EECS in the News

06/08/18 Connected cars can lie, posing a new threat to smart cities
05/29/18 The sonic attack in China was probably clumsy ultrasonic eavesdropping
05/24/18 US Employee Suffers Brain Injury After Sound Incident in China, Embassy Issue...
05/22/18 U.S. Spy Agencies Seek Tech to Identify Deadly Chemicals From 30 Meters Away
05/17/18 Startup Maps AI into Flash Array
05/07/18 15 of The Greatest Minds in Automobile Engineering Today
05/04/18 JPMorgan's latest hire proves the bank is serious about artificial intell...
04/30/18 Video Friday: Cassie on Fire
04/27/18 The Lab Making Robots Walk Through Fire and Ride Segways
04/16/18 University of Michigan breaks ground on $75M Ford Robotics Building
04/13/18 Michigan engineers develop solar-powered imaging sensor
04/06/18 Possession of ransomware is now a crime in Michigan
03/20/18 How May Mobility Is Spearheading Autonomous Driving In The Form Of Shuttle Se...
03/19/18 Security of State Voter Rolls a Concern as Primaries Begin
03/18/18 Election audits to debut in Mich. 2018 race
03/08/18 Hottest Major
03/08/18 U of M computer scientists might have solved mystery behind Cuba 'sonic a...
03/01/18 Can sound be used as a weapon? 4 questions answered
02/28/18 Comcast offers 1-gigabit service in SE Mich.
02/26/18 How Can We Trust a Robot?
02/26/18 BMW and Toyota are investing in a start-up that makes self-driving shuttles
02/26/18 How Artificial Intelligence Is Going To Affect The Financial Industry In 2018
02/23/18 Prof. Michael Wellman participates in Asimov Memorial Debate
02/22/18 The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine
02/22/18 Pacemakers, defibrillators are potentially hackable
02/21/18 Kim Michelle Lewis Appointed Associate Dean at Howard University
02/19/18 Heath Hofmann discusses transistors in troubled Toyota Prius
02/16/18 The Training Of Dr. Robot: Data Wave Hits Medical Care
02/16/18 Prof. Wei Lu and What's Next In Neuromorphic Computing
02/14/18 To Fight Fatal Infections, Hospitals May Turn to Algorithms
02/12/18 Transducer Sensors Suffer Security Risks Based on Physics, Not Malware
02/12/18 As cell phones proliferate in K-12, schools search for smart policies
02/12/18 Persevering through the unknown: my conversation on emotion AI and problem so...
02/08/18 Prof. Hofmann adds expertise on defect that can cause Prius to overheat
02/02/18 Ann Arbor's Duo Security announces record-breaking year
01/22/18 DARPA funds six centers working on computer design alternatives
01/02/18 New bill could finally get rid of paperless voting machines
12/29/17 Integrity of Data: Medical Device Cybersecurity Concerns
12/21/17 DARPA Takes Chip Route to "Unhackable" Computers
12/20/17 A New Type of Computer Could Render Many Software Hacks Obsolete
12/14/17 A Case Against Net Neutrality
12/12/17 Rethinking Transistors for the Internet of Things
12/08/17 Do Robots Deserve Human Rights?
12/04/17 Blockchain Supply Chain's Chronicled Names ECE alumnus Gutgutia as VP
11/30/17 The Two-Legged Robots Walking Into the Future
11/29/17 An armed robber's Supreme Court case could affect all Americans digital p...
11/27/17 Marvell Is Buying Rival Chipmaker Cavium, Founded by ECE Alum Syed Ali, For $...
11/27/17 University students reflect on attending COP23 Conference
11/21/17 Beyond the threshold: Solving the leaking problem in ultra-low-power systems
11/17/17 An afternoon with U-M Robotics' newest robot
11/08/17 Cassie Blue Makes Her Debut
11/08/17 Securing the vote: How 'paper' can protect US elections from foreign ...
10/31/17 FDA Spells Out When Medical Device Modifications Need Review
10/20/17 The newest AlphaGo mastered the game with no human input
10/20/17 DeepMind has a bigger plan for its newest Go-playing AI
10/20/17 DeepMinds Go-playing AI doesnt need human help to beat us anymore
10/20/17 DeepMind's latest AI breakthrough is its most significant yet
10/18/17 Why the Krack Wi-Fi Mess Will Take Decades to Clean Up
10/18/17 VAuth tech feels your voice in your skin
10/11/17 Hacking North Korea is Easy. Its Nukes? Not So Much
09/05/17 Scribe: Deep Integration of Human and Machine Intelligence to Caption Speech ...
09/03/17 The Internet of Things: From Hype to Reality
09/01/17 Phone Browsing Could Become Faster, May Use Less Data With Smart Code
09/01/17 After Y Combinator, May Mobility Ready to Test Self-Driving Fleets
09/01/17 May Mobility is a self-driving startup with a decade of experience
08/18/17 In fight for free speech, researchers test anti-censorship tool built into th...
08/11/17 A New Kind of Classroom: No Grades, No Failing, No Hurry
08/02/17 Youd Never Have to Plug in This Battery-Free Cell Phone
07/31/17 U.S. elections are an easier target for Russian hackers than once thought
07/28/17 Where the Jobs Are: 2017
07/11/17 Heres exactly how Russia can hack the 2018 elections
06/29/17 Let's Encrypt Issues 100 Millionth Security Certificate
06/22/17 How to prevent Russian hackers from attacking the 2018 election
06/20/17 If Voting Machines Were Hacked, Would Anyone Know?
05/23/17 New Computer Chips That See Data Will Enable Energy-Efficient Supercomputers
05/23/17 Neuromorphic Chips Offer Neural Networks That Actually Work Like the Brain
05/17/17 U.S. Hospitals Not Immune to Crippling Cyber Attacks
05/15/17 Apple Just Acquired This Little-Known Artificial Intelligence Startup
05/15/17 Apple acquires AI company Lattice Data, a specialist in unstructured dark dat...
05/12/17 Smartphone security hole: "Open port" backdoors are common
05/11/17 Picting, not Writing, is the Literacy of Todays Youth
05/09/17 Wellman and Rajan on the Ethics of Automated Trading
05/03/17 Hundreds of popular Android apps have open ports, making them prime targets f...
05/02/17 Rackham Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Dreyer
05/01/17 Open Ports Create Backdoors in Millions of Smartphones
04/28/17 Hacking with Sound Waves
04/28/17 An Obscure Flaw Creates Backdoors in Millions of Smartphones
04/06/17 Why India Needs A Paper Trail For Free And Fair Elections
04/03/17 Need a job? How about engineering a driverless car?
03/30/17 University researchers develop ultra-thin silver film to improve touch-screen...
03/29/17 Michigan Allots $87 Million to Replace Flints Tainted Water Pipes
03/29/17 The next cyberattack could render your anti-virus and encryption software use...
03/28/17 Speck-Size Computers: Now With Deep Learning
03/27/17 Screens of the future could be made with transparent silver
03/27/17 University presidents: Prepare for global economy
03/17/17 Smartphone Accelerometers Can Be Fooled by Sound Waves
03/10/17 Optical Magnetism: Photons induce high levels of magnetism in optical materials
03/02/17 AI Scientists Gather to Plot Doomsday Scenarios (and Solutions)
02/24/17 Will artificial intelligence ever actually match up to the human brain?
02/23/17 Professor Who Urged an Election Recount Thinks Trump Won, but Voting Integrit...
02/23/17 Clinc Raises Venture Capital Round of $6.3 million
02/23/17 Why Some Apps Use Fake Progress Bars
02/22/17 VIDEO: U-M to begin experimenting with bird-inspired robot
02/16/17 Memristor Research Highlights Neuromorphic Device Future
02/16/17 Inside the Recount
02/15/17 Our Voting System Is Hackable by Foreign Powers
02/07/17 How Powerful AI Technology Can Lead to Unforeseen Disasters
02/03/17 Innovation is for Finishers
01/13/17 The 2016 US Election Wasnt Hacked, but the 2020 Election Could Be
01/13/17 Poker Is the Latest Game to Fold Against Artificial Intelligence
01/06/17 Prof. Kevin Fu to deliver endowed Dr. Dwight Harken Memorial Lecture on medic...
01/05/17 Five things that got broken at the oldest hacking event in the world
12/09/16 U-M researchers create helpful tool for Flint residents during ongoing water ...
12/07/16 Trump Allowed to Join Fight Against Pennsylvania Recount
11/28/16 Vote Recount Push Advances, but Reversing Trumps Win Is Unlikely
11/23/16 Want to Know if the Election was Hacked? Look at the Ballots
11/23/16 Trump election: Activists call for recount in battleground states
11/23/16 Computer scientists urge Clinton campaign to challenge election results
11/22/16 Experts Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States
11/21/16 Vulnerable connected devices a matter of "homeland security"
11/17/16 After Dyn cyberattack, lawmakers seek best path forward
11/17/16 How You Speak To Siri & Alexa Matters More Than You Think Here's Why
11/16/16 Regulate cybersecurity or expect a disaster, experts warn Congress
11/14/16 Provost and former CSE Assoc. Chair Martha Pollack named president at Cornell...
11/14/16 The Network Standard Used in Cars Is Wide Open to Attack
11/11/16 How Safe is Your Smart Home?
11/09/16 A Lot Of Voting Machines Are Broken Across America (But It's Totally Normal)
11/08/16 US election: Experts keep watch over 'hack states'
11/07/16 Next Weeks Anticipated U.S. Election
11/07/16 US Election Systems Seen 'Painfully Vulnerable' to Cyberattack
11/04/16 Forget rigged polls: Internet voting is the real election threat
11/03/16 The Security Challenges of Online Voting Have Not Gone Away
11/01/16 Hacking Your Health (video)
11/01/16 How the 2016 Election Could Be Hacked (story+video)
10/27/16 $800K in Research Awards Aim to Address Data Science
10/26/16 Video Friday: Robot Patrol, Tickling Machine, and More From IROS 2016
10/25/16 Matthew Bernhard on the Steve Gruber Show (audio)
10/25/16 How to (Really) Steal an Election (audio)
10/24/16 U-M to build $75-million robotics hub
10/21/16 Teslas big bet: $8,000 worth of self-driving hardware in all new cars before...
10/20/16 This Is Why We Still Cant Vote Online
10/20/16 Rigging the Election
10/18/16 Experts: State Should Audit Election Results
10/17/16 As cyberthreats multiply, hackers now target medical devices
10/11/16 What Surveillance Will Look Like in the Future: Even Bugs Will Be Bugged
10/10/16 Looking for a Choice of Voices in A.I. Technology
10/07/16 Asked and Answered Jessy Grizzle Takes on Reddit
10/06/16 Cybersecurity and Voting Machine Security (video)
10/06/16 Technology Will Destroy Democracy Unless This Man Stops It
10/06/16 Why Can't We Vote Online?
09/29/16 Flint might have a bigger problem with lead pipes than previously thought
09/29/16 Far more Flint homes have lead lines than expected, report shows
09/26/16 Medical Devices Should Withstand Rigor, Expert Says
09/26/16 A Brief Chronology of Medical Device Security
09/21/16 Progress in AI, through collaborative research
09/21/16 Despite Flaws, Paperless Voting Machines Remain Widespread in the U.S.
09/15/16 Prof. Emerita Lynn Conway to Receive Honorary Degree from University of Victoria
09/14/16 A hot new app is hoping to change the way you manage your money
09/08/16 U-M, Yottabyte partner to accelerate data-intensive research
09/07/16 Paperless voting could fuel 'rigged' election claims
09/06/16 An experimental policing tool is gaining traction across the country and the...
09/06/16 Expert Questions Claim That St. Jude Pacemaker Was Hacked
09/02/16 Guarding Presidential Election Vote Integrity Presents a Daunting Task
09/01/16 New Concerns About Hacks Into State Voting Systems
09/01/16 Hacking Report on St. Jude Pacemakers Was Flawed, Researchers Say
08/31/16 University study finds flaws in criticism of St. Jude cyber security
08/29/16 Real holograms are on bank cards, not starships
08/24/16 Meet DDoSCoin, the Cryptocurrency that Pays When You P0wn
08/23/16 New Cryptocurrency DDoSCoin Incentivizes Users for Participating in DDoS Attacks
08/23/16 Online voting could be really convenient. But its still probably a terrible i...
08/22/16 Algorithms Can be More Fair than Humans
08/08/16 Screen Savers: The World's Smallest Computer
08/08/16 Hackers Fool Tesla Autopilot Into Making Obstacles 'Disappear' -- But...
08/08/16 Hackers Fool Tesla S's Autopilot to Hide and Spoof Obstacles
08/05/16 CSE Researchers Win Pwnie Award for Work on DROWN Attack
08/05/16 How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes
08/03/16 The Adventures of a Blissfully Unaware Bipedal Robot at the Grassy Wave Field
08/03/16 Tiny Computer Has Enormous Potential
08/01/16 Students from the United States visiting various work groups of BrainLinks-Br...
08/01/16 The DNC Leak Shows How Vulnerable This Election Is To Hacking
07/28/16 Reinforcement Renaissance
07/25/16 National Robotics Initiative: Celebrating Five Years, Looking Ahead
07/22/16 R&D's Scientist of the Year - Starting 50 Years Ago with the Pioneer
07/14/16 The Mr. Robot Hack Report: Ransomware and Owning the Smart Home
07/14/16 Clever Tool Shields Your Car From Hacks by Watching its Internal Clocks
07/12/16 Experimenting with Post-Quantum Cryptography
07/12/16 Online voting would be disastrous because hackers could hijack the democratic...
07/11/16 A Women's History of Silicon Valley
07/11/16 Google snaps up startup in push to master computer vision
07/05/16 Tesla crash raises concerns about autonomous vehicle regulation
07/05/16 Why experts worry about the Tesla crash
06/28/16 Thorny Technical Questions Remain for Net Neutrality
06/24/16 The Most Interesting Tech IPO of the Year
06/22/16 James Freudenberg Takes Embedded Control Systems to Zurich
06/20/16 Video of the week: Injectable radio broadcasts through flesh in real-time
06/14/16 U-M professors know wonders, risks of self-driving cars
05/18/16 Sony Wants to Push AIs to Learn From Their Own Experiences
05/17/16 Malware Attacks Putting Patients' Medical Records at Risk
05/17/16 More Than 30 States Offer Online Voting, but Experts Warn it isnt Secure
05/13/16 MARLO the bipedal robot makes worldwide news coverage with her new steps
04/25/16 Your Devices' Latest Feature? They Can Spy on Your Every Move
04/25/16 For Michigan Professor, Computer Science is Much More Than a Job
04/22/16 5 big challenges that self-driving cars still have to overcome
03/28/16 UM professors, students lead startup with real-world uses for AI technology
03/23/16 Numbers Game
03/18/16 Google Self-Driving Car Will Be Ready Soon for Some, in Decades for Others
03/08/16 Attack against TLS shows the pitfalls of weakening encryption
03/08/16 'Thousands of popular sites' at risk of Drown hack attacks
03/08/16 Drown attack: how weakened encryption jeopardizes 'secure' sites
03/03/16 How to know when your boss is lying to you
02/01/16 President Obama Announces Computer Science for All
01/28/16 Internet voting is just too hackable, say security experts
01/28/16 Driverless cars work great in sunny California. But how about in a blizzard?
01/14/16 Even your academic advisor might one day be a robot
01/13/16 Cybersecurity Startup QuadMetrics Calculates Odds a Company Will be Breached
01/12/16 The Story of a Digital Teddy Bear Shows How College Learning Is Changing
01/12/16 Researchers make progress on holy grail of autonomous vehicles: driving in snow
01/11/16 Fairy doors appear on University of Michigan's North Campus
01/11/16 Ford tests driverless cars in snow at U-M's Mcity
01/07/16 Fairy doors appearing on U-M's North Campus
12/16/15 The 'skyscraper chip' that could boost the power of computers by a TH...
12/15/15 How computers are getting better at detecting liars
12/11/15 New software analyses words, gestures to detect lies
12/08/15 A Search Engine for the Internets Dirty Secrets
12/07/15 Why medical devices are so hard to secure
12/04/15 Medical device security? Forget hackers, think 'hand-washing'
12/03/15 Could hackers break my heart via my pacemaker?
11/30/15 Smarter renewable power: six innovations
11/20/15 Creating a formula to detect lies in the face (Spanish)
11/12/15 New Research: Encouraging trends and emerging threats in email security
11/12/15 Gmail Will Soon Warn Users When Emails Arrive Over Unencrypted Connections
11/09/15 Soon We Will Hunt Like Predator With This New Night-Vision Sensor
11/05/15 Lie-detecting algorithm spots fibbing faces better than humans
10/29/15 Email Encryption is Broken
10/19/15 Bright Blue PHOLEDs Almost Ready for TV
10/19/15 This Common Cryptography Method Is Alarmingly Vulnerable
10/19/15 How the NSA can Break Trillions of Encrypted Web and VPN connections
10/19/15 Research Shows How NSA Exploits Flaws to Decrypt Huge Amounts of Communicatio...
10/19/15 NSA may be Breaking Popular Algorithm
10/08/15 Bosch's popular diesel engine software was not preprogrammed to cheat
09/29/15 From search to distributed computing to large-scale information extraction
09/24/15 Brilliant 10: Alex Halderman Strengthens Democracy Using Software
09/21/15 Michigan's Bi-Ped Robots on the Big Ten Network
09/16/15 Silicon Valley, Seeking Diversity, Focuses on Blacks
09/11/15 Online security braces for quantum revolution
09/11/15 A Tricky Path to Quantum-Safe Encryption
08/19/15 IBMs Rodent Brain Chip Could Make Our Phones Hyper-Smart
08/11/15 Can hackers take over Ann Arbor's traffic signals? U-M researcher discusses
08/10/15 Can hackers take over traffic lights?
08/04/15 The Conversation: Big Data analyses depend on starting with clean data points
07/29/15 Two sentences explaining why your self-driving car wont have a steering wheel
07/29/15 Scientists warn against Artificial Intelligence weapons
07/27/15 The race is on to figure out what self-driving cars should look like
07/17/15 Why Are Computers So Bad At Jokes?
07/15/15 3-D Printed Cars Emerging; Early Units will Serve as Testbed for On-Demand Sy...
07/13/15 U-M to Test Driverless 3-D Printed Carts
07/13/15 Two-legged robot with human feet can now walk independently
07/08/15 Worlds smallest computer can fit on the edge of a nickel
06/19/15 Stryd, co-founded by Prof. Robert Dick, Selected as Part of the 2015 Techsta...
06/17/15 Prof. Kevin Fu Testifies on the IRS Data Breach for Senate Committee
06/09/15 Massive Clinton-era Internet bug shows pitfalls of Obama's 'backdoor&...
06/01/15 Rumor-detector software IDs disputed claims on Twitter
05/29/15 New data science major aligns with growing corporate needs
05/20/15 New Computer Bug Exposes Broad Security Flaws
04/30/15 Your House Is Your Next Fit Band
04/30/15 Your House Is Your Next Fit Band
04/27/15 Digital democracy: will 2015 be the last paper-based general election?
04/27/15 US hospitals to treat medical device malware with AC power probes
04/27/15 13 Of 2015s Hottest Topics In Computer Science Research
04/23/15 At 50 Years Old, The Challenge To Keep Up With Moores Law
04/16/15 The Crazy-Tiny Next Generation of Computers
04/10/15 Machine politics: Electronic voting and the persistent doubts about its integ...
04/10/15 A case for predictable databases
04/06/15 This is the worlds smallest computer
04/06/15 Why you arent voting for Chicago mayor from a smartphone
04/06/15 The Hackathon Fast Track, From Campus to Silicon Valley
03/31/15 Smart Phone Apps: An Interview with Prof. Georg Essl (in German)
03/31/15 Our Data, Our Health. A Future Tense Event Recap.
03/31/15 Probing the Whole Internet for Weak Spots
03/31/15 ECE spinoff Arborlight gets $1.7M in VC funding to commercialize new lighting...
03/25/15 U-M Develops Controls for Bipedal Robots with Model-Based Design
03/25/15 Voice Control Will Force an Overhaul of the Whole Internet
03/23/15 Critical iVote security flaws expose risk of online voting fraud
03/23/15 Australian online voting system may have FREAK bug
03/23/15 NSW election result could be challenged over iVote security flaw
03/19/15 Edwin Olson: Driverless Cars (radio interview)
03/16/15 Researchers just built a free, open-source version of Siri
03/16/15 Engineers Bring A New Open-Source Siri To Life
03/16/15 Free Sirius One-Ups Siri
03/16/15 What You Tweet Might Tell Janet Yellen Its Time to Raise Rates
03/12/15 Sirius Is the Google-Backed Open Source Siri
03/11/15 Chappie ponders future of humans in a world run on artificial intelligence
03/05/15 Security Concerns Raised Regarding Clinton Offices Use of Private Email
03/04/15 Outdated Encryption Keys Leave Phones Vulnerable to Hackers
03/04/15 Researchers Map Extent of FREAK Security Flaw
02/13/15 Careers in Robotics: Spotlight on the University of Michigan
02/12/15 Robots In Our Image
01/26/15 Cooking robot may offer artificial culinary intelligence
01/26/15 Distinguished University Professor lecture involves walking robots
01/23/15 Coding For Kids: Teaching Girls, Minorities To Program Important For A Divers...
01/05/15 How drones and insects merged in ways that might surprise you
12/24/14 Arborlight: LED-Based Skylights and Sunshine in Real Time
12/23/14 Stryd, co-founded by Prof. Robert Dick, about to launch wearable technology f...
12/01/14 Olson on Mobility Transformation Facility
11/26/14 Talking Book trial to help poorest of poor in Ghana
11/21/14 Can Hackers Get Into Your Pacemaker?
11/17/14 Ambiq Micro Announces $15 Million Funding Round
11/14/14 Technological implants will allow us to improve our bodily functions
11/06/14 Estonia has online voting. Should the United States?
11/04/14 Hackers Could Decide Who Controls Congress Thanks to Alaskas Terrible Interne...
11/03/14 Decode DC: The Future of Voting. Prof J. Alex Halderman Interviewed on Electr...
10/29/14 Rise of e-voting is inevitable, as is risk of hacking
10/29/14 New Jersey e-vote experiment after Sandy declared a disaster
10/08/14 UM Professor Named one of Brilliant 10 for Building Energy Scavenging Sensors
10/06/14 Prof. Kevin Fu Answers Your Questions About Medical Device Security
10/06/14 3 Lessons American Districts Can Learn From Foreign Schools
09/29/14 Long-Lived Blue OLED Could Lead to Better Displays
09/29/14 These Energy-Saving, Batteryless Chips Could Soon Power The Internet Of Things
09/10/14 Theres Really No Delete Button on the Internet
09/10/14 Research finds No Large Scale Heartbleed Exploit Attempts Before Vulnerabilit...
09/08/14 Facets of Privacy Discussed at Inauguration Panel
09/08/14 Jetpac: The Implications of the Google Acquisition
08/26/14 Tweet Analysis Paints More Accurate Employment Picture Than The US Government...
08/19/14 Researchers Hack Into Michigans Traffic Lights
08/15/14 Slashdot: Can Our Computers Continue To Get Smaller and More Powerful?
08/15/14 Are processors pushing up against the limits of physics?
08/14/14 The Limits of Moores Law Limits
08/08/14 Court case: Voting via the Internet is a civil rights issue for disabled
08/06/14 Low-Power Laser Could Speed CPUs
08/05/14 Utah is correct to both be at the front of online voting, and cautiously stud...
07/30/14 A Batteryless Sensor Chip for the Internet of Things
07/26/14 US Researchers Develop Room Temperature Polariton Laser
07/03/14 Tailor-made surface swaps light polarization
06/25/14 Cockroaches rule! And heres why
06/17/14 Semitransparent PV cells go designer
05/29/14 Hack the Vote: The Perils of the Online Ballot Box
05/21/14 Business Adapts to a New Style of Computer
05/21/14 Silicon Valley to Get a Cellular Network, Just for Things
05/21/14 BBC: Is Estonia e-Voting Safe?
05/20/14 Terahertz Detectors Go Handheld
05/19/14 Schools adding computer coding to curriculum
05/16/14 The Washington Post: How Russia could easily hack its neighbors elections
05/16/14 PC World: Estonian electronic voting system vulnerable to attacks, researcher...
05/16/14 The Guardian: Estonian e-voting shouldnt be used in European elections, say s...
05/12/14 Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Lately, Coding
05/01/14 Eye of the Tiger: U.S. Army Eyes Night Vision Contact Lenses
04/29/14 Wired: Its Crazy What Can Be Hacked Thanks to Heartbleed
04/17/14 PsiKicks batteryless sensors poised for coming Internet of Things
04/17/14 Infrared Sensor Could Lead to Night Vision Contact Lenses (with video)
04/17/14 New York Times: Study Finds No Evidence of Heartbleed Attacks Before the Bug ...
04/17/14 Heartbleed Software Snafu: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
04/15/14 Heartbleed Hackers Steal Encryption Keys in Threat Test
04/15/14 Hacker From China Wastes Little Time in Exploiting Heartbleed
04/15/14 Researchers find thousands of potential targets for Heartbleed OpenSSL bug
04/15/14 Michigan Daily: Internet security flaw left University sites vulnerable
04/10/14 Vox: Take these 4 steps right now to protect yourself from the Heartbleed bug
04/09/14 The Heritage of Mead & Conway: What Has Remained the Same, What Has Changed, ...
04/09/14 AAMI: Cyberthreats Loom with the End of Windows XP Support
04/09/14 Fu: FierceHealthIT - As Windows XPSecurity Updates Cease, Whats Next for Heal...
04/08/14 Have New Cars Gone Haywire?
04/08/14 Cafarella - Washington Post: Twitter is surprisingly accurate at predicting u...
04/02/14 Cafarella: The Economist - Big Data - Separating tweet from chaff
04/01/14 Guo: Science World - Beautiful Energy
03/24/14 Olson: The Wall Street Journal - Driverless Cars Are Data Guzzlers
03/20/14 Night-Vision Contact Lenses that use Infrared Technology
03/20/14 Stained Glass Windows that Double as Solar Panels
03/20/14 Graphene Gives You Infrared Vision in a Contact Lens
02/28/14 Fu: Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry - Five MedTech Influencers You Shoul...
02/26/14 Taking a step toward a machine that can think
02/14/14 After two years, bipedal robot takes steps outside
02/06/14 Halderman: The Baltimore Sun - Experts worry about election fraud threat
01/09/14 Halderman: Wired - Four Information Security Stories of 2013 You May Have Mis...
01/09/14 Markov: Forbes/Quora: Are There Too Many Students Going Into Computer Science?
01/06/14 Markov: Huffington Post college blog/Quora - Why Do Professors Spend Their Pr...
12/12/13 Halderman: The Washington Post - News sites could protect your privacy with e...
12/11/13 MABEL the Robot - Video Friday
12/11/13 Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs
12/05/13 Jagadish: InformationWeek - Gates Foundation Big Data Grants Stress Open Data
12/05/13 Jagadish: Chronicle of Philanthropy - 6 Projects That Make Data More Accessib...
12/04/13 No Big Deal, Just a Robot Walking Around Campus
12/03/13 Pallab Bhattacharya Speaks at UC Davis
10/28/13 Fu: New York Times - Of Fact, Fiction and Defibrillators
10/21/13 10 Coolest DARPA Projects
10/14/13 Halderman: Interview on Tana TV (Estonia) regarding e-voting in Estonia and L...
09/24/13 Forrest: MLive - Michigans $1.33B research enterprise
08/30/13 Wellman: CNN Money - Make $377,000 trading Apple in one day
08/29/13 Halderman: Mashable - ZMap Scans the Entire Internet in Under 45 Minutes
08/21/13 Ambiq Micro (Blaauw - Sylvester): Market Wired - Ambiq Micro Closes $10M Seri...
08/21/13 Lu: FOX Detroit - Image processing 1,000 times fast
08/21/13 DARPA Funds Neural Image Processor
08/21/13 Halderman: The Chronicle of Higher Education - U. of Michigan Researchers Spe...
08/20/13 Halderman: NakedSecurity from Sophos - Welcome to Zmap, the one hour turnarou...
08/20/13 Halderman: TechWeek Europe - Zmaps Fast Internet Scan Tool Could Spread Zero ...
08/20/13 Halderman: The Verge - Take a snapshot of the entire internet in just 44 minu...
08/20/13 Halderman: Motherboard - Now You Can Scan the Entire Internet in Under an Hour
08/20/13 Halderman: Threatpost - Scanning the Internet in 45 Minutes
08/19/13 Halderman: The Register - New tool lets single server map entire internet in ...
08/19/13 Halderman: The Washington Post: Heres what you find when you scan the entire ...
08/19/13 Halderman: Slashdot - Researchers Release Tool That Can Scan the Entire Inter...
08/16/13 Halderman: The Washington Post: Heres how Iran censors the Internet
08/13/13 Creating the Carl Lewis of robots: Researchers at Penn give latest project legs
08/09/13 Fu: MIT Technology Review - Electric Therapy for Medical-Device Malware
08/07/13 Crossbar takes on DRAM and flash storage...
08/07/13 Crossbar Enters Race to Change Memory Chips
08/07/13 ReRAM Startup Bets on Silver
07/25/13 Wellman: MSN Money - Every Day, Another Flash Crash
07/17/13 Shin: DesignNews - GapSense Allows Communication Between WiFi, Bluetooth, Zig...
07/01/13 Laser can identify substances, could be military tool
07/01/13 from 2 to 2.5 microns at a 25 W output, 50 W coming this year
06/25/13 Fu: Scientific American - A New Cyber Concern: Hack Attacks on Medical Devices
06/24/13 Wellman: Think Progress - High-Frequency Trading Actually Does More Harm Than...
06/24/13 Sarabandi: Motherboard - This Gun Radar Could Make Concealed Carry Obselete
06/21/13 Wellman: Huffington Post - High-Frequency Trading Is Bad For Profits, Includ...
06/19/13 Fu: The Economist - How vulnerable are medical devices to hackers?
06/19/13 Wellman: Bloomberg - Sudden Stock Crashes Usually Caused by Human Error, SEC ...
06/18/13 Cafarella: Salon - Netflix, Facebook and the NSA: Theyre all in it together
06/18/13 Wellman: TechCrunch - Trading Faster Than The Speed Of Reality
06/18/13 Halderman: Washington Post - NSA-proof encryption exists. Why doesnt anyone u...
06/14/13 Fu: The Wall Street Journal - Potential Cyberattacks on Implanted Medical Dev...
06/13/13 Fu: Washington Post: FDA, facing cybersecurity threats, tightens medical-devi...
06/07/13 Penny-Sized Vacuum System Could Help Detect Chemical Weapons
06/06/13 1,000 times less energy needed for alternative polariton laser
05/30/13 Dutta: NewScientist - Smart dust computers are no bigger than a snowflake
05/30/13 Dutta: Humans Invent - Smart dust: Computers as small as a grain of sand
05/29/13 Dutta: MIT Technology Review - Wanted for the Internet of Things: Ant-Sized C...
05/15/13 Polariton Lasers Light Up at Low Power
05/10/13 Sarabandi: Michigan Public Radio Podcast: Building Better Security Screening ...
05/06/13 Carmon: Nature Photonics - View from... 2013 Photonics West: Solid Cooling
05/03/13 Dutta: New Scientist - Smart dust computers are no bigger than a snowflake
05/02/13 Wenisch: Wired - The Real Reason ARM Will Menace Intel in the Data Center
04/30/13 Shin: PCWorld - Wireless networks may learn to live together by using energy ...
04/24/13 Najafi, Peterson: Kurzweil - Low-cost precise navigation without GPS
04/23/13 Tech Transfer, Accuri Cytometers, Arborlight: CBS News - UM Startups Amaze As...
04/17/13 Sarabandi: Slate - How New Military Technologies Can Help Prevent the Next Bo...
04/17/13 Najafi, Peterson: Wired - Darpas New Navigation Tool Is Smaller Than a Penny
04/17/13 Najafi, Peterson: DARPA - Extreme Miniaturization
04/15/13 Shin: EE Times - GapSense unclogs WiFi Channels
04/12/13 Jarrahi: PhysOrg - Better than X-rays: A more powerful terahertz imaging system
04/12/13 Jarrahi: National Science Foundation - Better Than X-rays
04/12/13 Shin: redOrbit - GapSense To Help Competing Wireless Protocols Play Nicely To...
04/12/13 Shin: R&D - New software could alleviate wireless traffic
04/12/13 Shin: Engadget - University of Michigans GapSense may help WiFi harmonize wit...
04/04/13 Sarabandi: gizmag - Radar used to detect concealed weapons in public spaces
04/04/13 Sarabandi: Fox News - Could a military radar prevent further Newtown style tr...
04/01/13 Halderman: National Council of State Legislatures - Cybersecurity for Online ...
03/29/13 Halderman: Slate - The Chilling Effects of the DMCA
03/25/13 IEEE Spectrum: Better Eyes for Flying Robots
03/25/13 Sarabandi: Popular Science - Researcher Says Radar Tech Could Detect Guns at ...
03/25/13 Soloway: New York Times - Digitally Aided Education, Using the Students Own ...
03/22/13 Better Eyes for Flying Robots
03/20/13 Fu: Healthcare Info Security - How to Improve Medical Device Security (audio ...
03/19/13 Halderman: The Christian Science Monitor - First-ever cyberattack on US elec...
03/18/13 Halderman: NBC - Cyberattack on Florida election is first known case in US, e...
02/27/13 Revzen: Discovery - Cockroaches teach robots to balance
02/27/13 Revzen: Popular Science - Watch: How Cockroaches Are Helping Scientists Desig...
02/26/13 Forrest: U-M research funding up, but sequestration threatens budget
02/25/13 Maryland's proposed online ballot system called vulnerable to cyberattack
02/25/13 Papaefthymiou: Yahoo! Finance - GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Cyclos Semiconductor Part...
02/25/13 Adar: Popular Photograpy - PixelTone: A Voice Controlled Photo Editing App fo...
02/25/13 Adar: Gizmodo - Adobe's Developing a Brilliant Photo Editing App You Can ...
02/25/13 Adar: NBC - Voice-controlled photo app PixelTone: Shades of "Blade Runner...
02/22/13 CPU, Heal Thyself
02/21/13 Fu: Canadian National Radio interview; story begins at 27:00
02/20/13 Bhattacharya: Ars Technica - Bose-Einstein condensate created at room tempera...
02/20/13 Forrest: Science Magazine - Space Solar Cells With A Down-to-Earth Cost
02/14/13 Guo: Optics and Photonics - Subwavelength Grooves Reflect Consistent Colors
02/14/13 Guo: EE Times - Reflective display funnels light
02/01/13 Power and Energy Curriculum: Engineering TV - video with Heath Hofmann
02/01/13 Hofmann: Engineering TV - Automotive Power Electronics
01/30/13 Bertacco, Mahlke: Michigan Daily - What Will Tech Look Like in 2030?
01/07/13 Guo-Yoon: Popular Science - A Nanotube Lens Focuses Sound Waves Into and Invi...
01/07/13 Guo-Yoon: IEEE Spectrum - Nanoparticle Coated Lens Converts Light into Sound ...
01/07/13 Guo-Yoon: Discover News - Lens Converts Light Into Sound
11/30/12 Soloway: THE Journal - Mobile That Works
11/29/12 Fu: The Security Ledger - Uncle Sam Wants to Stop Healthcare Fraud, But Smart...
11/29/12 Fu: The Hill - GOP lawmaker calls for tougher fight against Medicare fraud
11/09/12 Savarese: - Bourne pursuit: Improving computer tracking of human...
11/09/12 Savarese: Communications of the ACM - Bourne Pursuit: Improving Computer Trac...
11/08/12 Halderman: The Verge - Feed the machine: America's stumble through a deca...
11/08/12 Halderman: CNN Money - Why you can't vote online yet
11/08/12 Halderman: Tech News Daily - Election Security Risks, Potential Voting Failur...
11/07/12 Halderman: - New Jersey's email voting suffers major glitches...
11/07/12 Halderman: Bloomberg Businessweek - Security of N.J. E-Mail Voting After Stor...
11/06/12 Halderman: PC Mag - Online Voting: What It Means for the Presidential Election
11/06/12 Halderman: MIT Technology Review - Why You Cant Vote Online Tuesday
11/06/12 Halderman: TechHive - Electoral Tech: How E-Voting Has Evolved
11/06/12 Halderman: The Economist - Paperless polling stations are unfashionable, but ...
11/06/12 Halderman: MLive - Why can't we vote online yet? The answer sounds a lot ...
11/06/12 Halderman: Huffington Post - Electronic Voting Machines Still Widely Used Des...
11/06/12 Halderman: Global Post - Digital Democracy: the joys and perils of voting for...
10/17/12 Halderman: Washington Post - Marylands online voter registration files are v...
10/17/12 Fu: MIT Technology Review - Computer Viruses Are Rampant on Medical Devices i...
10/16/12 Ku: U Record - Tech Transfer sets new record for agreements in fiscal year 2012
10/15/12 Halderman: KPCC NPR Take Two Show - Why Cant We Vote Online Yet? (includes au...
10/15/12 Halderman: New York Times - Voter Registration Rolls in 2 States Are Called V...
10/09/12 Forrest: - U-M head of research Stephen Forrest discusses budget...
10/08/12 Halderman: Bloomberg - E-Mail Votes Seen Raising Election Security Risk: BGOV...
10/05/12 Grizzle: NSF - 2012 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awardees Announced
10/05/12 Grizzle: PhysOrg - 2012 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough awardees announced
10/05/12 Grizzle: Popular Mechanics - 10 World-Changing Innovators
10/01/12 Halderman: Time - MOOC Brigade: Who Is Taking Massive Open Online Courses, An...
10/01/12 Chesney: EDGE - Kinect student project helping children with autism
09/21/12 Grizzle: Discovery News - Run! Top 5 Fastest Robots to the Rescue
09/20/12 Zhong: Science - Flexible and Fast
09/20/12 Zhong: Nanotechweb - Digital modulator goes transparent
09/19/12 Ku: PhysOrg - Nano-origami project combines art and engineering to further te...
09/17/12 Halderman: 3sat - Freiheit frs Internet (video, in German)
09/10/12 MEMStim, startup company: CoE Feature Story
09/05/12 Angelique Johnson (PhE EE 11) and MEMStim: - Innovation Corps: ...
09/04/12 Ku: CBS Detroit - Nano-Origami Project Combines Art, Engineering
08/20/12 Halderman: Wall Street Journal - Will the Next Election Be Hacked?
08/15/12 Jay Guo quoted in Scientific American
07/09/12 Papaefthymiou: IEEE Spectrum - Power-Saving Clock Scheme in New PCs
06/11/12 Bailey: Network World - Launch event drives IPv6 traffic to all-time high
06/04/12 Papaefthymiou: BBC News - AMD unveils Trinity chipsets to challenge Ivy Bridge
06/04/12 Wellman: IEEE Spectrum - The Microsecond Market
06/01/12 Mudge: The Economist - Oh, thats near enough
06/01/12 Chesney: Detroit Free Press - Video games help autistic students in classrooms
06/01/12 Chesney: USA Today - Video games help autistic students in classrooms
05/31/12 Strauss and Gilbert: MIT Technology Review - A Faster Fourier Transform
05/31/12 Strauss and Gilbert: IEEE Spectrum - A Faster Fast Fourier Transform
05/31/12 Soloway: Engine Yard: 10 Really Awesome Computer Science Professors
05/29/12 Mao: Engadget - Exploit uses firewalls to hijack smartphones, turns friends i...
05/29/12 Halderman: Bangkok Post - Internet voting still faces hurdles in US
05/29/12 Mao: CIO Today - Flaw Found in Common Network Security Technology
05/29/12 Mao: Net India 123 - Firewalls can help hackers break into Facebook, Twitter
05/29/12 Mao: Silicon India News - Firewalls Help Hackers Break Into Facebook, Twitter
05/29/12 Mao: International Business Times - Firewall Middleboxes Help Internet Hacker...
05/29/12 Mao: Deccan Herald - Firewalls can help hackers break into Facebook, Twitter
05/29/12 Laird: The Cutting Edge - Sid Meier, Gaming Genius, Shares his Magic with Stu...
05/29/12 Mao: Tech 2 - Study shows firewalls used to hack into FB, Twitter accounts
05/29/12 Mao: ARS Technica - Smartphone hijacking vulnerability affects AT&T, 47 other...
05/11/12 England: U Record - Tony England named interim dean of CECS at UM-Dearborn
05/03/12 WIMS - Gianchandani: ScienceDaily - Smart Gas Sensors For Better Chemical Det...
05/03/12 Forrest: Technology Review - Sharp Transistors Could Enable Cheap, Retina-Sty...
04/20/12 Baveja: Wired - Artificial Intelligence Could Be on Brink of Passing Turing Test
04/20/12 Chesney: Daily Adventures - Gaming for the Greater Good: technology really en...
04/18/12 Forrest: Nature - Japan Gambles on Displays
04/17/12 Savarese: LidarNews Magazine - D4AR - 4 Dimensional Augmented Reality
04/13/12 Gianchandani and WIMS2: EPM Magazine - Micro and High Precision Technology Ev...
04/13/12 Wei_Lu: Nature Communications - Observation of conducting filament growth in ...
04/12/12 Gianchandani and WIMS2: Nanotechnology Now - Micro and High Precision Technol...
04/11/12 Lafortune: Concentrate - U-M prof plays key role in $10M computer programming...
04/04/12 Soloway: NPR - Amidst a Mobile Revolution in Schools, Will Old Teaching Tacti...
04/04/12 Lafortune: WWJ-TV - UM Researcher Involved In $10M Project To Advance Compute...
04/02/12 Revzen: CNN - Holy &%$! inventions
03/28/12 Lu: CBS Detroit - UMs First Startup Investment Goes To Semiconductor Memory Firm
03/27/12 Sarabandi: EE Times - BAE Systems wins $34M DARPA contract
03/21/12 Halderman: Smarter Technology - Smarter Voting? Not This Year
03/16/12 Yoon: Saturday Evening Post - Watch Me Walk
03/12/12 Halderman: Slashdot (video) - Prof. J. Alex Halderman Tells Us Why Internet-B...
03/08/12 Halderman: TechDirt - The Details On How To Elect Futuramas Bender To Whateve...
03/08/12 Halderman: Washington Post - D.C. Vote-Hackers Publish Their Vote-Hacking Exp...
03/07/12 Halderman: Fox News (includes video) - Electronic Election Fail
03/07/12 Halderman: Technorati - Why Internet Based Voting is Unfixably Broken
03/07/12 Halderman: Marketplace Tech: Internet voting way too risky, say experts
03/07/12 Halderman: Gizmodo - Hacked DC School Board E-Voting Elects Bender President
03/07/12 Halderman: Slashdot - In Theory And Practice, Why Internet-Based Voting Is a ...
03/07/12 Halderman: The Register - Election hacked, drunken robot elected to school board
03/07/12 Halderman: Slashdot - Voting System Test Hack Elects Futuramas Bender To Scho...
03/06/12 Wenisch: TechCrunch - Researchers Propose Computational Sprinting To Speed Up...
03/06/12 Wenisch: PhysOrg - Computational sprinting pushes smartphones till theyre tired
03/06/12 Wenisch: Scientific American - Could Computational Sprinting Speed Up Smart P...
03/06/12 Wenisch: R&D - Researchers help rethink smartphone design with computational ...
03/06/12 Wenisch: The Register - Researchers propose overclock scheme for mobiles
03/06/12 Forrest-Grbic: Advanced Materials - Electrically Small Antennas
03/06/12 Evigia (startup): Frost & Sullivan Lauds Evigia for its Extensive Line of RFI...
02/28/12 Papaefthymiou: ExtremeTech - AMD to use resonant clock mesh to push Trinity a...
02/28/12 Papaefthymiou: Electronista - AMD Piledriver chips to use resonant clock mesh...
02/28/12 Papaefthymiou: TechSpot - AMDs Piledriver-based chips to feature energy-recyc...
02/28/12 Papaefthymiou: The Inquirer - AMDs Piledriver chips will use a resonant clock...
02/28/12 Papaefthymiou: EE Times - AMD, not ARM, first to use startups low-power clock...
02/17/12 Halderman: BoingBoing - Prime Suspect, or Random Acts of Keyness
02/17/12 Halderman: ARS Technica - Crypto shocker: four of every 1,000 public keys pro...
02/17/12 Halderman: ThreatPost - Weak RSA Keys Plague Embedded Devices, But Experts Ca...
02/17/12 Halderman: Slashdot - Factorable Keys: Twice As Many, But Half As Bad
02/09/12 Forrest-Grbic: Nature - Printing tiny coiled antennas
02/08/12 Fessler: Advance for Imaging and Radiation Oncology - New Technology Allows f...
02/02/12 Forrest, Grbic: BioPortfolio - Direct Transfer Patterning of Electrically Sma...
01/31/12 Fessler: Michigan Daily - New CT technology decreases radiation
01/27/12 MichiganProbe-Wise: Michigan Today - An oboe for the brain
01/23/12 Gilbert, Strauss: MIT News - The Faster-than-Fourier Transform
01/20/12 Essl, Wakefield: ASEE Prism - Heavy Metal: Bronze bells and songwriting softw...
01/17/12 Lu: BioPortfolio - A Functional Hybrid Memristor Crossbar-Array/CMOS System
01/04/12 Blaauw-Sylvester-Wise: EE Web Pulse - Millimeter Scale Energy Harvesting Base...
01/04/12 Guo: Paint & Coatings Industry - The Skys the Limit with Nanotechnology
01/01/12 Flynn, Kipke, Lee: EDN Asia - Medical sensors in biomedical electronics: The ...
12/29/11 Najafi: Australian Broadcasting Corp (Radio interview RE cyborg bugs)
12/29/11 Najafi-Aktakka: NTVMSNBC (Turkey) - Bcekler depremzedeleri kurtaracak
12/29/11 Najafi: Korean News Service (Daum) - (RE the Cyborg bugs)
12/22/11 Guo: EngineerLive - Coloured solar cells could make display screens more effi...
12/07/11 Blaauw-Sylvester: EE Times 20 hot technologies for 2012
12/07/11 Guo: Popular Science - Carbon Nanotube Stealth Paint Could Make Any Object Ul...
12/06/11 Guo: Technology Review - Nano Paint Could Make Airplanes Invisible to Radar
12/01/11 Jarrahi-Carmon: Laser Focus World - Whispering-gallery resonator generates CW...
12/01/11 Jarrahi-Carmon: Futurity - Ultraviolet lasers get smarter
12/01/11 Najafi-Aktakka: CNET - Could cyborg insects act as first responders?
12/01/11 Najafi-Aktakka: Futurity - Cyborg bugs as first responders
12/01/11 Najafi-Aktakka: Popular Science - Cyborg Insects Could Be First Responders in...
12/01/11 Guo: Innovation News Daily - New Material Makes Objects Appear Invisible
11/24/11 Guo: Science - ScienceShot: How to Make a Tank Disappear
11/24/11 Guo: BBC News - Carbon nanotube space camouflage coating invented
10/20/11 Revzen: Wired - Video: Robot Builds Other Robots From Foam
10/20/11 Revzen: IEEE Spectrum - Watch a Robot Build Other Robots out of Spray Foam
10/18/11 Revzen: New Scientist - Robot builds its own body from sprayable foam
10/13/11 mm-scale computing: EE Web - Millimeter Scale Energy Harvesting Based Sensors
10/11/11 Guo: The Cutting Edge - Colored Solar Cells Boost E-Reader Efficiency and Cre...
10/11/11 Guo: Solar Novus Today - Solar Energy Harvesting of Waste Heat from Displays
10/11/11 Guo: Chem - Colored solar cells could make display screens more ef...
10/11/11 Guo: Laser Focus World - Grating-based pixel-color filters convert wasted LCD...
10/11/11 Guo: Plastic Electronics - Photovoltaic colour filters could enhance display ...
10/11/11 Guo: CBS - Colored Solar Cells Could Make Display Screens More Ef...
10/11/11 Guo: MIT Technology Review - Energy-Harvesting Displays
10/06/11 Syed: Scientist Live - An SOS From a Damaged Heart
10/04/11 Ambiq Micro: U-M Press Release - U-M licenses a record number of inventions
10/04/11 Syed: MedPageToday - ECG Noise Predicts Death After MI
10/03/11 Syed: Ivanhoe - SOS From A Damaged Heart
10/03/11 Shin: EE Times - Subconscious mode for Smartphones Could Extend Battery Life ...
10/01/11 Rand: AOL Energy - Solar Discovery Shakes Century-Old Science
09/30/11 Syed: Wall Street Journal Tech Europe- Data Mining Could Spot Heart Attack Risks
09/29/11 Syed: Science Daily - Saving Heart Attack Victims With Computer Science
09/29/11 Syed: WBUR NPR - Computer-Derived Markers Help Predict Risk Of Heart-Attack D...
09/29/11 Syed: Wired - Datamining Could Predict Heart Attack Risk
09/29/11 Syed: CBS Detroit - UM Finds New SOS From Badly Damaged Hearts
09/29/11 Syed: SmartPlanet - New Method Could Save Tens of Thousands of Heart Attack V...
09/29/11 Syed: The Times of India - Now, Smarter ECG Shoots Off an SOS to Docs
09/29/11 Syed: Kurzweil AI - Computational Biomarkers Can Identify At-Risk Heart Attac...
09/29/11 Syed: Cardiology Today - Computationally Generated Biomarkers Predicted CV De...
09/26/11 Shin: SmartPlanet - Extending Smart Phone Battery Life by More Than 50 Percent
09/26/11 Shin: Science Daily - Smartphone Battery Life Could Dramatically Improve With...
09/26/11 Shin: Cnet News - Subconscious Mode Extends Handset Battery Life
09/23/11 Grizzle: Live Science - Meet MABEL
09/22/11 LNF E-Beam Lithography System: Micro Manufacturing - E-Beam Lithography Syste...
09/20/11 Grizzle: IEEE Spectrum - Video Tuesday: BigDog, MABEL, and Quadrotors Landing...
09/19/11 Guo: ZeitNews (Energy) - Energy-Harvesting Displays
09/18/11 Najafi-Aktakka: Wall Street Journal - Giant Nuclear Mutant Cyborg Insects of ...
09/18/11 Najafi-Aktakka: IEEE Spectrum - Micro Energy Harvesters Will Make Cyborg Inse...
09/18/11 Najafi-Aktakka: - Cyborg insects generate power for their own neu...
09/18/11 Najafi-Aktakka: Next Big Future - Mechanical Energy Scavenging from Flying In...
09/17/11 Islam: Concentrate - U-M researchers develop high-tech laser for acne treatme...
09/14/11 Mao: MIT Technology Review - How Carriers Hamstring Your Smart Phone
09/07/11 Grizzle and MABEL on Fox2News: U of Ms MABEL the Robot Shows Off Her Moves
09/01/11 Islam: ABC Action News - New Lasers May Treat Acne
09/01/11 Hero: The Wall Street Journal - Wide Gap Found In Immune Responses Of People ...
09/01/11 Hero: MSNBC - Why some people dont get the flu
09/01/11 Hero: Science News - Genes may explain who gets sick from flu
09/01/11 Grizzle: CBS News - Meet Mabel: The robot that does a 9-minute mile
09/01/11 Grizzle: Popular Science - Mabel the Robot Sets Speed Record For Bipedal Running
09/01/11 Grizzle: IEEE Spectrum - MABEL Bipedal Robot is Fast Enough to Run You Down
08/18/11 Guo: Technology Review - Energy-Harvesting Displays
08/03/11 Connor Field: Ars Technica - How one undergrad built the largest solar farm i...
08/01/11 Halderman: NPR - A Way Around Internet Censorship? (includes audio)
07/28/11 Wenisch: WEMU Issues of the Environment - Interview on Data Centers (audio)
07/26/11 Carmon: Nature Communications - Stimulated optomechanical excitation of surfa...
07/26/11 Grbic-Forrest: MSNBC - Mass Production Ahead for Smallest Possible Wi-Fi Antenna
07/26/11 Grbic-Forrest: Smartplant - Tiny, powerful antennas could transform mobile de...
07/26/11 Halderman: ARS Technica - Deep packet inspection used to stop censorship in n...
07/21/11 Yoon: Gizmag - Implant could wirelessly relay brain signals to paralyzed limbs
07/21/11 Rand: Green Tech World - University of Michigan Researchers Create Solar Powe...
07/21/11 Halderman: ZDNet - Telex System Avoids Censorship, Say Researchers
07/20/11 Halderman: BBC News - Telex to Help Defeat Web Censors
07/20/11 Halderman: Threat Post - Researchers Develop End-to-Middle Proxy System to Ev...
07/20/11 Halderman: NewScientist - Anticensorship Software to Help Rebels Get the Word...
07/20/11 Halderman: Slashdot - Researchers Debut Proxy-Less Anonymity Service
07/15/11 Grbic-Forrest: Innovation News Daily - Mass Production Ahead for Smallest Pos...
07/15/11 Grbic-Forrest: WWJ-CBS Detroit - UM: New Method To Produce Tiny Antennas Coul...
07/15/11 Grbic-Forrest: Mega Tech News - Radical Antenna Design May Shrink Future Wire...
07/15/11 Grbic-Forrest: Futurity - Antenna shrinks. Phone soon to follow?
07/15/11 Grbic-Forrest: R&D Magazine - Using imprint processing to mass-produce tiny a...
07/14/11 Yoon: Discovery - Brain Implant Helps Control Prosthetic Limbs By Thought
06/29/11 Forrest: Jerusalem Post - Useable solar technology will be ready in about 5 y...
06/24/11 Yoon: MIT Technology Review - Could This Brain Implant Revive Paralyzed Limbs?
06/21/11 Yoon: Nano Patents and Innovations - Non-invasive brain implant could someday...
06/21/11 Yoon: ubergizmo - BioBolt relays information to paralyzed limb from brain dow...
06/21/11 Yoon: Examiner - BioBolt Hope for the paraplegic and more?
06/21/11 Yoon: Psychology Today - BioBolt: The Next Generation of Brain-Machine Interf...
06/21/11 Yoon: WWJ - UM Brain Implant Could Turn Thoughts Into Movement
04/28/11 Najafi-Aktakka: PhysOrg - Most powerful millimeter-scale energy harvester gen...
04/28/11 Najafi-Aktakka: Next Big Future - Piezoelectric MEMS boosts vibration harvest...
04/28/11 Najafi-Aktakka: EE Times - Piezoelectric MEMS boosts vibration harvester
04/28/11 Halderman: New York Times - Holding Companies Accountable for Privacy Breaches
04/27/11 Soloway: eSchool News - Mobile Learning: Not Just Laptops Any More
04/27/11 Soloway: THE Journal - Will Smart Phones Eliminate the Digital Divide?
04/18/11 Rand: Forbes - Solar Power Without Solar Cells?
04/18/11 Rand: - Lights magnetic field could make solar power without sola...
04/18/11 Rand: Christian Science Monitor - Solar power: breakthrough could herald big ...
03/30/11 Ringenberg: Educause Quarterly - Creating a Mobile Community of App Developers
03/11/11 Najafi-Wise: Ann - U-M engineers honored for pioneering efforts, wo...
03/07/11 Winful: RTI Int - RTI International to Strengthen Liberian Workforce Through ...
03/07/11 Galvanauskas: Crains Detroit Business - Arbor Photonics seeks spinoff success...
02/25/11 Millimeter-scale computing: Fox News-World's Smallest Computer Created
02/25/11 Millimeter-scale computing: MSNBC-World's smallest computer watches you - fro...
02/25/11 Millimeter-scale computing: Computerworld-Researchers create computer that fi...
02/25/11 Millimeter-scale computing: EE Times-Millimeter-scale all-in-one computers debut
02/24/11 Olson: Catalyst (ABC TV) - Robot Wars
02/24/11 Olson: Catalyst blog - Future of Warfare
02/24/11 Millimeter computing: Discover-World's Teeniest, Tiniest Computer Fits on the...
02/17/11 Laird: USA Today - Watson Plays Jeopardy Well, But What Else Can It Do?
02/07/11 Laird: USA Today - Jeopary Champs Take on IBMs Watson
01/17/11 Dutta: Slashdot - HiJacking the iPhones Headset Port
01/05/11 Soloway: New York Times - Math That Moves: Schools Embrace the iPad
01/04/11 WIMS: Pentagon Brief - Chip Sized Sensor to Detect Dangerous Chemicals
01/03/11 Soloway: - Smart phones changing work, play and school
01/03/11 Laird: The Washington Post - Artificial intelligence makes some progress, but...
01/03/11 Halderman: Lecture on EVMs creates chaos in Gandhinagar, rescheduled
01/03/11 Halderman: - U-M Professor threatened with deportation by Indian...
12/10/10 Nees-Mourou: PhysOrg - Theoretical physics breakthrough: Generating matter an...
12/10/10 Nees-Mourou: Popular Science - Making Something From Nothing: Researchers Fin...
11/22/10 Olson: Robotics Online - U-M Robot Team Wins International Competition and $7...
11/22/10 Olson: ZDNet Australia - US Defeats Australia in Robot Comp
11/22/10 Olson: - Robots Built By University of Michigan Students Win $75...
11/22/10 Olson: Detroit Free Press - U-M Team Wins Global Robotics Prize
11/22/10 Olson: PRWeb - Hail to the Victors! Team Michigan Wins Inaugural Worldwide Ro...
11/10/10 Sylvester-Blaauw: PRWeb - Ambiq Micro Secures $2.4M Investment
11/10/10 Sylvester-Blaauw: GreenTech - Ambiq Micro Closes $2.4 Million Seed Round For ...
10/25/10 Norris: Nature Photonics - Ultrafast Rabi flopping and coherent pulse propaga...
10/25/10 Islam: Scientific American - Laser Tag
09/07/10 Islam: Scientific American - Lased and Confused: Off-the-Shelf Infrared Laser...
09/07/10 Islam: Wired - Army Turns to Lasers for Copter Defense
09/07/10 Fessler: MyScience - Grant could enable higher definition CT scans at lower r...
08/30/10 Guo: Nature Communications - Plasmonic nanoresonators for high-resolution col...
08/30/10 Guo: Technology Review - A Simple Filter Could Make LCDs More Efficient
08/12/10 Grizzle: The Lucy Ann Lance Show - MABEL The Walking Robot
08/11/10 Grizzle: MSN - Ford Increases Investment in University Research; More Than $6...
08/11/10 Grizzle: The Auto Channel - Ford Increases Investment in University Research;...
08/10/10 Quantum Signal (EECS startup): Ann Signal plans to add 47 j...
07/26/10 Blaauw,Sylvester: New York Times - Ambiq Micro Wins Another Business Competition
07/13/10 Blaauw-Sylvester: Crains Detroit Business - UM spinoff Ambiq Micro Inc. wins ...
07/02/10 Blaauw,Sylvester,Hanson: Ann - U-M microcontroller spinoff Ambiq Mi...
07/01/10 Sylvester-Blaauw-Hanson: Market Watch - DFJ and Cisco Announce Ambiq Micro as...
07/01/10 Moghaddam: Physorg - Soil moisture study aims for climate change insights
07/01/10 Guo: Technology Review - A Simpler Route to Plastic Solar Cells
07/01/10 Zhong: URecord - U-M, Chinese university provide $1.2M for renewable energy, ...
06/25/10 Forrest: Nature Photonics-Room-temperature polariton lasing
06/16/10 Grizzle: AP - U-M robot Mabel clears stacked wood, may jog soon
06/16/10 Grizzle: Detroit Free Press - U-M robot breaks leg
06/03/10 WIMS-CUOS: WWJ 950 - Four U-M Projects Named to NSF 'Sensational 60' List
06/02/10 WIMS-Lasik: URecord - U-M projects named to NSF Sensational 60 list
06/02/10 Grizzle: URecord - Video shows walking robot navigating bumpy ground
05/27/10 Grizzle: Robotics Tech Center - MABEL: A Bipedal Robot Walks Naturally With n...
05/27/10 Grizzle: semageek - Mabel, le robot bipde qui se casse la jambe
05/27/10 Grizzle: engadget - U-M's MABEL robot hits a stride, breaks a leg
05/25/10 Carmon: Science - Putting Light's Touch to Work as Optics Meets Mechanics
05/25/10 Grizzle: Fast Company - Sightless Mabel's Fancy Footwork a Giant Leap for Rob...
05/25/10 Grizzle: BotJunkie - MABEL Walks on Uneven Surfaces, Breaks Ankle
05/21/10 Halderman: BBC News - US Scientists Hack India Electronic Voting Machines
05/21/10 Halderman: Times of India - Tamper-Proof? Scientists Show EVMs Can Be Hacked
05/21/10 Halderman: Slashdot - Researchers Demo Hardware Attacks Against Indias...
05/20/10 WIMS: GLITR - UM Center Celebrates 10 Years of Developing Wireless Devices
05/14/10 Kaplan: APS Observer - This Side of Paradise; Discovering Why the Human Mind...
05/14/10 Forrest: Ann - Investment in education would reverse U.S. manufactu...
05/11/10 Flinn and Noble: Popular Mechanics - Cloud Computing for Commuters
05/07/10 Kieras: Ann Arbor Observer - Hang Up and Drive! (PDF)
04/26/10 Bertacco and Austin: BBC News - Web Security Attack Makes Silicon Chips More ...
04/12/10 Nadakuditi-New Scientist: Enter the matrix: the deep law that shapes our real...
04/08/10 Radev: NALCO Press Release - Say What? High School Linguists Break the Code
04/08/10 Essl: BlogTalkRadio - Radio Interview on Cell Phones and Learning
04/08/10 Essl: WOBC News - Radio Interview on Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble
04/02/10 Markov: EE Times - IBM Benchmarks Prod Microprocessor Designers
03/30/10 Najafi-Galchev: AP Story in Battle Creek Enquirer - U-M looks to harvest energy
03/29/10 Soloway: eSchool News - Education Reformers Tout Value of Handheld Technologi...
03/24/10 Najafi-Galchev: Popular Science: Tiny Mini-Generators Scavenge Energy From Am...
03/24/10 Najafi-Galchev: Physorg: Mini generators make energy from random ambient vibr...
03/22/10 Scott Hanson - Crain's Detroit: Ambiq Micro wins UM student business plan com...
03/17/10 Wei Lu: Europe Sun: Missing link of electronics could make brain-like computers
03/17/10 Wei Lu: Physorg: Brain-Like Computer Closer to Realization
03/17/10 Wei Lu: Chemistry World: Silver sputtered nano chips mimic brain synapse
03/17/10 Noble and Flinn: Technology Review - Creating Apps Just for Cars
03/17/10 Wei Lu: New Scientist: Electronics 'missing link' brings neural computing c...
03/05/10 Bertacco and Austin: - Study Finds Weakness in Security System
03/05/10 Bertacco and Austin: The Register - Severe OpenSSL Vuln Busts Public Key Crypto
03/05/10 Bertacco and Austin: Slashdot - Researchers Find Way to Zap RSA Algorithm
03/05/10 Adar: Technology Review - Putting the Web in a Spreadsheet
02/24/10 Ambiq-Enertia: New York Times - Michigan Business Challenge
02/19/10 Clean Energy Prize: PR Newswire
02/19/10 Clean Energy Prize: Renewable Energy Sources
02/15/10 Sylvester and Blaauw-MSNBC: Tiny solar-powered sensor runs almost forever
02/15/10 Sylvester and Blaauw-Popular Science: Miniature Sensor Perpetually Charges Se...
02/15/10 Kushner-New York Times: Hospital-Clean Hands, Without All the Scrubbing
02/15/10 Hofmann-New York Times: Electric Motors, Made to Order
01/06/10 Guo: Nature Photonics - Dynamic nanoscribing
12/21/09 Lafortune and Mahlke: IEEE Computer - Eliminating Concurrency Bugs with Cont...
12/17/09 Syed: MIT Technology Review - Tests May Reveal Hidden Predictors of Heart Dis...
12/14/09 Soloway: District Administration - Mobile Devices in the Classroom
12/10/09 Essl: Michigan Radio - The Sound of (iPhone) Music
12/10/09 Essl: BBC - iPhone Orchestra Ready for Debut
12/10/09 Essl: Detroit Free Press - U-M Students Merge Music with iPhone Technology
12/08/09 Lynch and WIMS: Innovative structure sensors: in Construction Advisory Group
12/08/09 Forrest: Dear of the Year: U-M's North Campus Research Complex:
12/08/09 Lynch and WIMS: New monitoring systems should make smar bridges..., in Miller...
12/08/09 Grizzle: Ford, U-M work on accelerating hybrid development: Metromode
12/03/09 Freudenberg and Cook: Embedded Control Systems at U-M: MathWorks
11/24/09 Dick and Mao: Smartphone app article in Great Lakes IT Report
11/24/09 Dick and Mao: Smartphone app article in PhysOrg
11/23/09 Noble - IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing: Juggler: Virtual Networks for ...
11/16/09 LNF: World-class university facilities can spark creativity (Ann
11/16/09 WeiLu: Understanding Mechanical Properties Of Silicon Nanowires, Article Cite...
11/09/09 Radev - Computing Research News: Expanding the Pipeline... (pdf)
11/05/09 Soloway - Concentrate: Here, There, Then Back Again
11/05/09 Chen - IEEE Computer: The OS Faces a Brave New World (pdf)
11/04/09 UM Solar Car Team Third In World
11/04/09 Grizzle in Metromode: Ford, U-M work on accelerating hybrid development
10/30/09 Noble, Flinn - Crains Detroit Business: U-M Students to Experiment with Futur...
10/22/09 Grizzle - Motor Trend: Ford Partners with U of Michigan for Development on Cu...
10/22/09 Grizzle - Reuters: Ford, U of M Explore New Ways To Speed Development of Futu...
10/07/09 Forrest: Big Energy Funding for Tiny Technology (Nanotechnology)
10/05/09 Chesney - Michigan Engineer: Faculty, Teaching By Example
10/05/09 Halderman - Slashdot: Making Data Unvanish
10/05/09 Halderman - Freedom to Tinker: Breaking Vanish: A Story of Security Research...
10/05/09 Oberheide - Slashdot: Dam Burst Tool Disables China's Green Dam
10/05/09 Oberheide - ZDNet: Hacker Ships Tool to Circumvent China's Green Dam
09/28/09 Soloway - Tech & Learning: Cell Phones Welcome Here
09/10/09 Steel: Michigan scientists working on super-fast, secure computing
09/09/09 Soloway - Concentrate: Ann Arbors Got Apps
09/08/09 Soloway - Metromode: Got Apps?
09/08/09 Forrest: On the Acquisition of 173 acre ex-Pfizer Research site
08/27/09 Grbic: Winning Strategies: Advice from PECASE Winners
08/18/09 David Blaauw - IEEE Spectrum: CPU, Heal Thyself
08/14/09 Alex Halderman - PC World: Android Security Chief: Mobile-Phone Attacks Coming
08/13/09 Ian Hiskens: Part of U-M's $2.5M grant for education toward a greener auto in...
08/13/09 Stephen Forrest: Dingell, Forrest promote engineering research
08/12/09 Alex Halderman - Science Daily: Computer Scientists Take Over Electronic Voti...
08/12/09 Alex Halderman - Slashdot: Voting Machine Attacks Proven To Be Practical
08/11/09 Valeria Bertacco - IEEE Spectrum: Crowdsourcing the Complexities of Electroni...
08/11/09 Valeria Bertacco - Slashdot: Making a Game of Hardware Design
08/11/09 Valeria Bertacco - Science Daily: Game Utilizes Human Intuition to Help Compu...
08/11/09 Valeria Bertacco - Boing Boing: Game Uses Fun as Incentive to Solve Hard Chip...
07/29/09 Martha Pollack - The Chronicle: Top Computer Scientists Met to Discuss Dangers
07/29/09 Martha Pollack - S. California Public Radio: AI Explosion: Could Robots Take ...
07/29/09 Martha Pollack - Fox News: Will Robots Soon Be Able to Wage War Against Humans?
07/28/09 Elliot Soloway - USA Today: Cellphones teach phonics, animation and more...
07/21/09 Grbic: News of White House Award in Ann Arbor News
07/20/09 England: Scientists split on further moon missions
07/17/09 Hiskens: DOE Announces Nearly $14 Million to go to 28 New Wind Energy Projects
07/16/09 Lada Adamic - US News: Second Life Data Offers Window into How Trends Spread
07/15/09 Grbic: PECASE Funds Photonics Work
07/15/09 Elliot Soloway - Teacher Magazine: How About a Little Googling, Class?
07/15/09 Elliot Soloway - Digital Directions: Making the Case for Mobile Computing
07/09/09 Gilchrist: Near-lightspeed nano spacecraft might be close
06/23/09 Lynch and WIMS Colleagues: Smart Bridges Harness Technology to Stay Safe
06/22/09 Tom Wenisch - Great Lakes IT Report: Merit Member Conference Covers Cool Lear...
06/22/09 Alex Halderman - PC Magazine: Chinas Filtering Software Contains Pirated Code
06/22/09 Alex Halderman - New York Times: Experts Say Chinese Filter Would Make PCs Vu...
06/17/09 John Holland - SIGEVOlution newsletter: An Interview with John H. Holland
06/12/09 Alex Halderman - Wall Street Journal: Political Cues in China Web Filter
06/08/09 Tom Wenisch - Processor: Optimizing the Sleep Cycle
06/01/09 Alex Halderman - Yahoo! Games: Could Videogame Anti-Piracy Protection Invite ...
05/18/09 David Chesney - Livingston Daily: Students Get Technology Preview
05/11/09 Hiskens: First Plug-In EV Conference Coming to Detroit
04/14/09 Elliot Soloway - Michigan Business Review: GoKnow software moves learning to ...
04/10/09 ISPD Contest (Dongjin Lee; Igor Markov) covered in EE Times
03/27/09 Wei Lu's Memristor Chip in Next Big Future
03/13/09 Alex Halderman, quoted in PC Wold: Cheap scanners can fingerprint paper
03/12/09 Dr. Jacobs, co-founder of Qualcomm, talks about the future of cell phones
03/05/09 Elliot Soloway, quoted in The Dallas Morning News: Kellers Trinity Meadows st...
03/05/09 Elliot Soloway, quoted in eSchool News: Conference explores benefits of mobil...
03/05/09 David Chesney, featured in ASEE Prism magazine and e-newsletter: Story Time
02/20/09 Wei Lu: Nature Materials, March 2008, Crossbar memories
02/18/09 Prof. Forrest Offers Podcast about U-M Energy Research and Michigan
02/18/09 [WIMS Center] Smart Roads. Smart Bridges. Smart Grids. 2/17/09 Wall Street Jo...
02/18/09 HERCULES Petawatt Laser - Video Interview with Dr. Yanovsky
02/17/09 Michael Wellman, quoted in ComputerWorld: A.I. comes of age
02/17/09 Atul Prakash, quoted in MSN Money: How dangerous is online banking?
02/17/09 Satinder Baveja, quoted in The Independent: Rise of the machines, end of the ...
01/20/09 Larry Page: Google co-founder to speak at U-M Commencement
01/14/09 Elliot Soloway featured in Tech & Learning Magazine: The Future is in Your Hand
01/14/09 Elliot Soloway & Cathleen Norris, BusinessWeek Viewpoint: Get Cell Phones int...
01/08/09 Elliot Soloway & Cathleen Norris, District Admin: The Impending Mobile Mega-D...
01/08/09 Elliot Soloway, quoted in EDTECH: Coming Up Big
12/23/08 Blaauw and Sylvester's Technology in Technology Review's Year in Computing
12/01/08 Quantum computing breakthrough (Duncan Steel)
11/05/08 Valeria Bertacco, quoted in NASA Tech Briefs: Computer Guardians
10/08/08 Valeria Bertacco, quoted in Technology Review: Ensuring Chip Stability
09/30/08 Jay Guo's work in Nanoimprint Lithography
09/30/08 Valeria Bertacco, quoted in PC Advisor: Semantic guardian could spell end of ...
08/21/08 Duncan Steel: Fast quantum computer bit is created
07/23/08 Steve Forrest: More Efficient OLED Lighting
06/16/08 Blaauw and Sylvester: Picowatt chip sets low-power record
03/29/07 Featured Article: Consumer Electronics Meets Distributed Storage