2009 Computer Games Showcase Captivates Crowd

On Friday, December 18, 2009, CSE hosted its 2009 Computer Games Showcase. This highly anticipated annual event showcases the final projects of computer science seniors who take EECS 494, Computer Game Design and Development. The course, which has served as a model for similar courses across the country, was developed and is taught by Prof. John Laird.

The evening began with a series short presentations by the student developers, who addressed a packed - in fact, overflow - lecture hall. This was followed by an opportunity for everyone to play the games at computer stations in Tishman Hall.

Fourteen games were shown at the showcase:

Ultimate Hoops, by Suppawong Tuarob and Ittinum Trairatanobhas

Galactic Tide, by Matt Beaver, Kyle Lady, and Randy Yao

Monster Battle 3D, by Brian Chisholm, Jonathan Chen, and Ignatius Gozali

Coloriffic, by Scott Jarema and Ben King

Last Stand, by Sarah Trombley, Jessica Ouyang, Bob Comsa, and David Retterath

Narly Tunes, by Robert Goeddel, Kevin Matzen, and John Treumuth

Diag Racing, by Christopher Petras and Ankit Saxena

SuperSoccerWorlds, by David Elmquist, Alan Rowe, and Josh Oligschlaeger

Capture the Flag, by Aditya Ramayanam, Yi Zhou, Zeina Tasar, and Eric Tse

Squirrel Sense, by Warren Bame, Edward Chen, and Thomas Piggot

Pest Control, by John Bliss, Daniel Mora, and Bryan Schumaker

Robot-Zombies, by Christopher Hasson, Jack Ko, and Brian Nixon

Armored Warfare, by Brian Chisholm, Barbnden Rauch, and Christopher Shell

Aerial Combat, by Adam Gainsley and Jared Karlow

All were well received and enthusiastically played by attendees, who were able to vote for their three favorite games. At the conclusion of the evening, the votes were tallied and the top three teams were recognized and awarded prizes. The most popular were Last Stand, Coloriffic, and Narly Tunes.

Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and THQ donated lots of commercial video games, which were given as prizes to the winning teams, and also as door prizes to some lucky attendees.

Below are photos from the games showcase. To view or download larger photos, just click on the thumbnail image of interest.