CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition

The CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition is an annual event that narrows a field of entrants to a handful of finalists, each of whom give a summary presentation on an area of their research. Below are the names of finalists from each year of the competition.

2017 Finalists

First Place: Salessawi Ferede Yitbarek - "Analyzing and Enhancing the Security of Modern Memory Systems"

Finalist: Yi-Jun Chang - "Complexity of Local Distributed Graph Problems"

Finalist: Junhyuk Oh - "Zero-Shot Task Generalization with Multi-Task Deep Reinforcement Learning"

Finalist: Ofir Weisse - "Securing the Cloud with Emerging TEE Technologies"

Finalist: Biqiao Zhang - "Predicting the Distribution of Emotion Perception: Capturing Inter-rater Variability"

2016 Finalists

First Place: Shaizeen Aga - "Compute Caches"

Finalist: Catherine Finegan-Dollak - "Effects of Creativity and Cluster Tightness on Short Text Clustering Performance"

Finalist: Yuqing Kong - "Designing Information Elicitation Mechanisms That Reward Truth-telling"

Finalist: Sang Won Lee - "Facilitating Collaborative Creation of Complex Artifacts"

Finalist: Yu-Chih Tung - "Expansion of Human–Phone Interface by Sensing Structure-Borne Sound Propagation"

2015 Finalists

First Place: Biruk Mammo - "Getting Your Priorities Straight When Verifying Multicores"

Second Place: Nan Jiang - "The Dependence of Effective Planning Horizon on Model Accuracy"

Honorable Mention: Kassem Fawaz - "Anatomization and Protection of Mobile Apps' Location Privacy Threats"

Honorable Mention: Chansoo Lee - "Perturbation Techniques in Sequential Prediction"

2014 Finalists

First Place: Bryce Wiedenbeck - "Analyzing Very Large Simulation-Based Games"

Second Place: David Devecsery - "Graph Isomorphism and the Lasserre Hierarchy"

Honorable Mention: Aaron Snook - "Eidetic Systems"

Honorable Mention: Daya S. Khudia - "Pervasive Approximate Computing: Anomalies are Your Friends"

2013 Finalists

First Place: Zakir Durumeric - "ZMap: Fast Internet-Wide Scanning and its Security Applications"

Second Place: Andew Lukefahr - "Composite Cores: Enabling Fine-Grained Heterogeneity" 

Honorable Mention: Travis Martin - "Characterizing Strategic Cascades on Networks" 

Honorable Mention: Jason Sleight - "Organizational Design Principles and Techniques for Decision-Theoretic Agents"

2012 Finalists

First Place: Armin Alaghi - "Enhancing Vision via Stochastic Computing"

Second Place: Zakir Durumeric - "Mining Your Ps and Qs: Detection of Widespread Weak Keys in Network Device" 

Honorable Mention: Amjad Abu Jbara - "Mining Multiple Perspectives From Social Media" 

Honorable Mention: Hsin-Hao Su - "A Scaling Algorithm for Maximum Weight Matching in Bipartite Graphs" 

2011 Finalists

First Place: Joseph Greathouse - "Hardware Support for On-Demand Software Analysis"

Second Place: Vahed Qazvinian - "Using Collective Discourse to Generate Surveys of Scientific Paradigms" 

Honorable Mention: Yi Li - "Approximate Sparse Recovery: Optimizing Time and Measurements" 

Honorable Mention: Li (Eric) Qian - "User-Friendly Information Integration" 

2010 Finalists

First Place: Feng Qian - "iMAP: Intelligent Mobile Application Profiling Tool"

Second Place: Andrew DeOrio - "What's Wrong With My Multi-Core?"  

Honorable Mention: James Boerkoel - "Coordination Strategies for Solving the Multiagent Simple Temporal Problem" 

Honorable Mention: Xiaodi Wu - "Short Quantum Games characterize PSPACE" 

2009 Finalists

First Place: Ganesh Dasika - "GPGPU, M.D. – A Low-Power Supercomputer for Portable Medical Imaging"

Second Place: Xin Hu - "Large-Scale Malware Indexing Using Function-Call Graphs"  

Honorable Mention: Ran Duan - "Fast Algorithms for (max, min) - Matrix Multiplication and Bottleneck Paths" 

Honorable Mention: Ahmed Hassan - "Mining Language Networks" 

2008 Finalists

First Place: Erik Talvitie

Second Place: Bin Liu  

Honorable Mention: David Meisner 

Honorable Mention: Ye Du  

2007 Finalists

First Place: Ilya Wagner

2006 Finalists

First Place: Sandeep Tata

Second Place: Zaher Andraus  

Third Place (tie): Xuan Zheng and Yevgeniy Vorobeychik