CSE Hosts Second 48-Hour Smartphonia Mania Event

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On November 14 and 15, 2009, CSE held its second 48-hour Smartphonia Mania event. Orchestrated by Prof. Elliot Soloway, the event is designed to challenge students to use what they've learned in Soloway's 498 mobile programming course to create something cool, and to give them a 48-hour uninterrupted timeframe so that they could focus at a deep level on their projects. The event was sponsored by Apple Computer, CSE, the Center for Entrepreneurship, and the College of Engineering.

Over the weekend, eleven teams worked in Design Lab 1 in the Duderstadt Center to create projects for the iPhone and Android platforms. At the end of the programming period, they returned to CSE to present their finished products. All of the projects showed a great deal of creativity and utility in using the devices' various input sensors and computational abilities, and display and networking capabilities.

Teams and Projects

Here are all the applications that were developed and the teams of developers:

Attack! by Grant Fricano and Jay Novak – A location-aware Android game that lets users attack other users with weapons.

Breakfast Chef by Ari Grant – An iPhone app in which the user takes the role of a chef in a kitchen fighting to keep up with the incoming orders for eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

GeoTaskManager Tejas Shikhare, Nikhil Mangla, and Abhishek Agrawal – A GPS-enabled iPhone application to track and manage your tasks.

GesTunes by Nader Jawad and Tabish Javed – An Android application which supports gesture based functionality for media playback, as well as playlist creation and identification.

iDissect by Illi Eisner, Phillip Yang, and Travis Yoo – An educational, virtual dissection iPhone application that incorporates a dynamic list of animals or objects to dissect, complete images, parts descriptions and with wireless student-teacher interaction.

iPong by Majd Taby, Bryan Summersett, and Nathaniel Christman – An iPhone app that is a multi-player virtual game of ping pong. Users swing their iPhones to "hit" the ball at the correct time, ricocheting it back at their opponent.

Lost & Found by Kevin Chan – An iPhone app that act as a lost and found box where people can share information about their lost and found items.

MyCaen by Yuandong Zhuang, RongLin, and Paolo Ranoso – An iPhone app that allows users to visualize the detailed real-time occupation status for every seat in CAEN labs across campus.

PushUp by Dimitrios Liakakos and Gopalkrishna Sharma – An iPhone app that helps you count your push ups and share that info with the world!

Real Notes by Dylan Harris – An iPhone notes application with a can draw over your text notes as well!

StressReliever by Alex Soule and Justin Dallal – An iPhone app that allows a user to load a picture from their library and assault it with a gun and a chainsaw to relieve stress.

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Below are photos from the end of programming blitz, during which teams presented to the group. To view or download larger photos, just click on the thumbnail image of interest.

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