Winter 2009 48-Hour Mobile Programming Blitz

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On March 27-29, 2009, CSE held a 48-hour mobile device programming blitz at the University of Michigan. The event, orchestrated by Prof. Elliot Soloway, was designed to challenge students to use what they've learned in Soloway's 497 and 498 mobile programming courses to create something cool, and to give them a 48-hour uninterrupted timeframe so that they could focus at a deep level on their projects. The event was sponsored by CSE and Apple Computer.

Over the weekend, remarkable projects emerged - some of which required U-turns or just plain new concepts in order to develop original ideas in the time allowed.

Teams and Projects

Six teams worked to create and demonstrate these apps:

Magic Bus Pathfinder, created by Nader Jawad, Vaibhav Mallya, and Gopalkrishna Sharma - a GPS-enabled Android app for finding and tracking buses and routes

SoundFury, created by Marin Dantchev and Dheeraj Sankaan - an iPhone app for creating animal sounds

Word Up, created by Tushar Bhatnagar and Mike McCraryan - an Android app for creating word combinations by identifying missing letters

Hail to the Pictures, created by Michael Harlow and Brandon Kwaselow - an iPhone app for posting photos and allowing viewers to rate them (read student blog entry and see screenshots)

Questionizer, created by Varun Goel, Kunal Jham, and Noah Suttmann - an iPhone app that allows posting/sorting/answering of questions

Smober, created by Jason Bornhorst and Brent Traut - an iPhone app for encouraging/tracking smoking cessation


Below are photos from the final hours of the programming blitz, during which teams wrapped up their apps and presented to the group. To view or download larger photos, just click on the number above the thumbnail image you want to view.

Additional photos from over the course of the weekend were taken by Kunal Jham.