Department News

06/22/18 An even smaller world's smallest computer
06/21/18 Q&A with Mingyan Liu
06/21/18 Mingyan Liu named new chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan
06/20/18 Ben Barton (1925 - 2017): In Memoriam
06/14/18 Faculty spotlight: Rada Mihalcea
06/01/18 New Courses Offered by ECE in 2018
05/23/18 Nino A. Masnari (1935 - 2018): In Memoriam
05/15/18 ECE launches the ECE Innovator Program
05/10/18 Keki Irani (1924-2018): In Memoriam
04/30/18 Bring Your Child to Work Day features robots, games, and more
04/10/18 I hacked an election. So can the Russians.
03/26/18 Girls Encoded hosts panel to connect students with successful women in CS
03/26/18 Anonymous alumnus endows award in recognition of EECS professors
03/20/18 Igor Markov's duplicate text detection system now integrated with confere...
03/14/18 Free electrical engineering textbooks for students
03/08/18 Igor Markov named a top Quora writer for fifth year in a row
03/08/18 Marlin P. Ristenbatt: In Memoriam
02/28/18 BMW, Toyota invest in U-M startup May Mobility
02/07/18 Collaborative master's program in data science announced
02/02/18 2018 EECS Outstanding Achievement Awards
01/30/18 Quantum Computers Threaten Data Encryption
01/05/18 Professor Emeritus Ribbens Publishes 8th Edition of Understanding Automotive ...
12/20/17 Prof. Forrest: The Future of Organic LEDs
12/20/17 Prof. Bhattacharya: From Glazier Way to Quantum Dot Lasers
12/20/17 Prof. Ken Wise: Microelectronics, MEMS, and Microsystems
11/30/17 Thomas B. A. Senior (1928 - 2017): In Memoriam
11/20/17 Ada Lovelace Opera and Lightning Talks Highlight Women's Contributions to...
11/20/17 The Beanbag Test for Robots
11/20/17 The Million Foot View: Profile of Kamal Sarabandi
11/08/17 Prof. Jason Mars is Bringing Smart Banking to Market
10/12/17 Third annual MIDAS research symposium emphasizes an interdisciplinary approac...
09/26/17 Computing+Data Wide Across the Curriculum
09/07/17 Latest two-legged walking robot arrives at Michigan
09/01/17 Four New Faculty Join CSE
08/29/17 High School Students Experience High Tech at the Electrify Camps
08/18/17 CRA Board Member Highlight: H. V. Jagadish
08/16/17 Designing for Our Own
08/16/17 Precision Health Pioneer Named to MIT Technology Review Innovator List
07/11/17 New grad program: Engineering Education Research
06/26/17 Prof. J. Alex Halderman Testifies in Front of Senate Intelligence Committee o...
06/12/17 Mary Lou Dorf Retires; Her Focus Was On Opening Doors to Computer Science
06/07/17 Beyster Collections showcase a lifetime of ideas from U-M alum
06/05/17 Valeria Bertacco Appointed Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Initiativ...
06/02/17 CSE Staff Outing at the Nichols Arboretum
05/30/17 Lattice Data Makes Gift to Michigan Computer Science and Engineering Fund
05/23/17 Lifelong Radiation Lab Researcher Valdis Liepa Retires
05/23/17 CSE Receives NCWIT Award for Recruiting and Retention Efforts of Women in Com...
05/18/17 Brian Noble Named Chair of Computer Science and Engineering
05/05/17 U-M Optics Researchers Sponsor Optics and Photonics Industry Snapshot
05/01/17 Forrest Family Supports UG and Grad Engineering Students With Three New Funds
04/27/17 Prof. Andy Yagle Retires After a 32-Year Career in Signal and Image Processing
04/25/17 EECS 280 Becomes Third Largest Course at U-M
04/06/17 Courage to Resist: The High-Stakes Adventures of J. Alex Halderman
03/15/17 Computer Science Continues to Be One of the Most Popular and Rewarding Progra...
03/14/17 It's Possible to Hack a Phone With Sound Waves, Researchers Show
03/13/17 A Q&A with Ann Stals Getting Down to the Details
03/13/17 A Q&A with Tomas Mauricio Giving Back
03/13/17 Students Take an ECE Expedition to Silicon Valley
03/10/17 SSCS Distinguished Lecturer Edith Beigne on Auto-adaptive digital circuits
03/02/17 Herb Winful Professor of Optics, Friend of the Arts
02/17/17 Design Automation Conference Technical Program Committee Holds Meeting in Det...
02/03/17 For Black History Month, CSE Spotlights Faculty and Alumni in Academia
02/02/17 CSE and Local Community Turn Out For Science on Screen Movie and Lecture
01/27/17 Dr. David Paoletti Selected to Receive CoE Thomas M. Sawyer, Jr. Teaching Award
01/05/17 LNF User Symposium - Sharing Ideas and Celebrating Innovation
01/04/17 New Courses Offered by ECE: Winter 2017
12/23/16 Call for Ideas: Recuiting and Retaining Women and Underrepresented Minorities...
12/21/16 Popular Intro CS Course Continues to Grow; Over 870 Students Present Final Pr...
12/15/16 Congratulations New ECE PhDs: 2015-2016
12/14/16 Peter M. Chen to Serve as Interim Chair of Computer Science and Engineering
12/08/16 ECE Team Receives Distinguished Diversity Leaders Team Award
12/05/16 Inspiring a New Generation of Women Engineers in Liberia
11/16/16 The Lurie Nanofabrication Facility Gets a New Director
10/25/16 Michael Wellman Selected to Serve on Financial Research Advisory Committee
10/19/16 Having Fun with ECE
10/14/16 Parag Deotare Receives AFOSR Award for Research in Nanoscale Exciton-Mechanic...
10/11/16 Clinc Launches Finie, an AI Personal Assistant for Mobile Banking
10/04/16 U-M Shannon Centennial Symposium Celebrates the Father of Information Theory
09/29/16 Six New Faculty Join CSE
09/16/16 A New Era of Robotics at Michigan
09/08/16 ECE Welcomes New Faculty
08/31/16 Jasprit Singh: Seeking a Better Life Through Engineering - Even in Retirement
08/30/16 How Electronic Voting Could Undermine the Election
08/23/16 Toyota Research Institute Partners with U-M on Artificial Intelligence
08/04/16 Hands-On Robotics: A Course for Anyone Interested in Robots and Autonomy
08/03/16 Dragomir Radev Coaches US Linguists in Competition at 2016 International Ling...
08/03/16 Summer Bootcamp Prepares Undergraduates for Work with Big Data
07/25/16 EECS Research Highlighted at 2016 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference
07/22/16 New Undergraduate Program in Data Science Grows Rapidly, Graduates First Student
07/21/16 Prof. Dragomir Radev Teaching Course on NLP Through Coursera
06/30/16 CSE Kicks Off Another Summer Of MiBytes Computer Camps
06/23/16 Leaders in Neuroscience Look to the Future
06/23/16 Professors Fawwaz Ulaby and Andrew Yagle publish the 2nd edition of the textb...
06/23/16 Prof. Al Hero Editor of New Book: Big Data over Networks
06/20/16 Steve Rand: Expanding Technical Education in India
06/14/16 Michigan ranks #2 in robotics by 2 different groups!
06/14/16 FICO has acquired QuadMetrics
06/11/16 Michigan Shines at the National Robotics Initiative 5 Year Anniversary
06/08/16 The Future of Transportation
06/02/16 Beyond Asimov: How to Plan for Ethical Robots
05/31/16 Michael Wellman Appointed Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the College ...
05/17/16 CSE Sponsors TechTwilight to Support Young People in STEM
05/04/16 Google, U-M to Build Digital Tools for Flint Water Crisis
05/04/16 EECS 183 Showcase Highlights Another Round of Final Projects
05/03/16 Hacking into Homes: Security Flaws Found in SmartThings Connected Home System
04/26/16 Girls Encoded Motivates Students to Study CS
04/14/16 CSE Launches Health Initiative for Staff
04/07/16 Nobel Laureate Shuji Nakamura Delivers Dow Distinguished Lecture (with video)
03/30/16 CSE at South by Southwest
03/28/16 It's Official: Computer Science is #1... and #2!
03/14/16 Doowon Lee Receives Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship to Improve the Reliability...
03/10/16 Claude Shannon centennial celebrants recall U-M grad's advances, societal...
02/24/16 Passwords, Privacy and Protection: Can Apple Meet FBI Demand Without Creating...
02/24/16 MBus is the Missing Interconnect for Millimeter-Scale Systems
02/03/16 Hackers Tackle Assistive Technology
02/01/16 Gift Launches M. Alten Gilleo Distinguished Lecture Series in Optical Science...
01/28/16 Three Michigan Universities Receive Pacesetters Awards to Attract More Women ...
01/21/16 Secure Your Website Now: Let's Encrypt Enters Public Beta
01/18/16 ECE Celebrates African American Engineers
01/06/16 Elementary Programming Class Introduces Students to Coding
01/05/16 Fall 2015 Computer Games Showcase Highlights Over 20 New Games
12/21/15 ECE Celebrates Diwali
12/21/15 Chillin with Chewie
12/07/15 Celebrating Maxwell's Equations: 150 Years
11/20/15 Fairy Door in CSE is First at U-M
11/04/15 Five U-M Programming Teams Compete in ACM Regional Contest
10/29/15 Having Fun with ECE
10/08/15 Computing CARES: A Plan to Boost the Retention of Women in Computing
09/02/15 Relationship with Addis Ababa Institute of Technology Grows with Research Exc...
08/28/15 Michigan Researchers create virtual reality 'Matrix' with unreal engine
08/28/15 Don't like Siri? Build your own!
08/21/15 John Holland (1929-2015): In Memoriam
08/18/15 Electrify Tech Camps Offer High Schoolers An Electrifying Summer
08/10/15 An Eye for Detail Brings Unique Rewards
07/24/15 Celebrating Women's History Month
07/20/15 Over 140 Students attend 2015 MiBytes Computer Camps
07/17/15 Celebrating Diversity and Making Our Students Feel at Home with an Iftar Dinner
07/15/15 Won-Pyo Hong: To the GALAXY and Beyond
07/14/15 Four EECS companies make Crain's list of most innovative companies, and o...
05/28/15 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Help Bring WIMS2 Technology to the World
05/20/15 HTTPS-crippling attack threatens tens of thousands of Web and mail servers
05/19/15 We Are Now One ECE: The Merged Graduate Program in Electrical and Computer En...
05/15/15 Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble Stretches, Challenges Performers and Audience
05/08/15 Hospitals are testing a way to detect malware by analyzing the flow of electr...
04/30/15 Over 600 Students Present Final Projects at EECS 183 Showcase
04/30/15 Winter 2015 Games Showcase Brings Lively Crowd to Tishman Hall
04/29/15 Students Show off Projects during Winter Semester Showcases
04/28/15 New Undergraduate Program in Data Science Announced
04/23/15 Shift Collaborative: Providing Creative Space and Community for Tech Students...
04/22/15 Eta Kappa Nu Awards Professors of the Year at St. Georges Day Feast
04/17/15 Future Scientists Tour CSE
04/16/15 ECE Welcomes New Engineering Robotics Center
04/13/15 Creativity in the Classroom: Gibson Puts Emphasis on Collaborative Learning a...
02/20/15 The Lunar New Year Celebration - Bridging Cultures
02/13/15 CSE Sponsors Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing Conference to be Host...
02/12/15 Former CSE Chair Farnam Jahanian Named Provost at Carnegie Mellon University
02/06/15 U-M Engineering Leads a $5M Initiative to Reform STEM Education
02/04/15 Electrify Tech Camp for High School Students - Register now for one or more o...
02/03/15 Two Faculty Open Door for Collaboration with Ethiopian Institute
01/28/15 Researchers Build Groundbreaking Device for NASA SMAP Mission
01/19/15 Jessy Grizzle to Deliver U-M Distinguished Lecture on Bipedal Robots (Feb 4 a...
01/16/15 Career Center Report Shows Computer Scientists Highly Sought, Best Compensated
01/09/15 Despite Cold Weather, CSE Community Turns Out For Science on Screen Movie & L...
01/05/15 Mourning the Loss of an Innovator: J. Robert Beyster Dies at 90
12/19/14 CSE Sponsors Science on Screen Night; Lecture by Prof. Kevin Compton and Scre...
12/18/14 2014 Computer Games Showcase Draws Another Big Crowd
12/18/14 The First-Ever EECS 183 Showcase was a Success
12/16/14 LNF User Symposium - Sharing Ideas and Celebrating Innovation
12/11/14 U-M Programming Team The Victors Advance to ACM World Finals
12/08/14 Can you solve the hidden puzzle in CSE?
11/21/14 SWE Hosts Girls Night Out to Teach Young Girls about Engineering
11/21/14 Over 100 High School Girls Explore Computer Science at Girls Encoded
11/20/14 ECE Students and alumni celebrate research and progress at the 2014 Engineeri...
10/06/14 High School Girls Invited to Explore Computer Science
09/04/14 Prof. Ted Norris Receives Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award
08/21/14 MABEL at the Chicago Field Museum
07/31/14 3 ECE Companies on Silicon 60 List
07/23/14 Dipak Sengupta (1931-2014): In Memoriam
06/24/14 High School Students Explore Engineering through Music and Computer Science
06/17/14 CROSSBAR Closes Series C Funding of $25M; Oversubscribed Round Validates Comp...
06/17/14 US students learn langar lessons from Golden Temple
05/07/14 Students to Use IBM Watson Cognitive Computing System in Class
05/07/14 Computer Science with Soul
05/07/14 The Annual Slaying of the Dragon
04/11/14 Hands-On Robotics (video)
03/26/14 England appointed dean of CECS at UM-Dearborn
03/26/14 CSE Connects at SXSW 2014
03/24/14 Prospective Grad Students Visit, Learn About CSE
03/20/14 Advanced Smart Sensor Networks Open up a Multitude of Applications
03/13/14 CSE Connects at Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing
02/27/14 Ask Anything: What Happens In Your Computer When You Turn It On?
02/20/14 Jasprit Singh on Technology and Wellness (video)
02/13/14 Asteroid mining could be useful to space travel
02/03/14 Karem Sakallah Continues Commitment to Qatar Computing Research Institute
01/30/14 State Farm Gift Supports Student Projects Lab
01/24/14 Fawwaz Ulaby to Deliver Henry Russel Lectureship
01/23/14 Career Center Report Shows Computer Scientists Highly Sought, Best Compensated
01/09/14 Smartphone as mentor: How tech could change behavior
12/19/13 Students See the Music in EE
12/19/13 Congratulations 2013 Class of PhDs
12/12/13 CSE Photo Contest Garners Creative Entries
12/12/13 CSE Puzzle Solved By a Few
11/18/13 Larry D. Leinweber Gives $2.4 Million to Fund Students in CS
11/02/13 Ghosts Hack EECS 388 on Halloween
10/25/13 Tales From the Crypto Community
09/26/13 Software Class Aims to Help One Teen Communicate
09/05/13 Lab Safety - do not let this happen to you!
09/05/13 Welcome new students
09/05/13 Six New Faculty Join CSE
07/29/13 Dragomir Radev Coaches High School Linguists in Competition at International ...
06/21/13 Brian Noble Appointed Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education at the Colle...
06/05/13 Edwin Olson Talks Robotics at World Science Festival
05/30/13 Workshop to Chart the Future of Nano and Micro Manufacturing
04/05/13 Prospective Grad Students Show High Level of Interest in CSE
04/03/13 CSE Spinoff Wins The Linley Groups Analysts Choice Award
04/02/13 David Chesney Speaks at TEDxUofM
03/20/13 Kevin Fu Interviewed Regarding Cyber Security of Medical Devices
01/31/13 Solid-State Circuits Magazine Publishes Special Issue with Lynn Conway Memoir...
01/30/13 Martha Pollack Appointed U-M Provost
01/09/13 Arbor Photonics acquired by nLIGHT
12/14/12 Career Center Report Shows Computer Scientists Highly Sought After, Best Comp...
12/06/12 Hackers Brighten Beyster Building with a Puzzle of Programmable Lights
12/05/12 Photo Contest: A Week in the Life at CSE
11/29/12 Kevin Fu Testifies on the Security of Smart Cards to Access Medicare and Medi...
11/28/12 Join Us to Celebrate the Place of Computing in Our Lives
11/26/12 Kevin Fu to Testify on Security in Health Care on Nov 28.
11/13/12 A2CS Tech Mixer to Connect U-M Computer Science Students with Local Tech Comp...
10/25/12 Chih-Chun Chia Selected as First Beyster Computational Innovation Graduate Fe...
10/23/12 Digital Multimedia Experience: Gaming for the Greater Good
10/19/12 CSE Faculty Help Make the Ibn Sina School for Computer Science a Reality
10/02/12 Symposium to be held for the establishment of the Patrick C. Fischer Professo...
10/01/12 Production Systems Engineering, Chinese Edition
09/07/12 Securing Digital Democracy Opens on Coursera
08/08/12 Faculty Help Build Program, Relationship With Addis Ababa Institute of Techno...
08/07/12 Dragomir Radev Coaches High School Linguists to Multiple Wins in Internationa...
07/24/12 Kensall D. Wise: Michigan, MEMS and Microsystems
07/19/12 Seminar/Webinar on Wireless Implantable Microsystems: Creating a Revolution i...
07/11/12 High School Students Explore the Intersection of Music and Computer Science a...
07/06/12 EECS Summer Picnic
05/25/12 Game Time with the Legendary Sid Meier
05/03/12 A gift for all time: Ernest and Bettine Kuh Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award
05/01/12 Software Engineering Class Hacks Autism
05/01/12 Wireless Integrated MicroSensing and Systems (WIMS2) in California
04/30/12 Alex Halderman to Teach Digital Democracy Course Through Coursera
04/27/12 Graduating students make their marks locally, globally: A Michigan engineer p...
04/27/12 Ambiq Micro and Cyclos Semiconductor, 2 EECS startups, join the EE Times 60 E...
04/23/12 2012 St. Georges Day Feast - an EECS Tradition!
04/18/12 Computer Vision Course is Part of a Groundbreaking Online Initiative
04/12/12 Dedication Ceremony Held for Bob and Betty Beyster Building
03/29/12 ACE Innovator of the Year Award goes to Dr. Michael McCorquodale
03/23/12 Local students see science and engineering in action with MABEL, the bipedal ...
03/20/12 Student Projects Lab Provides Training, Expertise on Embedded Systems Topics
03/13/12 New Computer Science Program Announced for LSA Students
02/28/12 Hackers Install Bubbler as a Salute to Beysters
02/17/12 CSE Building to be Named in Honor of Beyster Gift
01/10/12 Engineering at Michigan (video)
12/05/11 Photo Contest: A Week in the Life of CSE
12/05/11 Computer Science Education Week Puzzle Winners
11/22/11 Celebrating the Birth of a New Science
08/11/11 Nonlinear Optics at 50: A Symposium
08/01/11 Dragomir Radev Coaches US Linguistics Team to Multiple Wins
05/06/11 E-Waste event is tomorrow at Pioneer H.S.
04/20/11 2011 St. Georges Day Feast - an EECS Tradition!
03/14/11 U-M Alumni and Friends Mixer at ISSCC 2011
03/08/11 Engineers rebuilding Liberias universities and infrastructure
12/15/10 Shaping the Sound of Bronze in Tishman Hall
12/15/10 Intel Donates Computers to EECS to Support Research and Teaching
12/06/10 December 5 - 11 is National Computer Science Education Week
11/04/10 Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble in Original Theatrical Performance
10/27/10 Nader Engheta to present ECE Distinguished Lecture
10/20/10 CSE and North American Bancard Host 48-Hour Hackathon
10/08/10 Team Michigan Departs for MAGIC Robotics Competition
08/02/10 Dragomir Radev Coaches US Linguistics Team to Multiple Wins
07/06/10 CSE to Hold CS4HS Summer Workshop for High School Teachers
05/20/10 U-M Tech Transfer Office Program for Entrepreneurs
05/11/10 CSE Spinout Highlighted in National Report on Research to Jobs
03/25/10 Prof. James Meindl Delivers Lecture on Nanotechnology
02/22/10 Three EECS Students Receive Predoctoral Fellowships
12/15/09 Event Showcases Student-Designed Computer Games
12/03/09 CSE Celebrates National Computer Science Education Week
12/02/09 Grad Students Applicants Will Find Vibrant CSE Program at Michigan
12/02/09 Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble to Perform on December 9th
10/30/09 Connect with EECS through Social Network Links
10/22/09 Kushner and Steel Receive 2010 APS Prizes
10/20/09 David Chesney Addresses US Dept of Education as Panelist on New Education Plan
09/28/09 John Holland, CS Pioneer, Recognized on 80th Birthday
09/11/09 Join EECS for Homecoming
09/11/09 CSE Alumnus and Google Exec RJ Pittman to Speak at U-M North Campus
09/03/09 CSE Alumnus Usama Fayyad to Speak a Michigan
09/02/09 Marissa Mayer of Google to Give Mellor Lecture at U-M North Campus
07/24/09 CSE Holds CS4HS Summer Workshop for High School Teachers
07/24/09 CSE Launches K-12 Outreach Website
07/02/09 EECS Picnic 2009
05/12/09 UARTS 250 (Creative Process): One of the Universitys Most Intriguing Classes
05/05/09 Google Founder and EECS Alumnus Larry Page Delivers Commencement Speech
05/01/09 St. George's Day Feast Enjoyed by All
04/28/09 Lurie Nanofabrication Facility Receiving Awards and Recognition
04/23/09 David Chesney in College Video on Social Change and Engineering
04/21/09 U-M CS Alumnus Describes Visual Effects Processes Used in Watchmen
04/09/09 Jeannette Wing to Give Distinguished Lecture at U-M
11/20/08 Computer Science Regains Popularity
10/09/08 CSE at Michigan Video
10/08/08 Jessy Grizzle Professorship Lecture and Reception
10/08/08 John Laird Professorship Lecture and Reception
10/08/08 Pallab Bhattacharya Honored as NAE Member
09/22/08 Homecoming: Friday, October 3
09/04/08 New Chairs for EECS
08/20/08 Software developers, systems analysts and computer programmers in high demand
08/20/08 Bertram Herzog (1929-2008)
07/21/08 Picnic Photos - 2008
05/15/08 Prof. Arthur Burks (1915-2008)
01/22/08 ECE Futures and Energy Seminar
01/09/08 CSE Distinguished Lecture: Designing a New Automotive DNA
10/18/07 Halloween Party - 2007
10/11/07 Making Your First Million: and other tips for aspiring entrepreneurs
07/01/07 EECS Summer Pcinic - 2007
05/23/07 TV Now Showing on U-M Connected Computers
05/03/07 Martha Pollack Named Dean of School of Information
03/16/07 William Gould Dow Distinguished Lecture
03/09/07 CSE Faculty Member Andrew Ladd Mourned
02/08/07 Sir John Pendry Lecture Available
01/16/07 Sir John Pendry Brings us the Perfect Lens
11/27/06 U-M Scores in iGEM: The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition
10/06/06 Faculty Recently in the News
10/06/06 EECS Leads U-M in Tech Transfer Activities
09/13/06 Prof. Conway to Present Distinguished Lecture on VLSI Design
09/07/06 Emeritus Faculty Bernard A. Galler (1928-2006)
08/11/06 EECS Picnic Photos
07/09/06 Bike Ride for the Multiple Sclerosis Society
06/22/06 Brian Gilchrist Named Interim Chair of EECS
06/07/06 Computer Science as a Career
05/25/06 AMD Supports VLSI at Michigan
05/25/06 David C. Munson, Jr. Named Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering
05/21/06 Emmett Leith (1927 - 2005) Inventor of Practical Holography
05/05/06 Betty Cummings' Retirement Party
05/03/06 Startups Doing Well!
05/03/06 ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce Comes to Ann Arbor
04/29/06 David C. Munson, Jr. Named Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering
03/08/06 Distinguished Professorship Lecture by Pallab K. Bhattacharya
02/08/06 NSF Names Daniel Atkins to Head New Office of Cyberinfrastructure
02/03/06 U-M Amateur Radio Club Will Attempt Contact with Expedition Group on Peter I ...
01/25/06 Louis F. Kazda, 1916-2006
01/06/06 Emmett Leith, 1927-2005
11/16/05 EECS Fall Bash Video Clips
10/27/05 Florence Robinson to Retire
09/21/05 George Haddad: A Remarkable Legacy
07/28/05 Solar Car Momentum Wins the Race
06/27/05 EECS Picnic Photos
06/15/05 ACL Conference to Focus on Advances in Natural Language Processing
06/03/05 Professor Jessy Grizzle's Research Featured in the Media
05/02/05 Professor Peter Chen and Students Receive Best Paper Award at USENIX Conference
04/29/05 St. George's Day Returns - Student Appreciation Day
12/23/04 Computer Games Showcase
12/06/04 David Blaauw wins 2005 Henry Russell Award
11/29/04 Engineering Awards Applications
11/03/04 EECS Fall Bash Party
11/02/04 EECS Halloween Party - 2004
10/13/04 First Annual EECS Fall Bash!
09/27/04 Ken McCrath: Memorial Bench Dedication
09/15/04 Professor Emeritus Charles Bruce Sharpe
09/07/04 Memorial Bench Dedication for Ken McCrath
09/01/04 Ham Club is active again!
09/01/04 EECS 584: Advanced Database Systems
08/12/04 Professor Chen-To Tai
07/08/04 Summer Picnic Photos
05/02/04 Professor Elliot Soloway Receives Eta Kappa Nu Faculty Award for 2004
04/15/04 Betty Cummings to Receive OVPR's Distinguished Research Administrator Award
04/15/04 Linda Cox to Receive CoE Excellence in Staff Service Award
11/24/03 UM Programming Team Advances to World Finals
11/24/03 CSE Building Information
11/10/03 Sam King and Peter Chen Receive ACM Best Paper Award
11/03/03 Halloween Party A Big Success
08/25/03 Ken McCrath, 1931-2003
08/25/03 EECS welcomes the following new faculty beginning September 1, 2003:
08/25/03 Additional new faculty will join EECS in January 2004:
06/25/03 Summer 2003 Picnic Photos
06/11/03 Second Annual U of M EECS Alumni Reception in Anaheim
10/17/02 Education Is Put In Hands of Teenagers
10/16/02 Professor Dragomir Radev's work on news summarization
10/12/02 More good news about Elliot Soloway
09/26/02 Prof. Noble's research featured in New York Times article
09/09/02 High Schools Are Flunking Tech
06/21/02 First Annual U of M EECS Alumni Reception in New Orleans
01/03/02 2001 Grand Prix 373
12/13/01 Golden Apple Award to Elliot Soloway
11/26/01 John J. Carey, Emeritus Professor
10/27/01 National Research Council - News Release
10/22/01 Elliot Soloway's research on hand-held computers
10/18/01 The e-commerce of the future
10/14/01 William G. Dow Distinguished Lecture
09/01/01 Keeping Up in Class With Software for a Hand-Held
07/23/01 Handheld computers in summer science elementary classrooms
07/01/01 Using a Computer Game to Develop Advanced AI
05/15/01 Interactive Computer Games: Human-Level AI's Killer Application
05/03/01 Palm pilots and Education
02/21/01 Palm Computers and Kids
02/18/01 Computer Science Gaming Courses
09/15/00 Recent Press Concerning our Hexapod Robot
08/24/00 Taking the Mystery out of Science
08/17/00 WHAT'S NEXT; Online Auctions of the Future
08/10/00 Choosing Quick Hits Over the Card Catalog
08/01/00 Web shopping about to get easier
08/01/00 Elliot Soloway - Perpetual Energy Source
05/01/00 Professor Quentin Stout's NPACI Project