U-M CS Alumnus Describes Visual Effects Processes Used in "Watchmen"

John "DJ" DesJardin, U-M computer science alumnus and Visual Effects Supervisor for the popular "Watchmen" film, spoke at CSE on Monday, April 13. He described the process for realizing the intensive special effects in Watchmen, illustrating his talk with "before" and "after" excerpts from the film.

DJ's talk included detail on how the character of Dr. Manhattan was realized, describing initial visualization of the character and the path to technical implementation that allowed for the expansion of Billy Crudup's performance into the glowing, final product. He also described the animation of Rorschach's mask and many other elements and key scenes in the film.

DJ DesJardin has an active history in the visual effects industry that spans two decades. In addition to Watchmen, he has supervised visual effects teams for the Matrix Sequels, The Kingdom, and many other films.

Following are some examples of visual effects work in the fiim: