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Jul 09, 2009
Gilchrist: Near-lightspeed nano spacecraft might be close    Bookmark and Share
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04/17/14  Wentzloff: PhysOrg - PsiKicks batteryless sensors poised for coming Internet of Things
04/17/14  Zhong-Norris: Mashable(with video) - Infrared Sensor Could Lead to Nigh...
04/17/14  New York Times: Study Finds No Evidence of Heartbleed Attacks Before the Bug Was Exposed
04/17/14  Scientific American: Heartbleed Software Snafu: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
04/15/14  Bloomberg: Heartbleed Hackers Steal Encryption Keys in Threat Test
04/15/14  Bloomberg: Hacker From China Wastes Little Time in Exploiting Heartbleed

Research News 
04/17/14  Halderman and Lafortune Join TerraSwarm Research Center
04/07/14  Michael Lewis says the market is rigged. But his Flash Boys rigged themselves.
04/01/14  Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ISPASS 2014
04/01/14  Technological Singularity Passes, Unnoticed Until Now
03/31/14  Bringing batteryless sensors to market
03/18/14  Thermal Vision: Graphene light detector first to span infrared spectrum

Department News 
03/26/14  England appointed dean of CECS at UM-Dearborn
03/26/14  CSE Connects at SXSW 2014
03/24/14  Prospective Grad Students Visit, Learn About CSE
03/20/14  Advanced Smart Sensor Networks Open up a Multitude of Applications
03/13/14  CSE Connects at Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing
02/27/14  Ask Anything: What Happens In Your Computer When You Turn It On?

Faculty and Staff Awards 
04/03/14  Noble and Wilson Named as Learning Analytics Fellows
03/26/14  Kevin Fu Selected for World Economic Forum Young Scientist Award
02/25/14  Narayanasamy and Olson Named Morris Wellman Faculty Development Professors
02/21/14  Jamie Phillips Named Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
02/20/14  Now On YouTube: Prof. Ulabys Talk as the 2014 U-M Henry Russel Lecturer
02/07/14  Daniel Atkins Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Student News and Awards 
04/18/14  Jill Bender Chosen for CoE Distinguished Leadership Award
04/17/14  Isabel Martin Received CoE Dist. Leadership Award
04/16/14  SWE Hosts G.R.E.A.T. Day for Girls
04/11/14  Hands-On Robotics (video)
04/10/14  Christopher Boyd Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/10/14  David Hong Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Alumni News 
04/17/14  Alumni Spotlight: Steve Mollenkopf, New CEO of Qualcomm
03/07/14  Alumni Spotlight-Dawson Yee: Kinect-ing Xbox to the World
03/03/14  CSE Alum Dongyoon Lee Selected for ProQuest Dissertation Award
01/29/14  Alumni Spotlight: Allan Evans and Avegant: Creating a brilliant multime...
01/29/14  Alumni Spotlight: Babak Parviz: The Visionary Behind the Glass
12/20/13  Hector J. Garcia Selected for Bouchet Graduate Honor Society

Course Announcements 
04/09/14  Fall 2014: Hands-On Robotics
04/03/14  Fall 2014: EECS 598-001 Analysis of Electric Power Distribution Systems and Loads
04/03/14  Fall 2014: EECS 598-002 Power Semiconductor Devices
03/20/14  Fall 2014: Applied matrix algorithms for signal processing, data analys...
11/26/13  Winter 2014: EECS 498-003 Multidisciplinary Capstone (MDE) Design Pilot
11/06/13  Winter 2014: EECS 598-007 Infrastructure for Vehicle Electrification

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