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Award-Winning EECS GSIs, IAs Deemed "Awesome"

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On April 27, 2011, the EECS Department held its annual Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) / Instructional Aide (IA) Awards Luncheon to honor top student instructors and aides for their remarkable service. ECE Associate Chair David Neuhoff and CSE Associate Chair Karem Sakallah hosted the event and introduced the awardees.

During the event, both associate chairs shared their thoughts and read excerpts from student evaluations of the honorees. It was quickly noted that a common theme appeared throughout the evaluation comments: the award winners were frequently described by their students as "awesome." We happen to agree!

The 2011 Awardees, and the courses and faculty they worked with were:

  • Jin Hu: GSI Award for EECS 478, Fall '10 and Winter '11, with Prof. Markov

  • Sanghoon Kim: GSI Award for EECS 215, Fall '10 with Prof. Ulaby, and Winter '11 with Profs. Guo and Terry

  • Morteza Nick: GSI Award for EECS 411, Fall '10, with Prof. Mortazawi, and for EECS 533, Winter '11, with Prof. Sarabandi

  • Amjad Abu Jbara: Yahoo! Teaching Award for EECS 382, Fall '11, with Prof. Noble

  • Flavio Kuperman: Yahoo! Teaching Award for EECS 376, Fall '11, with Prof. Compton

  • Jordan Marchese: Yahoo! Teaching Award for EECS 370, Winter '11: with Profs. Dick and Mahlke

  • Robert Perricone: Yahoo! Teaching Award for EECS 183, Winter '11, with Profs. Dorf and Soloway

  • Joshua Musick: IA Award for EECS 482, Fall '10 with Prof. Chen, and Winter '11 with Profs. Flinn and Honeyman

  • Cassandra Yaple: IA Award for EECS280, Fall '10 with Profs. Chesney and Ringenberg, and Winter '11 with Profs. Ringenberg and Noble

Honorable mentions were:

  • Alexandrea Holbel: GSI for EECS 215, Fall '10 with Prof. Ulaby, and Winter '11 with Profs. Guo and Terry

  • Joshua Smith: GSI for EECS 470, Fall '10, with Ron Dreslinski

  • Pravallika Vinnakota: GSI for EECS 460, Fall '10 with Prof. Meerkov, and Winter '11 with Prof. Grizzle

  • Eric Wustrow: GSI for EECS 588, Winter '11, with Prof. Halderman

  • Pat Pannuto: IA for EECS 482, Fall '10 with Prof. Chen and for EECS 373, Winter '11, with Prof. Brehob

Below are photos from the awards recognition luncheon. To view larger photos, just click on the thumbnail image of interest.

Posted: April 28, 2011