cash and a certificate.

The citation for the paper is: C.K. Eun, R. Gharpurey, and Y.B. Gianchandani, Broadband Wireless Sensing of Radioactive Chemicals Utilizing Inherent RF Transmissions from Pulse Discharges, IEEE Conference on Sensors, Anaheim, California, November, 2005.

EECS Student Dan Ruan Earns First Place in Young Investigators' Symposium

Dan Ruan, an EECS UM PhD student in EE:Systems, tied for first place at the recent Young Investigators' Symposium of the Great Lakes Chapter of the AAPM (American Association of Physicists in Medicine). Her talk was titled "Non-rigid Registration using Regularization that Accommodates Local Tissue Rigidity" by D. Ruan, J. Balter, M. Roberson, J. Fessler, M. Kessler.

EECS Students Matthew Guthaus and Jarrod Roy Win 2005 CADathlon

Jarrod Roy and Matthew Guthaus were awarded a trophy and $2,000 when they took first place in the 2005 ACM SIGDA programming contest, CADathlon, held at ICCAD in San Jose,CA, November 6, 2005. Their team name was named Underdogs, perhaps a bit deceptive since Matthew Guthaus was a member of the winning team in the 2003 CADathlon, and Jarrod Roy was a member of the winning team in the 2004 CADathlon (sharing the win with MIT).

Guthaus is a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering. His dissertation research is on design automation of robust clock networks using parametric statistical STA. Other research interests include physical design automation, low-power architecture for embedded systems, and algorithm specific microprocessors.

Roy is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science. His areas of research interest include VLSI physical design as well as SAT and QBF solving.

The CADathlon is a day-long programming contest that tests knowledge in the field of Computer Aided Design and Electronic Design Automation. Contestants are tested on their CAD knowledge, problem solving, programming, and teamwork skills. This year, there were 11 two-man teams from universities in the US, Taiwan and Brazil.

For additional information on the CADathlon, please see the web page.

Igor Markov Receives ACM SIGDA Technical Leadership Award

At ICCAD 2005 held in San Jose, California, Professor Igor Markov received a Technical Leadership Award from the ACM Special Interest Group on Design Automation (SIGDA). The award includes a plaque and a check.

Ed Nightingale, Peter Chen and Jason Flinn Recognized at 2005 Symposium on Operating Systems Principles

CSE graduate student Ed Nightingale and EECS professors Peter Chen and Jason Flinn were recognized at the 2005 Symposium on Operating Systems and Principles (SOSP) where their paper titled "Speculative Execution in a Distributed File System" was selected as an award paper. This biennial ACM symposium is the world's premier forum for researchers, developers, programmers, vendors and teachers of operating system technology. Academic and industrial participants present research and experience papers that cover the full range of theory and practice.

Florence Robinson to Retire

Long-time University of Michigan employee Florence Robinson will retire at the end of this year.

Florence started at the UM in 1970 and came to EECS in June of 1993. Flo has provided support to the department over the last 12 years by delivering approximately 62,400 packages and 1,248,000 pieces of mail to us!! She has developed her investigative skills as well as her ability to read addresses in 97 languages!!

She has expedited, tracked, stamped, stored, delivered and documented a plethora of paper and boxes in to and out of our buildings.

We would like to honor Florence on the occasion of her retirement on Monday, December 5th at 3:30 in the Chair's lobby of the EECS building. Please stop in to wish her well on her retirement as well as thank her for her many years of service to the department.

Temporary Java/JSP Programmer

Company or Institution: Internet 2

Location: Ann Arbor

Job Description:

I could use a student to do some java or jsp programming for building web applications. Someone I might be able to hang onto for a few years out of would be best of all. Thanks, Mike (
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ERC/WIMS Students Visit the World of Racing

Students working on projects in the Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Wireless Integrated Microsystems (WIMS) visited with professional racecar drivers at the Michigan International Speedway, after spending a day at the Ilmore Engineering Technology Center. They gained an appreciation for "how engineering principles and dedicated teams translate metal, sportsmanship and courage into high-performance racing." See the full story on the College of Engineering web site.

$18.7-million NIH Center Established at U-M

H V Jagadish is one of four U-M senior scientific directors of a newly awarded $18.7-million NIH grant to create a National Center for Integrative Biomedical Informatics. The mission of the NCIBI is “to facilitate scientific exploration of complex disease processes on a much larger scale than is currently feasible.” Jagadish leads the Computer Science Research area, and will work specifically in the area of Data Modeling and Integration. Other EECS faculty involved in the project include Satinder Singh (User Workflow Learning and Design), Jignesh Patel (Data Analysis Algorithms), and EECS affiliated faculty: Mark Ackerman (User Workflow Design), who is also co-director of Outreachcenter outreach activities, and Dragomir Radev (Information Extraction from Biomedical Text).

Additional information

David Pennock Named Top Technology Innovator

David Pennock (PhD, CSE 99), Senior Research Scientist at Yahoo! Research, was recently named to Technology Review's list of 35 top technology innovators under age 35. Pennock states that his goal is to develop creative technologies that help position Yahoo! at the forefront of innovations in Internet e-commerce and related scientific endeavors. For additional information, please see his personal web site, and the citation. David did his thesis with Michael Wellman of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Solar Car Momentum Wins the Race

U-M's solar car race team, and their car Momentum, took first place in the 2005 North American Solar Car Challenge July 27, 2005. Michigan has competed eight times, and earned four National Championships since the inception of the race in 1990, more than any other competing University. Read more...


Dr. Najafi Awarded Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award

Professor Khalil Najafi has been selected to receive a 2005 Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award from the University of Michigan Rackham School of Graduate Studies. Award recipients are noted for their "extraordinary achievements in the areas of teaching, scholarly research and/or creative endeavors, service and other activities which have brought distinction to the University.
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Prof. Sylvester Awarded 2006 Henry Russel Award

Professor Dennis Sylvester has been selected to receive the 2006 Henry Russel Award. This prestigious award, conferred through the University of Michigan's Rackham Graduate School, recognizes distinguished scholarship and/or creativity and conspicuous ability as a teacher.
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Professor Mahlke and Nathan Clark Receive Best Paper Award

Professor Scott Mahlke and his graduate student Nathan Clark, along with collaborators from ARM Ltd. Sami Yehia and Krisztian Flautner, received the Best Paper Award at the 2005 International Conference on Compilers, Architecture, and Synthesis for Embedded Systems (CASES) in San Francisco, California. Their paper, "Exploring the Design Space of LUT-Based Transparent Accelerators," was singled out from over 100 conference submissions, and investigates hardware structures to more efficiently perform computation.

Hardware Engineer

Company or Institution: Benchmark Electronics

Location: New Brighton, MN or Winona, MN

Job Description:

Become part of a growing Engineering Team!

Our Design Engineering Center continues to see strong growth in customer requests for a variety of engineering solutions. We require motivated individuals who are able to participate in team environments and provide creative design solutions. Our Product Development Engineers work with leading edge electronics technologies to develop advanced design solutions. Predominant technology sectors serviced are: medical electronics, high end computing systems, telecommunications infrastructure products, industrial controls, and test instrumentation.

• Designs and documents electronic hardware for customer products and related electronics, to meet both the customers’ requirements and Benchmark manufacturing requirements.
• Coordinates electronic hardware engineering strategies and designs products and related electronics for Benchmark customers
• Provides assistance to Mechanical Design, PCB Design, Functional Test and In-Circuit Test for product and test development.
• Creates documentation related to an electronic design project
• Works with customers, occasionally at customer site, to understand requirements regarding a product design

Skills and Essential Functions:
• Will be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of electronic components, circuits and systems to creatively and efficiently design products and assemblies based on various applications and technologies.
• Will demonstrate knowledge of schematic capture tool, may include but not limited to OrCad, Concept HDL, Design Capture.
• Will be able to make independent judgments using sound engineering principles and techniques
• Will demonstrate strong problem solving skills and the ability to make sound technical decisions
• Will demonstrate effective communication skills, both written and verbal with internal and external customers.
• Will demonstrate day to day self-directed project activity organization in accordance with hardware development procedures
• Will be able to travel up to 10%-20% of the time to include day and/or overnight travel
• Will demonstrate an understanding of a wide variety of advanced technologies related to hardware design.

Education and Training Requirements:
• Must have a 4-year engineering degree preferably in electrical engineering or related technical degree, MSEE preferred.
• Digital or analog simulation software experience preferred. Hyperlynx knowledge or RF experience ideal.
• Hands on lab experience including debug and product test and verification preferred.

Please mail, fax or e-mail resume and cover letter, stating position for which you are applying with salary history, to Benchmark Electronics, Attn: Human Resources, 4065 Theurer Blvd, Winona, MN 55987 FAX 507-453-4608, Email: EEO/M/F/D/V

Graduate Technical Intern

Company or Institution: Intel Research, Intel Corporation

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Job Description:

The graduate technical intern will work in the mechanical design of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) inertial sensors. He/she will design, simulate, layout, and test MEMS inertial sensors.


A graduate level student with in-depth understanding of solid mechanics and dynamics is required. Also, significant experience with finite element modeling and analysis software is required. Experiences with mask layout and MEMS fabrication processes are desirable. Applicant, who can work full year, is in a high consideration.

Contact Dr. Li-Peng Wang, email:

Pallab Bhattacharya: The Race is On

Pallab Bhattacharya, professor in the Solid-State Electronics Laboratory (SSEL), is a sprinter, pushing himself and his research group to be the best in the world in new technologies and device performance, and a long-distance runner relying on a strong foundation while continually replenishing his reserves to continue the race. His work involves the conception and realization of synthetically modulated semiconductor structures, and nanophotonic devices, placing his work in the field of science now known as nanotechnology. He has been working in this field for close to three decades. [Full Story]

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George Haddad: A Remarkable Legacy

George I. Haddad became an emeritus professor this past May, 2005 - leaving a remarkable legacy of achievement and leadership in research, teaching, service and administration that spans nearly half a century. Originally from Lebanon, Haddad came to the University of Michigan in 1952, and has been here ever since. With numerous opportunities to go elsewhere, he has remained true blue, stating, I love Ann Arbor, I love Michigan. The University of Michigan is in my blood. [Full Story]

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Information Technology, Summer Intern 2006

Company or Institution: Ford


Job Description:

Ford Motor Company is a “Fortune Five” company and a recognized leader in the automotive industry offering competitive salaries and benefit plans. From employee discounts on our vehicles to educational opportunities, Ford works with its employees to strive for a quality of life that is second to none. By choice, Ford Motor Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a culturally diverse workforce IT - Student Programs -- Summer Intern Program, 2006

This program introduces you to Ford Motor Company's top-rated computer systems and how they are used throughout the company. You see first-hand how systems are developed and strategically implemented at Ford Motor Company. Challenging assignments not only broaden your work experience, but also help you understand the issues facing a global corporation. The program also gives you the opportunity to:
* apply academic knowledge to real-world business situations
* learn more about information technology and process re-engineering
* make an informed decision on whether Ford Motor Company is the right place for you to start your career

Preferred Background
The program is designed for students who have completed their junior year and are majoring in computer science, computer engineering or other technical areas. We look for strong academic credentials and a keen interest in applying information technology and process re-engineering in the automotive products and services industry. Strong communication skills and the ability to work on a team in a fast-past, ever-changing environment are a plus.

Members of our Ford College Graduate program will be available to help you during your three-month assignment, to familiarize you with the company, our culture, and life in Southeast Michigan.

If you are graduating in the 12 months after your internship, you will be considered for full-time employment as a Ford College Graduates (FCG).

Candidates must be eligible for full-time, indefinite employment in the United States.

If interested in this opportunity, you must please visit, view today's jobs and submit your information to the requisition stated above. Thank You!

Information Technology, Ford College Graduate Program, Entry Level

Company or Institution: Ford


Job Description:

Ford Motor Company is a “Fortune Five” company and a recognized leader in the automotive industry offering competitive salaries and benefit plans. By choice, Ford Motor Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a culturally diverse workforce.

The Information Technology Ford College Graduate (FCG) program is a two-year developmental program that provides a solid foundation for your career with experience in different areas. You choose assignments and plan your program with the help of your advisor and competency center coach. You can expect three to four assignments in Information Technology, either at Ford Motor Company or Ford Motor Credit Corporation.

In each assignment, you will work in a dynamic environment committed to rapid analysis, design, and development concepts, working with other system professionals to form a proactive team that will actively seek to improve the business environment. Preferred candidates will have a strong technical aptitude, entrepreneurial spirit, and bias for action. Candidates will participate in a wide variety of IT initiatives. You can select assignments in leading marketing and sales systems, advanced engineering and design systems, mission critical manufacturing systems, state of the art infrastructure solutions, and many other exciting areas.

Ford Motor Company offers the ability to work with complex enterprise-wide systems as well as smaller systems designed for individual workgroups. Our industry leading use of technology, global reach, and strong career development programs provide our Ford College Graduates excellent opportunities. Professionals with outstanding technical skills, strong business acumen and demonstrated leadership skills are highly preferred.

If interested in this opportunity, you must please visit, view today's jobs and submit your information to the requisition stated above. Thank You!

Igor Markov Receives NSF CAREER Award

Assistant Professor Igor Markov has been selected to receive a National Science Foundation CAREER Award for his proposal entitled "Spatial Optimization of Computing Systems." NSF CAREER awards recognize and support the early career-development activities of those teacher-scholars who are most likely to become the academic leaders of the 21st century. Awardees are selected on the basis of creative career-development plans that effectively integrate research and education within the context of the mission of their institution.

EECS Students Jeffrey Cox and Thomas Bartold Receive Best Paper Award

EECS graduate students Jeffrey Cox and Thomas Bartold received the Best Paper Award at the Fourth International Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems (AAMAS05) held July 25-29 in Utrecht. Their paper, co-authored with Professor Ed Durfee, was singled out from 130 accepted papers (530 submissions) and is entitled "A Distributed Framework for Solving the Multiagent Plan Coordination Problem."

Professor Kim Winick Elected OSA Fellow

Professor Kim Winick has been elected a Fellow of the Optical Society of America.

[Full Story]

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Freelance Programmer

Company or Institution: University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, and Carnegie Mellon

Location: Flexible

Job Description:

A joint research by the University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, and Carnegie Mellon University is seeking a student programmer. The research is about the social organization and modularity of open source software. You will be working in a team with leading scientists.


You should be an experienced linux administrator (home computer is fine). Knowledge of php, mysql, postgresql, perl, and c required. Some of your work, however, will be installing third-party software such as those on You should be highly motivated and able to meet tight deadlines. Research experience is beneficial. If you are an open source developer, we will pay special attention to your application. We expect that the competition is keen, please be advised that only well- qualified candidates should apply.


We expect 10-20 hrs work per week from now until the project is finished, which will not be later than end-Nov. We could end much earlier such as Oct depending on the progress.

Work Location: Flexible

Total Compensation: US$1600

Application Method:

Please send a cover letter, with grades of relevant courses (a high general GPA is not required), to Benjamin Chiao at asap. We will hire immediately after we have a suitable candidate. Please do not send an application after the end of August, 2005.

Solar Car Momentum Wins the Race

U-M’s solar car race team, and their car Momentum, took first place in the 2005 North American Solar Car Challenge July 27, 2005. Michigan has competed eight times, and earned four National Championships since the inception of the race in 1990, more than any other competing University.

The solar cars began the race July 17 in Austin, TX and ended July 25 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a new route for the American Solar Car Challenge, and at 2,500 miles, the longest in its history. With the lead time at 53 hours, 59 minutes, and 43 seconds, only 11 minutes and 52 seconds separated Michigan and the second place team, U. of Minnesota.

The Solar Car Challenge is a race of engineering mastery, strategy and some luck, as racers and their teams adjust to clouds, wind, and rain, equipment malfunctions, border checks, and even stop lights. Michigan started strong this year, in first place after 2 days, only to be socked by cloudy weather the third day – depleting their battery and their lead. They made a dramatic comeback on day 8 of the race. Facing intense head winds, Momentum’s aerodynamic design and race strategy helped it gain 19 minutes on Minnesota’s car. The next day would give the lighter cars an advantage as they faced mountain climbs – however, despite having one of the heavier cars, U-M’s overall design and engineering kept it in first place. Momentum set a record for average speed during the race, 46.2 miles per hour.

Every two years the North American Solar Challenge brings together cars built by student teams all over the country to compete in a cross country race, using nothing but the sun’s rays as power.

To quote Richard King, U.S. Department of Energy, who provided commentary for the race, “What these teams are proving out here is that solar electricity really works and energy efficiency pays off. Considering the consequences of billions of people around the world burning fossil fuels at an ever-growing rate, demonstrating technologies that can make a difference is significant.”

Of the 21 members of the race crew, seven are EECS students: Mirai Aki, Jonathan Brown, Jeff Ferman, David Masselink, David Mazur, Brent Schwartz, and Robert Vogt. Vogt, Head Strategist and the only EECS graduate student on the team, is a four year veteran of the team who also runs a web hosting/consulting company, ArborHost, and has a patent in Signal/Image Processing. Learn more about all the team members on the Solar Car webpage at:

EECS Prof. Brian Gilchrist, faculty co-advisor to the Solar Car team, and his son were on hand to witness the race. Prof. Gilchrist said, “I am very proud of what the team accomplished, but even more so of what they learned! Over two years some 100+ students have been able to experience what it takes to develop a complete system from beginning to end! This is experience that would take years to obtain in industry.”

The Solar Car team has earned the opportunity to participate in the 8th World Solar Challenge, Sept. 25 – Oct. 2, 2005 in Australia.

Nicholas Chang Awarded MIT Lincoln Laboratory Fellowship

Nicholas Chang, a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering: Systems, has been awarded the prestigious MIT Lincoln Laboratory Graduate Fellowship for the 2005-06 academic year. Lincoln Laboratory has a diverse research and development program which involves a variety of sensor modalities, signal and data processing, communications and systems analysis. Nicholas, who is advised by Professor Mingyan Liu, is the first University of Michigan EECS student to receive the Lincoln Laboratory Graduate Fellowship.

Dennis Sylvester Chosen to Receive 2006 Henry Russel Award

Professor Dennis Sylvester has been selected to receive the 2006 Henry Russel Award. This prestigious award, conferred through the University of Michigan's Rackham Graduate School, recognizes distinguished scholarship and/or creativity and conspicuous ability as a teacher. Professor Sylvester will receive his award at a ceremony held in conjunction with the Henry Russel Lecture, on March 14, 2006.
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Kevin Buell Receives Best Paper Award at IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium

EECS graduate student, Kevin Buell, received first prize among the Best Paper Awards at the recent IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium held July 3-8, in Washington D.C. Kevin's paper was selected from over 80 national and international entries and is entitled "Electromagnetic MetaMaterial Insulator to Eliminate Substrate Surface Waves." [Full Story]

EE Grads: Telecom Focus

Company or Institution: Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.

Location: Richardson, TX

Job Description:

We are seeking highly motivated Electrical Engineering (telecom focus) graduates for our engineering group in Richardson, Texas.

Targeted skills: C, C++, Embedded Software Development, UNIX, Real Time Operating Systems, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Frame Maker, Familiar with SONET and DWDM, Source Level Debuggers (SDS, XRAY).


Graduates need to be highly motivated and extremely quick learners. Previous Internship at a telecom company is a plus!!!

Interested candidates need to email their resume in MS Word format directly to:

Grant Gibson
Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.
Shared Services Division - Human Resources
2801 Telecom Parkway
Richardson, Texas 75082
Tel: 972-479-2884
Fax: 972-479-3055
Office: A2-1-1268
Fujitsu Careers: [Full Story]

Transmission Protection Engineer

Company or Institution: Unknown

Location: Lexington, KY

Job Description:

This very stable International company is one of the U.S.’s lowest cost diversified energy providers. Based in Lexington, Ky, it’s a great Midwest location.

The client is looking for a Transmission Protection Engineer. This person will be responsible for establishing and maintaining system protection scheme standards, evaluate and establish protection system settings, investigate and develop recommendations with regard to relay operations events, perform detailed engineering assignments involving calculations, analysis, and project management. Perform comprehensive studies and recommendations regarding specific areas of the transmission system. This person should have a minimum of 5 years experience of direct applicable transmission protection. Advanced computer applications, proficiency in mathematics and evaluation of business data. 4 yr Electrical Engineering degree.

Beverly Grenier
Wyndham Mills International

Senior Account Manager

Company or Institution: Telephia

Location: San Francisco, CA

Job Description:

Senior Account Manager

For best results apply on-line at or use the following link to apply:

The Senior Account Manager (SAM) works on a 3-4 person account team dedicated to Telephia’s Regional wireless service provider customers. The Account Team makes business recommendations based on Telephia data sources and data analysis, delivering presentations to C-level, VP, Director, and manager-level clients in both the Marketing and Engineering organizations. The position is primarily responsible for expanding and servicing the Marketing and Executive Information Flow with our client as well as finding other opportunities for selling and delivering small consulting projects. This will require developing and presenting analysis on how clients can use Telephia information to improve customer acquisition and retention, through optimization of their networks or through better allocation of resources. This role will take ownership over a significant portion of the major customer account relationship management and internal team project management.

This position reports to the VP of National Accounts and is based at corporate headquarters in San Francisco, CA.


• 4-8 years of work experience and MBA preferred
• Experience within the wireless telecommunications industry
• Strong analysis and presentation experience
• Proven experience producing, selling and delivering work to senior management
• Clear preference for a sales oriented, results-based, entrepreneurial environment
• Technical knowledge of wireless platforms and operations from direct work with wireless carriers is necessary. Experience in RF engineering and/or packet switched data networks or related fields is also a plus.


• Develop and present high-quality custom wireless voice, data and carrier quality analyses based on Telephia data methodologies
• Support a wide network of contacts within the client organization. Contacts span marketing, engineering, senior management…
• In conjunction with Telephia Product Managers, develop opportunities to upsell new voice and data service quality products, as well as custom services
• Guide Telephia’s new product development efforts by identifying and articulating client business requirements
• Manage the delivery of all aspects of Telephia Voice and Network measurement products and services to the client, with responsibility for the quality of all deliverables
• Manage, on a project by project basis, a team of analysts and technical experts (wireless data, SMS, and more) within Telephia
• Enhance relationships with the client account to achieve revenue objectives
• Build, extend and maintain a wide network of contacts within the client organization - communicate status back to Telephia

Jeni Miller
HR Representative
101 Green St.
San Francisco, CA 94111
Office: 415-395-0565 [Full Story]

Web Programmer: Part time summer to begin

Company or Institution:

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Job Description:

Seeking an experienced and versatile programmer familiar with php, html and basic database applications to work on an hourly basis through August in preparation for first release of online email management software for churches called The core structure and functionality is in place -- looking for small fixes and a few new features/upgrades -- hoping to find someone for long-term work after September release of Version 1.0.

Send resume to: John Goodell at

Two Graduate Students Awarded the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) Young Scientist Awards

Alireza Tabatabaeenejad and Amy Buerkle, graduate students in the Radiation Laboratory, have been awarded Young Scientist Awards by the International Union of Radio Science (URSI). The awards will be presented at the 28th General Assembly of URSI in India, October 23-29, 2005. They will be invited to meet the President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Among those selected for this award are research scientists, assistant professors, and other students from around the world. Tabatabaeenejad's advisor is Prof. Moghaddamm, and Buerkle is advised by Prof. Sarabandi.

EECS Students Help Mars Rover Team Take 2nd Place in RASC-AL Forum

Ilya Wagner and Chad Rowland are volunteer members of the Mars Rover Team, which recently won second place in the Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts – Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) Forum this past May, 2005, in Cocoa Beach, FL. At the RASC-AL Forum, student design teams present their research to peers, NASA, and industry. For additional information about RASC-AL, please see the College of Engineering press release at

Rowland, president of the winning team, recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He was on the team since his freshman year, and says “Not only was it a lot of fun, it increased my skills in management, giving presentations, writing research reports, and team work. All are critical for success in the working world.” Rowland begins the Edison Engineering Development Program at General Electric Healthcare in the fall.

Wagner, currently a graduate student in the Computer Science & Engineering Division, joined the Mars Rover Team in 2003, while an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Engineering. He says that, “Overall, the project is a great way to be on the cutting edge of space exploration technology and learn to work with different majors at the U of M (student members represent several departments in the College of Engineering). Moreover, the team helps students to get in contact with industry and try on administrative responsibilities. For all of these reasons, I absolutely enjoy being on the team.”

Wagner says he has always had a “romance for space,” and appreciates having an outlet for this passion through the Mars Rover Team. Starting a year ago as a volunteer with no experience, he has worked his way to being VP for Research, managing groups of students. “Good projects need a pool of students from a variety of disciplines,” explained Wagner. He is proud of the fact that the team is recognized by NASA, and that the team is so strongly committed to public outreach.

Wagner’s primary research focus is the verification of digital circuits. He began work on a verification project a year ago, and presented a paper based on this work at the recent Design Automation Conference (DAC), June 2005. The paper is, “StressTest: An Automatic Approach to Test Generation via Activity Monitors,” by Ilya Wagner, Prof. Valeria Bertacco, and Prof. Todd Austin.

Wagner’s primary academic advisor is Prof. Valeria Bertacco, and he also works work with Prof. Todd Austin on a project. Both faculty are members of the Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory (ACAL). Wagner enjoys working with Bertacco, saying she cares about her students, and he appreciates her recent ties to industry. He talks about his interest in verification, saying that individuals will create a wonderful design, turn it on, and then wonder why it doesn’t work. He figures out what will make the design work. He also appreciates the spirit of easy collaboration with the excellent students at Michigan. While driving through LA at DAC, he and his student colleagues discussed and found a solution for a problem that another student was having on their project.

Wagner sums up his world: “There are two things – chips and rockets.”

EECS Picnic Photos

Photos from last Friday's picnic are on the web link below. [Full Story]

Software Development, Technical Services, EDI, and Server Systems, etc

Company or Institution: Epic Systems Corporation

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Job Description:

Hello! My name is Mara Daiga, and I am a recruiter at Epic Systems Corporation in Madison, Wisconsin. We’re recognized across the country as a leader in helping move doctors from a paper medical record to a completely computer based medical record. We also create a full suite of integrated healthcare management applications. We’re currently searching for bright, independent thinkers to join our dynamic and entrepreneurial culture. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with the brightest minds in an industry that makes a difference, while enjoying a casual work environment (jeans, shorts, sandals). We have opportunities in Software Development, Technical Services, EDI, and Server Systems, just to name a few. As a member of our Research and Development team, you’ll be involved in all aspects of development – user interface, database management systems, custom control creation, World Wide Web integration, communications, and data analysis. We enhance our software aggressively, and bring changes to market very quickly. It takes excellent developers with sound technical judgment to balance rapid development, package standardization, and outstanding functionality. You will work on a small team and see your projects make a difference. In Technical Services, you can combine your problem solving skills and technical interest with our comprehensive training to help support our nation-wide clients. You’ll become a technical expert in our applications, work closely with knowledgeable users at our customer sites, and have the opportunity to participate in many aspects of the software field including analysis, training, quality assurance, troubleshooting, and installation.

We hire smart, motivated folks from all majors and backgrounds and train people internally, so no programming experience is necessary. To learn more about other positions available and to apply online, please visit our website at . Feel free to send any questions to . Thanks so much for your interest, and have a great day!

EECS Undergraduate Student Member of Winning Team in Space Competition

Mustafa Rangwala, undergraduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering, was part of the team that took first place in the CanSat Competition, held June 3, 2005 in El Centro, CA. CanSat is short for Can Satellite. The goal of the competition, according to the published guidelines, is “to provide students the opportunity to experience a hands-on space program at an affordable cost.” Students are required to write a mission proposal, document their design, build a CanSat, and then launch the device to an altitude of one mile.

The U-M team consisted of students who participate in the Student Space Systems Fabrication Laboratory (S3FL). The team flew a pop can sized satellite made of carbon fiber with plywood end caps. The Can Satellite needed to transport a "payload" that consisted of a telemetry system and pressure and temperatures sensors.

Rangwala became involved in the project after being accepted in the EECS Department’s Summer Research Project with EECS Prof. Brian Gilchrist, who is a faculty advisor to S3FL. Rangwala said, “I found Prof. Gilchrist’s research areas on Space Systems interesting. That led me to work with S3FL this summer.” Rangwala contributed to most of the electrical components of the CanSat. This included helping build the circuit boards, integrate the microprocessor, build the telemetry system, and assisting with other electrical issues. Rangwala said he “enjoys working at S3FL. The people are very friendly, the work environment is relaxed and I learn a lot.” He also likes that the projects are application oriented.

Professor Farnam Jahanian Receives Governor's University Award for Commercialization Excellence

Professor Farnam Jahanian received a Governor’s University Award for Commercialization Excellence on Wednesday, June 15 at a reception held at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. The awards – which include a $25,000 cash prize – are designed to spur faculty and students to start businesses based on their research. Jahanian won in the category for universities with average annual research expenditures exceeding $100 million. His research was instrumental in founding Arbor Networks, a firm that makes software to protect computer networks against virus attacks and other security threats.

ACL Conference to Focus on Advances in Natural Language Processing

Approximately 700 educators, researchers, and students from around the world will gather in Ann Arbor for the 43rd annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics from June 25-30. The conference will focus on advances in the ability of computers to understand and react to natural language. Popular applications include making Web search engines respond more accurately to users' questions, automatic text translation, knowledge extraction from the Web, and human-computer dialogue. Dragomir Radev, an associate professor in the University of Michigan School of Information, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and the Department of Linguistics, is local chair of the event. The U-M School of Information, the College of Engineering, and the Department of Linguistics are co-hosting the conference. [Full Story]

Professor Jessy Grizzle's Research Featured in the Media

Professor Jessy Grizzle’s work on RABBIT, an experimental biped robot, conceived to advance the scientific understanding of feedback-controlled bipedal locomotion, was recently featured in a Canadian broadcast on the Discovery Channel. To see a clip from the broadcast, use the weblink below (note that Windows Media Player Version 9, downloadable from Microsoft's site, is needed to view the clip). RABBIT has also been recently featured on CNN Headline News (June 5) and Fox News (June 6). [Full Story]

Governor's Award to Mobius Microsystems, Inc.

Mobius Microsystems, Inc., a firm founded by Michael McCorquodale (MSE EE 2000, PhD EE 2002), was honored May 17, 2005, at the eighth annual Business Success Celebration. Gov. Granholm honored Mobius with an award for, "Largest Job Creation by a High-Technology Company."

Located in Detroit, MI, McCorquodale is Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer of the firm, founded in 2002.
[Full Story]

Software Engineer

Company or Institution: Exegy

Location: Unknown

Job Description:

Exegy is seeking a software engineer intimately familiar with software production to become part of a team creating and maintaining Exegy’s search optimized data storage systems, data mining and business intelligence appliances. The position’s responsibilities are divided up as follows:

• 30%: System and detailed design of new features and components.
• 50%: Hands-on development of new software and maintenance of existing product base.
• 20%: Unit and integration test oversight in preparation for hand-off to the Quality Assurance group.

Ideal candidates will have:
1. Strong data structures and algorithm background
2. 3 or more years in full life-cycle software development
3. Ability to self-start, quickly becoming familiar with and contributing to fairly-complex software products
4. Understanding of Linux/Solaris programming and shell environments
5. Strong and current C++, Java, GUI development, relational database experience
6. Object-Oriented design methodologies background
7. Knowledge of design and implementation distributed applications and data structures
8. Understanding of Intel/AMD system architecture
9. Basic understanding of logic design
10. Strong debugging, design, and unit/integration test background,
11. Knowledge of routers, firewalls, and network management is desirable,
12. A proven track record of holding similar positions with successful products is also a plus.
13. Experience implementing in 3-6 month software release cycles, including source-code control, three-tier deployment, bug tracking, and version management
14. BS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering and/or relevant industry experience.

Forward resume via email to Tom Michael ( There are two positions currently open and interviews are being conducted.

Salary range is 65k to 85k.

Field Service Engineer

Company or Institution: Unknown

Location: Newton, MA - no relocation necessary

Job Description:

Description: Responsible for supplying support services to new and pre-existing customers through the installation, repair and maintenance of products at customer sites. Provides technical direction, training and support to customers on operation and maintenance of company products. Ensures each systems operational performance and quality. High visibility technical position that contributes to the efficient installation and repair of instrumentation, minimizing cost of service and support activities and product down time for customers.

Requirements: BS in engineering, chemistry, molecular biology, or related field preferred. Minimum two years of field service experience involving analytical instrumentation. Position based in Newton, Massachusetts. Overnight travel typically less than 30%. Possibility of International travel.

If interested, please respond to with your salary requirement, resume and work authorization. No relocation is available for this position.

Recent faculty promotions

Congratulations on the recent promotions of our faculty:

From associate professor with tenure to professor with tenure

Marios C. Papaefthymiou
Kim A. Winick

From associate professor without tenure to associate professor with tenure

Satinder Singh Baveja

Steven A. Abney, linguistics, LSA (also associate professor of information, without tenure, School of Information, and electrical engineering and computer science, without tenure, CoE)

From assistant professor to associate professor with tenure

Achilleas Anastasopoulos
Lingjie J. Guo (also from assistant professor to associate professor of macromolecular science and engineering, without tenure)
Jignesh M. Patel
Dennis Sylvester

Dragomir R. Radev, information, School of Information (also from assistant professor to associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, without tenure, CoE, and linguistics, without tenure, LSA)

Solar Car "Momentum" Qualifies for American Solar Challenge

U-M's solar car, Momentum, recently competed in the Formula Sun Grand Prix, May 15-20, and has earned the opportunity to compete in the North American Solar Challenge, July 17-27, 2005.

Solar cars from colleges and universities throughout the United States will compete in a 2,500 mile race from Austin, TX to Calgary, Alberta. [Full Story]

C++ Programmer

Company or Institution: TechSmith Corporation

Location: Okemos, Michigan

Job Description:

To apply e-mail resume and cover letter to


TechSmith is the developer of the world class software products SnagIt, Camtasia Studio and Morae. We both market and support these products to an international audience.

How many software companies do you know where the employees work hard and have fun doing it? Our 80+ employees exude energy, creativity and innovation, not to mention dedication to our products, our customers and each other. We enjoy the challenges of being an industry leader - taking risks, thinking outside the box and working together to make it happen. And we don't forget to take time to celebrate our successes.


Activities: Join the development team for our products, including SnagIt, Camtasia Studio and Morae.

Work as part of our development team to design, program and test complex software running in Microsoft Windows environments.

Skills & Background: You need to be an experienced, superior Visual C++ programmer familiar with the Microsoft Windows environment and MFC. Must have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a closely related field, or equivalent work experience. Commercial software development experience with image processing, multimedia programming and .NET a plus. Fluency in a foreign language also a big plus. Must be self-motivated but able to work as part of a team. This is a demanding technical environment that will test and expand your expertise.

Compensation: Competitive; based on skills and experience. This is a full-time position with the standard TechSmith benefits package including health insurance and profit sharing.

If interested in this position please e-mail your resume and cover letter to To find out about other opportunities please visit our website at

Scott Hanson Awarded Semiconductor Research Corporation Fellowship

Scott Hanson, an Electrical Engineering Ph.D. student advised by Professor Dennis Sylvester, has been awarded the Semiconducter Research Corporation Fellowship. The fellowship includes tuition and stipend for up to five years of graduate study. The SRC Fellowship Program is intended to encourage exceptional students pursuing a Ph.D. in areas relevant to microelectronics.

Mark Ferris and Sanjay Pant Awarded Intel Foundation Ph.D. Fellowships

EECS graduate students Mark Ferriss and Sanjay Pnt wer awarded Ph.D. fellowships from the Intel Foundation for the 2005-2006 academic year. This year, the Intel Foundation Ph.D. Fellowship Program awarded 43 fellowships to outstanding Ph.D. candidates pursuing leading-edge research at 17 U.S. universities. Ferris and Pant were selecteed from more than 200 applicants.

Peter Chen, Sam King and George Dunlap Receive Best Paper Award

Professor Peter Chen and his students Sam King and George Dunlap received the Best Paper Award at the 2005 USENIX Annual Technical Conference in Anaheim, California for their paper "Debugging Operating Systems with Time-Traveling Virtual Machines." Their work enables a programmer to debug an OS in reverse, implementing commands such as reverse breakpoint, reverse watchpoint, and reverse single step.

Professor Khalil Najafi Receives Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award

Professor Khalil Najafi has been selected to receive a 2005 Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award from the University of Michigan Rackham School of Graduate Studies. Award recipients are noted for their extraordinary achievements in the areas of teaching, scholarly research and/or creative endeavors, service and other activities which have brought distinction to the University. Nominations are reviewed by an interdisciplinary selection committee comprised of distinguished senior faculty from a range of schools and colleges. Awardees are selected by the Dean of the Graduate School, based upon the recommendations of this committee. The award will be formally presented at a ceremony in early October 2005. [Full Story]

Related Topics:  Najafi, Khalil  

HKN Professor of the Year - Professor Peter Chen

Professor Peter Chen received the HKN Professor of the Year Award for 2004-05. The award was presented at the EECS Department's newly revived St. George's Feast, an annual event at which EECS faculty serve lunch to the EECS students. Qing Shen, the student presenting the award, said “Professor Chen gets excited about every lecture and his students look forward to attending class.” Professor Chen was also cited as an "inspirational teacher who places his students' progress above all else. "

New Horde Installation

A new and exciting installation of the web-based email program, Horde, will begin very soon. Stay tuned, Sports Fans!

New SMTP Server Added

We now have "newman", "mail", and "smtp" available as smtp servers.

Server Update Schedule

Scheduled updates for the summer include updating Solaris 8 to Solaris 10.

Fedora Core 3 Upgrades

DCO is in the process of updating all Linux servers to Fedora Core 3.

Search Software Engineer

Company or Institution: Healthdash

Location: San Francisco, CA

Job Description:

Number of Openings: 5

How to apply: Send email to or call 650-331-1617

Location: San Francisco, CA


We are in the process of putting a team of the best architects and engineers together for a Vertical Search start up that is building the best Healthcare Search Engine. The company, Healthdash, has spun out of an already successful enterprise search engine product and has received $8 million in funding from one of the strongest VC’s in the valley. The opportunity exists for the right candidates to refer associates and create a familiar working environment.

Healthdash’s is a San Francisco, CA based startup whose mission is to develop the first consumer-oriented health information search engine. By combining the reach of a search engine with the intelligence to put any query in context, Healthdash delivers deep search results and navigation that helps consumers explore health topics related to their searches.


Healthdash have several open positions for Search Engineers with the following backgrounds. If you have experience in any of the below, we want to hear from you:

· Understanding of Search Engine technologies and Web Application development
· Crawling Infrastructure. Previous experience or projects in crawl infrastructure a must
· Linguistics including Spell Checker, Stemming and Advanced Search Features. Previous experience or projects in Natural Language processing a must.
· Concept Indexing and Full Text Indexing. Previous experienced in the use of large scale indexing software packages like Lucene a must
· Ranking Algorithms. Previous experience in Ranking for Search engine technologies a must.
· Real Time Feed integration. E.g. of real time feeds are News, Advertisements, Local content feeds, private databases with interfaces, etc.
· User Interface Development, e.g. Health directory pages, Your Doctor content, personalization, Alerts system, etc.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

· Expertise required in object-oriented design methodology and application development in Java/J2EE. Software development experience on Unix platforms is required.
· Ability to independently design, code and test major features, as well as work jointly with a team
· Strong communication skills with the ability to present to clients and senior management.
· Participate in the analysis and design of features for web based search applications.
· Participate in data modeling efforts for new and existing projects.
· Implement product specifications using Java and J2EE.
· Maintain current industry knowledge about technologies of major search engines.
· Provide technical leadership and mentorship to other team members.

Education: MS/MA/PhD in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science or similar field.

If interested in this position or know of someone who is interested please contact Monal Sonecha by email at or call 650-331-1617

Professor Kamal Sarabandi Receives Faculty Recognition Award

Professor Kamal Sarabandi has been chosen to receive a 2004-05 University of Michigan Faculty Recognition Award from the Rackham School of Graduate Studies. Recipients of this award are recognized for their "substantive contributions to the University through significant achievements in research and other scholarly/creative activities; excellence as a teacher, advisor and mentor; and distinguished participation in the service activities of the University." Nominations are reviewed by an interdisciplinary selection committee composed of distinguished faculty from a range of schools and colleges within the University and awardees are selected by the Dean of the Graduate School, based upon the recommendations of this committee. The award will be prsent in the Rackham Amphitheatre on Wednesday, October 5, 2005 at 4:00 p.m.
Related Topics:  Sarabandi, Kamal  

Professor Peter Chen and Students Receive Best Paper Award at USENIX Conference

Professor Peter Chen and his students Sam King and George Dunlap received the Best Paper Award at the 2005 USENIX Annual Technical Conference in Anaheim, California for their paper "Debugging Operating Systems with Time-Traveling Virtual Machines." Their work enables a programmer to debug an OS in reverse, implementing commands such as reverse breakpoint, reverse watchpoint, and reverse single step.

Gerard A. Mourou: In Pursuit of New Directions in Science

For nearly 30 years, Professor Grard A. Mourou has pioneered the field of ultrafast lasers and their applications in scientific, engineering, and medical disciplines. Sixteen of those years have been at U-M. Mourou officially retired this past December 2004, and while taking on a new position in his native France, he maintains close ties with his friends and colleagues at the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science. [Full Story]

Related Topics:  Lab-Optics and Photonics  Lasers and Optics  Mourou, Gerard A.  Optics and Photonics  

David Anderson: Making the Connection

Standing at the crossroads of engineering and neurophysiology, retiring faculty member David Anderson made his home in both areas. Anderson made the switch from computer engineering to bioengineering in graduate school at Wisconsin, ultimately finding his research home in the Laboratory of Neurophysiology The first lab he built after arriving at U-M in 1970, still in operation, was the Neural Signal Processing Lab at Kresge, which is now part of the Otorhinolaryngology Department. [Full Story]

Related Topics:  Health and Safety  Signal & Image Processing and Machine Learning  

Controls Engineer

Company or Institution: Stampings and Underbody Structures

Location: Michigan, then Ohio

Job Description:

A company that produces stampings and underbody structures is looking for a controls engineer, description below. Salary $70K-$75K. Position starts in Michigan with relocation to Ohio.

Controls Engineer: Under the supervision of the Applications Engineering Manager, this position is responsible for following the design and build of the new sub-frame welding systems. After completion of the design and build phase, the Controls Engineer will relocate to PSI (Ottoville) and provide line support. Position requirements include a minimum of five years of experience in Controls Engineering; a 4-year Electrical Engineering Degree; strong large-line automated systems, robotics, and trouble-shooting skills are mandatory; Allen-Bradley and Fanuc Robotic experience is preferred.

Interested people, please contact me

Mark McGarvey Executive IT Recruiter Spherion Professional Recruiting ISO 9001~2000 Registered 419-893-2400, Extension 1291 Cell 419 349-3837

St. George's Day Returns - Student Appreciation Day

The EECS Department revived St. George's Day April 18, 2005, when EECS faculty served lunch to approx. 800 EECS students.

St. George's Day was started in 1987, when the department first moved to North Campus from downtown. It’s our way of saying thanks to all of our students, and is held on the last Monday of classes in the Winter term.

St. George was a real person, born in Turkey 270 AD, who was put to death April 23, 303 for his efforts on behalf of religious freedom. Over the next 1000 years, many miracles and legends became ascribed to him, including the famous slaying of the dragon, hence the dragons on the aprons. He was made Patron Saint of England around the year 1400, and after the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, St. George’s Day became a day of feasting.

The Faculty wish our graduating students the best - stay in touch! For those students still in the program, hang in there, your efforts will be rewarded!

[Full Story]

2005 EECS GSI/Teaching Assistant Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2005 EECS GSI/Teaching Assistant Award Winners

Four students were honored with a special luncheon 4/26/05, where they received a certificate and a check for $500. Prof. David C. Munson, Jr., Department Chair, presented the awards. [see for photos]

One graduate student instructor assigned to courses from each academic program (EE, EE-Systems, CSE) and one undergraduate student is selected on the basis of student evaluations, comments, and instructor recommendations.

Ganesh Dasika, GSI
EECS 461 (Embedded Control Systems)
Course Instructors: Prof. Jim Freudenberg and Jeff Cook (Ford)

Anthony Nicholson, GSI
EECS 482 (Introduction to Operating Systems)
Course Instructors: Prof. Peter Chen and Prof. Jason Flinn

Scott Wright, GSI
EECS 215 (Introduction to Circuits)
Course Instructors: Prof. Leo McAfee, Prof. Fred Terry, and Dr. Roger DeRoo

Marcial Lapp, undergraduate student assistant
EECS 183 (Elementary Programming Concepts)
Course Instructor: Dr.Mary Lou Dorf [Full Story]

King, Dunlap, and Chen win best paper award at USENIX

Sam King, George Dunlap, and Peter Chen won the best paper award at the USENIX annual technical conference for their paper "Debugging Operating Systems with Time-Traveling Virtual Machines". Their work enables a programmer to debug an OS in reverse, implementing commands such as reverse breakpoint, reverse watchpoint, and reverse single step. Congratulations to Sam, George, and Pete!

Professor Drago Radev's research in Technology Research News

Because computers don't understand the meanings of words and sentences, automating the seemingly simple task of summarizing a news story using several sources is a major computer science challenge. See the link below for the complete story. [Full Story]

"Rabbit" Featured in CNN News Article

A news article discussing Jesse Grizzle's work with the unique, two-legged walking machine, Rabbit, is featured at Information learned from such robots may one day help improve human prothetic devices and assist in exploratory space missions. See the link below for more details. [Full Story]

Kelly Cormier to Receive Distinguished Research Administrator Award

Kelly Cormier, Lab Administrator for the EECS Department's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, has been selected to receive the Distinguished Research Administrator Award from the Office of the Vice President for Research. This award is given in recognition of "exceptional and distinguished contributions or performance in the support of the research mission of the University." In announcing the awards program, Vice President for Research Fawwaz Ulaby said, "We should never forget the important roles played by the dedicated staff who support our vast research effort and infrastructure." Kelly will receive the award at a reception in the Michigan League Ballroom, at 3:00 p.m., on May 10, 2005 [Full Story]

UM Programming Team Receives Honorable Mention at Programming Competition

UM's programming team received an honorable mention at the International ACM Programming Competition, held April 3-7 in Shanghai, China . The team members -- EECS students Galen Elias, Jim McCann and Nuttapong Chentanez -- competed against 77 teams from around the world. They were coached by Kevin Compton, EECS Professor, and assistant coaches Jarrod Roy and Charles Zhang. [Full Story]

Chris Galbraith Receives R. K. Brown Award

EECS graduate student, Chris Galbraith, has received the R. K. Brown Award in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This award -- established upon retirement by Professor Brown and his wife Marilyn Mason Brown (a professor in the School of Music) - is given to students indicating an interest in either acoustics or ham radio. The award was presented to Chris in appreciation for his outstanding efforts in reestablishing the University of Michigan Amateur Radio Club.

Jessy Grizzle Receives Education Excellence Award

Professor Jessy Grizzle received the David E. Liddle Research Excellence Award from the College of Engineering at the Faculty Honors Dinner Dance on Saturday, April 2, 2005. This award recognizes faculty members whose research has a profound impact in their field. The impact is manifested through the seminal character of their work and through it's major influence on the development of the field.
Related Topics:  Grizzle, Jessy  

Brian Noble Receives Education Excellence Award

Professor Brian Noble received the Vulcans Education Excellence Award from the College of Engineering at the Faculty Honors Dinner Dance on Saturday, April 2, 2005. This award is presented to a faculty member who exhibits outstanding or unusual teaching skills. This includes the introduction of new and vital courses in the faculty member's field of specialization, curriculum planning in the Department or College and dedication to students.

Mark Brehob Receives Teaching Excellence Award

Lecturer Mark Brehob received the Teaching Excellence Award from the College of Engineering at the Faculty Honors Dinner Dance on Saturday, April 2, 2005. This award is presented to a non-tenure track faculty member who exhibits outstanding or unusual teaching skills. This includes the introduction of new and vital courses in the faculty member's field of specialization, curriculum planning in the Department or College and dedication to students.

Jeff Fessler Receives Education Excellence Award

Professor Jeff Fessler received the John F. Ullrich Education Excellence Award from the College of Engineering at the Faculty Honors Dinner Dance on Saturday, April 2, 2005. This award is presented to a faculty member who exhibits outstanding or unusual teaching skills. This includes the introduction of new and vital courses in the faculty member's field of specialization, curriculum planning in the Department or College and dedication to students.
Related Topics:  Fessler, Jeffrey  

Mark Haynes wins MI Space Grant Consortium Fellowship

Mark Haynes has recently received a fellowship from the Michigan Space Grant Consortium. Haynes is working on a research project with Prof. Mahta Moghaddam.

Additional information about the program can be found at:

EECS Faculty and Students Receive Best Paper Award at DATE 2005 Conference

Professors John Hayes and Igor Markov, along with their students Smita Krishnaswamy and George Viamontes, were selected for a best paper award at the Design Automation and Test in Europe (DATE) 2005 Conference held in March in Munich, Germany. Their paper, titled “Accurate Reliablity Evaluation and Enhancement via Probabilistic Transfer Matrices” was chosen from over 800 entries. The award will be presented at a ceremony during DATE 2006. [Full Story]

Dr. Jahanian's work in the Wall Street Journal

Farnam Jahanian is featured in a Wall Street Journal article about how his company, Arbor Lakes, is working with a alliance of global communications-services providers to stop the spread of denial-of-service attacks by computer hackers. Denial-of-service attacks are one of the most expensive forms of computer crime, second only to computer viruses, and becoming an increasingly large global threat to internet security. For more information, check out the web link below. (requires a subscription) [Full Story]

Build and Release Engineer

Company or Institution: Consulting firm that specializes in systems engineering, including software, telecommunications, information assurance and information engineering.

Location: Northern Virginia

Job Description:

A client of ours in Northern Virginia is seeking a Build and Release Engineer. They are a consulting firm that specializes in systems engineering, including software, telecommunications, information assurance and information engineering.

At least an Active Secret Clearance required, Secret Clearance will be upgraded to Top Secret

Education: BS Degree in Computer Science or Equivalent

Technical Requirements:
- Must have at least 3 to 5 years experience with a configuration management system
- Experience with Make and/or Ant or Similar Product
- Experience with configuring and maintaining a defect tracking system
- Experience building medium to large Java applications
- Experience with one or more scripting languages
- Must be proficient in both Unix/Linux and Windows

Desired Skills: Experience with Open Source CM (e.g., CVS, Subversion, etc) and automated testing tools, Experience with DII COE software development, segmentation, and delivery process.

The Release and Build Engineer reports to the CM Manager and is tasked with managing multiple active code branches, running builds for Test and releasing/delivering products to the customer.

Position Description:
Responsible for the management of the source code, unit test cases, documentation, and related build artifacts that comprise the project deliverables:
- Build and Release existing and new software products. Develop build scripts and define build system components.
- Document the build system and process
- Ensure that the product development and test organization are fully utilizing the software configuration management system in the most effective way
- Ensure that the products are building successfully every date, and that the automated test suites are running after every successful build. When problems arise, this person is responsible for getting the builds and tests running again, and for taking the lest on determining the source of the problem and working with developers and testers as needed to remedy.
- Ensure that the project team is effectively using the defect tracking system, and that its is deeply integrated with the software configuration management system.
- Configure, maintain and administer Version Control tools. Become the resident expert on the software tools used by the developers and testers, and integrate tools into the environment where necessary
- Enhance the existing Build and Install infrastructure
- Administer the tools used in Build and Release process
- Drive the process changes to improve the Build Environment

Contact Information
If you meet the position requirements and are seeking an opportunity to contribute in a challenging, small company environment, please submit a resume and salary history to email your resume to:

Nader Behdad Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

Nader Behdad, an Electrical Engineering Ph.D. student, has been awarded the University of Michigan's Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship. This prestigious fellowship is awarded to outstanding Ph.D. students who will complete their dissertation within the year of the fellowship.

Shahrzad Naraghi Awarded Barbour Scholarship

Shahrzad Naraghi, a Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering, has been awarded a Barbour Scholarship from the University of Michigan Rackham School of Graduate Studies. The Barbour Scholarship is presented to women working towards degrees in areas of study critical to the development of their native lands who show potential for positive contributions to their native country. [Full Story]

Hai Huang Awarded IBM Ph.D. Fellowship

Hai Huang, a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering, has been awarded an IBM Ph.D. Fellowship. This prestigious fellowship honors "exceptional Ph.D. students in disciplines of mutual interest, fundamental to innovation and on demand business." [Full Story]

Kamal Sarabandi Receives IEEE GRSS Distinguished Achievement Award

Professor Kamal Sarabandi has been chosen to receive the 2005 IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) Distinguished Achievement Award. This award recognizes an individual "who has made significant technical contributions, usually over a sustained period." [Full Story]

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EECS Alumni at MTT04

EECS faculty and alumni had a great time gathering at the International Microwave Symposium in Fort Worth, TX this past June 8, 2004. This years conference was called, Microwave Frontiers, and many of those at the meeting have been at the frontier of microwave research for years.

The EECS Department has had a great influence on the MTT society for many years, said Prof. George Haddad, who enjoyed seeing many of his colleagues and past students at the event. From administrative positions in MTT, to being the recipients of MTT awards, EECS is very well represented both from the perspective of faculty and students. Some of those who attended the event include UM faculty: George Haddad, Gabriel Rebeiz, Linda Katehi (now Dean at Purdue), Jack East, and UM alumni who are now faculty at other institutions, including Bob Trew, Mahhu Gupta, and Rhonda Flemming. Others came for the reunion alone just to visit with everyone. Paul Bauhahn traveled with his wife from Minnesota, and Bill Schroeder came from the east coast.

Chuck Krumm, who will have his hand in organizing the next reunion, said it was a great pleasure to be reunited with so many former friends, students and colleagues. While the success of the individuals in this group was truly impressive, their collective success is clearly attributable to the outstanding education they received during their years at Michigan. It was exciting as well to meet the more recent EECS graduates and to learn that they are fully prepared to carry on the tradition of Michigan engineering accomplishments.

Bob Trew, current MTT president, enjoyed seeing not only his past graduate students, including Mike Golio and Alfy Riddle, but the new UM grads. UM must have, by far, the single largest contingent of people attend the IMS, which is really saying something about the quality of the EECS program, said Trew.

One of these newer grads is Rhonda Franklion Drayton, assistant professor at the U. of Minnesota. I had a great time seeing old classmates and catching up with them and their lives, said Rhonda. I feel that Michigan did a good job preparing me for a faculty job, especially in the areas of research and supervision of others.

Including spouses, friends, and special guests, there were approx. 80 individuals at the reunion. Trew, one of the on-site organizers, gives special thanks to Dr. Jack East, and others, who had their hand in organizing the event.

The event was so successful, it has been made into an annual event. If you are in Long Beach, CA next June, be sure to stop by!

For a selection of photographs taken at the event, please go to:
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Peoplesoft EPM Developer

Company or Institution: [via Recruiter]

Location: Rutherford, NJ

Job Description:

Peoplesoft EPM Developer - Rutherford, NJ

A client of ours in Rutherford, NJ is seeking a Peoplesoft EPM Developer. The position pays up to $110K annually and they are only looking for local candidates.


Provide development and integration role across various vendor products to provide BASEL II reporting on a large risk and finance data warehouse-tools including Peoplesoft EPM. Work with business SMEs to understand requirements and develop solution. This provides a challenging opportunity to work in one of the largest IT projects currently underway to implement BASEL II reporting solution on a large data warehouse for GCIB senior management.


4 years of experience with Peoplesoft tools: Peoplecode, peopletools, EPM 8.8, application engine, business interlinks, data modeling, data marts. Experience with Peoplesoft modules such as RWC and Global Consolidation is plus. Good communication skills and working experience in finance project is plus.

If you are interested in this position, please forward your Word formatted resume, cover note and salary requirement to
Please include the specific position to which you are applying in the subject line of your email. This will ensure your resume is routed to the correct recruiter as quickly as possible.

Please note, only qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews. Receipt of your resume will be confirmed if it is sent as an attachment.

Learning and Development Manager

Company or Institution: [via Micro Search]

Location: Silicon Valley

Job Description:

Job Title: Learning & Development Manager (Active Manager with one admin.) in Silicon Valley, CA

Job Summary

Named to Fortune's Top 100 Best Companies to Work For this leading vendor of Network Attached Storage based in Silicon Valley is seeking a Learning & Development Manager (new position) to help the company handle its imminent growth.

Its growth will be both in worldwide employee population and in scaling processes and programs. Effectively developing employees is critical to our retention and long term growth. Building on current programs, the Learning & Development Manager will develop and implement a truly global employee development system that is scalable as they grow. This person will partner closely with the Employee Success and Development Program Director to upgrade the performance management system.

Essential Functions

- Design an Assimilation and Development process for their employees and implement world-wide, including TOAST & New Employee Orientation (must have done before).
- Design roadmap for and program manage core employee development programs. This will include evaluating and revising, as appropriate, existing programs. Develop and deliver (or use outside vendors, appropriate) new programs
- Design and develop programs and tools to support ESD (performance management) initiative for individual contributors.
- Develop marketing and communication strategy for employee development program.
- Assist ESD Program Director in rolling out Career Development Program
- Own EE Web content and updates SABA Registration Process lead for EE Development programs
- Ability to build relationships within the HR Community


- Enjoys working in high growth and fast paced company with minimal process and structure
- 5+ years of experience implementing worldwide employee development systems required
- Experience with meeting process design and facilitation
- Experience working as a project manager in a matrix management and working with training vendors/consultants to adapt existing programs is required.
- Good communication skills and Influence skills in working at all levels in the organization
- Enjoys collaborating to gain group consensus

Experience in:

Training needs assessment experience
Developing programs/implementing company-wide Performance
Management Systems a BIG plus
Implementing & delivering Career Development systems
Training Management Systems
HR Line experience preferred
Skills in managing and participating on virtual teams worldwide

Education: BS Degree; MS preferred

Contact: Janice Litvin Micro Search Email: 925.287.8785

SAP Solutions Architect (Sales Engineer)

Company or Institution: [via Micro Search]

Location: Silicon Valley

Job Description:

Named to Fortune's Top 100 Best Companies to Work For this leading vendor of Network Attached Storage based in Silicon Valley is seeking two SAP Storage Architects (Sales Engineers).

Their systems are designed for medium-sized to large enterprises and their filers can also be deployed in Fibre Channel and IP-based storage area network (SAN) configurations. The company's NetCache Web caching appliances help enterprises and service providers deliver content more quickly by storing information physically closer to users. The company also offers a line of disk-based devices designed for backup and archiving, as well as data management and content delivery software.

Job Summary

SAP Solutions Architect (aka Sales Engineers) (2 openings) responsible for developing Storage Solutions for customers running SAP core technologies. Two to five years Basis experience required. The architect will work to provide global Sales support primarily, but will also work cross-functionally with other parts of the organization including Product Marketing, Services, and Engineering on the company's future strategies related to the area of SAP solutions. The person will be expected to drive virtual team activities and be a self starter. The person in this role may also work closely with respective third-party vendor organizations as required to achieve our corporate goals.

Essential Functions

a.. Define processes for SAP Backup and Recovery, archiving and upgrades.
b.. Perform sizing, consultative selling of storage architecture and solutions.
c.. Educate sales teams about SAP specifics.
d.. Help maintain technological edge with SAP and partners.
e.. Develop and deploy innovative methods of storage utilization.
f.. Manage sales pipeline with sales field.
g.. Identify enhancements to company's products and software, and communicate these to PM and Engineering.
h.. Work with customers and NGS to enhance company's technologies and services.
i.. Engage with SEs and partner SEs to deploy company's storage at customer sites.
j.. Maintain lab with partners.
k.. Deploy company's storage within NetWeaver settings, establish best practices, SAP consolidations and upgrades.
l.. Sell company's value and ROI to customers globally.
m.. Participate in executive briefing and tradeshow speaking opportunities.


a.. SAP Basis and storage architecture, 2-5 years or more.
b.. Sizing of storage for ERP systems (SAP preferred).
c.. Consultative selling of SAP architecture and storage.
d.. Knowledge of SAP NetWeaver and SAP upgrade methodology.
e.. Data conversion in enterprise storage systems.
f.. Performance analysis of enterprise data storage systems.
g.. Overall knowledge of various SAP modules.
h.. Ability to communicate storage related technology and business issues with customers and partners.
i.. Strong working knowledge of file systems. operating systems and, storage technologies (NAS, SAN), IP networking, and/or Fibre Channel networking is also required while previous experience with disaster recovery solutions, business continuance, Nearline storage, and/or data replication software would be highly desirable.
j.. Candidate must have strong technical and project management skills and must be able to work cross-functionally with other development teams and partner organizations.
k.. Candidate must also possess strong written and verbal communication skills.

Education: BS or equivalent industry experience

Contact: Janice Litvin, Micro Search, 925.287.8785,

Joanna Borders Receives Society of Women Engineers Award

Joanna Borders, an EECS senior in Computer Science, has been chosen to receive the Society of Women Engineers Outstanding Senior Female Engineering Student Award. Joanna was selected from a pool candidates from all departments in the College of Engineering. Joanna's contributions to EECS include her work as a founding member of gEECS (girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). [Full Story]

Prof. Elliot Soloway Receives Excellence in Innovation Award from UM Tech Transfer

Professor Elliot Soloway has received the Excellence in Innovation Award from the U-M Tech Transfer Office for his work on integrating technology into classroom. Soloway received his award at a ceremony on October 7, 2004. [Full Story]

Jessy Grizzle Receives College of Engineering Research Excellence Award

Professor Jessy Grizzle has been selected to receive a College of Engineering Research Excellence Award for 2004-05. This award is given in recognition of "demonstrated sustained excellence in research and scholarly activities. Professor Grizzle will receive his award at the College of Engineering Faculty Honors and Awards Dinner Dance on April 2.
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Mark Brehob Receives College of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award

Lecturer Mark Brehob has been selected to receive the College of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award for 2004-05. This award, for non-tenure-track faculty, is given in recognition of "demonstrated sustained excellence in instruction and guidance at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels, including graduate student supervision, and the development of new courses, teaching laboratories, teaching techniques, software packages for self-teaching, etc."Dr. Brehob will receive his award at the College of Engineering Faculty Honors and Awards Dinner Dance on April 2.

Brian Noble Receives College of Engineering Education Excellence Award

Professor Brian Noble has been selected to receive a College of Engineering Education Excellence Award for 2004-05. This award is given in recognition of "demonstrated sustained excellence in curricular development, instruction and guidance at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, including graduate student supervision, and the development of new courses, teaching laboratories, teaching techniques, software packages for self teaching, etc." Professor Noble will receive his award at the College of Engineering Faculty Honors and Awards Dinner Dance on April 2.

Jeffrey Fessler Receives College of Engineering Education Excellence Award

Professor Jeff Fessler has been selected to receive a College of Engineering Education Excellence Award for 2004-05. This award is given in recognition of "demonstrated sustained excellence in curricular development, instruction and guidance at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, including graduate student supervision, and the development of new courses, teaching laboratories, teaching techniques, software packages for self teaching, etc." Professor Fessler will receive his award at the College of Engineering Faculty Honors and Awards Dinner Dance on April 2.