2009 Graduate Student Honors Competition Highlights Exceptional Research

Ganesh Dasika, Xin Hu, Ran Duan, and Ahmed Hassan

CSE held its Sixth Annual Graduate Student Honors Competition on November 17. The competition was the culmination of a process that narrowed the field of entrants to four finalists, each of whom gave a summary presentation on an area of their research. CSE faculty and a guest judge from Mentor Graphics ranked the finalist's presentations.

Our congratualtions to all four finalists who presented! Following are details on their presentations:

Ganesh Dasika, Hardware: "GPGPU, M.D. – A Low-Power Supercomputer for Portable Medical Imaging" (First place)

Xin Hu, Software: "Large-Scale Malware Indexing Using Function-Call Graphs" (Second place)

Ran Duan, Theory: "Fast Algorithms for (max, min) - Matrix Multiplication and Bottleneck Paths" (Honorable mention)

Ahmed Hassan, Intelligent Systems: "Mining Language Networks" (Honorable mention)

Our thanks to Mentor Graphics, who helped make this event possible.

Below are photos from the event. To view or download larger photos, just click on the thumbnail image of interest.